Getting the Most Coveted FUT Players of All Time: Is it Possible?

FIFA Ultimate Team

When it comes to FUT, sometimes it feels like you need to have a huge takeover of your coins just to stand a chance of signing some of the best players. Indeed, looking at that list on makes you realize that some of the very top players simply seem out of reach for average gamers, who are highly unlikely to have the millions of coins required to even stand a chance of signing one of the Ronaldo players, let alone the 2002 icon version.

With this in mind, the fact is that many gamers have started to regard the lists of most expensive players as almost mythical rundowns, there to be admired from afar rather than as something to aspire to. Despite this negative perception, the fact is that the world of FUT is able to be conquered without paying out big money if you are prepared to have a go at being a wheeler- dealer in the transfer market, and if you can play enough games to make sure you pick up coins.

Dreams are Made of These

While, of course, you might already be biased because of your own love of certain teams and players, it is clear that FUT is all about making sure that you look at players as individuals and ignore your favorites. After all, if you’re a Barcelona fan, that doesn’t mean that you can ignore Cristiano Ronaldo and his 95 ranking, and if you’re a fan of the brilliant Brazilian teams, you shouldn’t just opt not to have any of the versions of Maradona in your team.

Dreaming might not be enough to boost your chances of earning enough coins even to get the likes of Thierry Henry in your team. It is undeniable, however, that if you secured him in your side, most fans would be green with envy (even fans of rival players), simply because of how much he costs.

Is It Getting Easier to Bag an Icon?

Despite the fact that there are more and more tips out there about how to play FUT, it is clear that the costs involved in buying an icon continue to make them elusive for the majority of players. If, though, EA continue to give away more opportunities to earn coins, like the chance to take on expanded squad building challenges, or players are smart and buy and sell players at the right time, then the game will slowly but surely be offering more rewards of those vital FIFA coins needed to buy those ultimate icon players like Paulo Maldini, Ronaldo, Messi, and even goalkeepers like Lev Yashin.

With this in mind, remember that the only way to win a lottery is to take part in it in the first place, and therefore the only way to get an icon in FUT is to keep playing the game and keep enjoying the chance to earn your way to buying the players you dream of having on your side.


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