How to Watch FIFA Cybersport Events Safely?


Since EA Sports managed to provide a well-designed network for FIFA players and we can play FIFA with each other online easily. There are many cybersport events worth watching and today we are going to describe the ways to watch them and in safe mode.

Actually, the best way for you is to use VPN services that have additions for browsers – it is very convenient and fast way to secure your privacy and bypass restrictions. You can choose among the best options to choose from at the – VPN Software Reviews website if you need to have an access to sophisticated comparing lists.

How to Use VPN to Watch FIFA Streams?

The first thing you need to do is to make a choice among the large list of VPN services available. Once you manage to do this you can get to the next steps:

  • install the browser addition or mobile device app from the manufacturer’s website
  • log in to the addition using your service account (most of those are integrated with
    Google so registration process won’t take much time)
  • enter the website the broadcast or stream is taking place on and enjoy the game

You may suffer some difficulties though – sometimes when you use VPN service you can note there is a lower connection speed and the stream can lag – that is ok you only need to change the server or (the best option) to sign for the paid account, as most of the VPN services offer clients lower speed connection channels for free accounts.

Moreover, the VPN service is also a good idea if your IP was blocked on Twitch due to some violation. It is known that the service rarely blocks the accounts, usually there an IP block implemented, so you only need to log to the account from another IP to continue watching streams and perform other kind of activity.

Sometimes, there are also streams with geo restrictions – only habitants of specified countries can watch those. You can get access to these streams if the service you have chosen offers an opportunity to surf the web from the specified country assigned IP.

What if VPN Is Not an Option?

Sometimes you cannot use VPN services for different reasons. Well, then there are two options left for you:

  • anonymizer
  • DNS service

Both of those are a bit different from VPN, but still offer acceptable level of security and can be used to keep your privacy safe.



Anonymizer is a website you can use to reach another website using the unrecognized IP. All you need to do is to write the needed website address in the specified field and afterwards you are going to be redirected to that website.

DNS Service

This kind of service is more for sophisticated users and cannot be used on the other person’s computer. It is all about client installation and usage of prescribed parameters to enter the Internet – usually you need to point out that data on your own with your hands.


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