How to Get Ultimate Dynasties Icon Zinedine Zidane in FC 24

Ultimate Dynasties Icons Zinedine Zidane SBC

With the option to add Zinedine Zidane, the iconic maestro, to your team in FC Ultimate Team, the pursuit of footballing excellence reaches new heights. FC 24 introduces a series of challenges that will take you through Zidane’s legendary career, culminating in the Ultimate Dynasties Icons version of the footballing maestro. However, time is running out as these challenges will expire on February 11, 2024. In this article, we’ll go over how to get Zidane and the approximate cost of the group SBC for Zinedine Zidane Ultimate Dynasties.

El Zizou Gal├íctico – Real Madrid Glory

The journey begins with Zidane’s unforgettable days at Real Madrid. To complete this challenge, assemble a squad with a minimum rating of 85, including at least one player from Real Madrid and one Team of the Week (TOTW) player. The reward for your efforts is a FC 24 Pack Prime Mixed Players Pack.

French National Treasure – International Triumphs

Relive Zidane’s success with the French national team by constructing a squad with a minimum rating of 86. Include at least one player from France and one TOTW player to successfully complete the challenge. Your reward for this endeavor is a FC 24 Pack Small Rare Mixed Players Pack.

League Finesse – Serie A Dominance

Recreate Zidane’s Serie A glory days with the “League Finesse” challenge. Assemble a squad with a minimum rating of 87, including at least one player from Serie A TIM. The reward for successfully completing this challenge is a FC Pack Rare Mixed Players Pack.

Born Legend & Rising Star – Bronze and Silver Challenges

These challenges involve exchanging squads featuring rare bronze and silver players, respectively. Born Legend requires 11 rare bronze players, while Rising Star demands 11 rare silver players. Both challenges reward you with packs to aid your journey.

On a Loan – Test-Drive the Maestro

Before committing to the final challenges, test-drive the brilliance of Zidane with the “On a Loan” challenge. Complete this challenge to earn the 5-Match Loan Ultimate Dynasties Icon version of Zinedine Zidane, giving you a taste of his impact on the pitch.

A Genius in Turin – Juventus Legacy & League Legend – LaLiga Majesty

Build squads with players from Juventus and LaLiga EA SPORTS to complete these challenges. For “A Genius in Turin,” create a squad with a minimum rating of 85, including at least one player from Juventus and one TOTW player. For “League Legend,” construct a squad with a minimum rating of 87, featuring at least one player from LaLiga EA SPORTS. Both challenges reward you with packs.

87 to 89 Rated Squads – The Final Stretch

To unlock the Ultimate Dynasties Icons Zinedine Zidane, you must exchange squads of varying ratings. Starting from the 87-rated squad up to the formidable 89-rated squad, each exchange brings you closer to the ultimate prize. The requirements range from rare bronze to silver and gold players, showcasing your versatility in building squads of different calibers.

Estimated Cost

While the journey is rewarding, it comes at a cost. The estimated cost for completing the entire SBC group to acquire Zinedine Zidane is approximately 1.8 million FC 24 coins. Ensure you plan and budget accordingly to navigate this exciting but challenging path.

The path to claim Zinedine Zidane in FC 24 is a great but costly journey through the footballing legend’s remarkable career. Each challenge puts you closer to the grand prize, and the experience you gather along the way is priceless. Although the tasks expired on February 11, 2024, those that finished them can now enjoy Zinedine Zidane’s brilliance as he leads their Ultimate Team to triumph.


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