FIFA Mobile TOTS (Team of the Season)


Team of the Season (TOTS) event is available in FIFA Mobile for 7 weeks from 5 May until 30 June 2021.

Play FIFA Mobile TOTS skill games, complete daily Quests, and play against other players to get in the top of Leaderboard and win exclusive rewards. Here is the schedule for TOTS event:

  • Community: May 5th – May 12th
  • Premier League: May 12th – May 19th
  • Future League: May 19th – May 26th
  • Future League: May 26th – June 2nd
  • Future League: June 2nd – June 9th
  • Future League: June 9th – June 16th
  • Ultimate TOTS: June 16th – June 30th

Let’s get started by explaining how to use TOTS. When you go to the Live Events tile, you’ll see three TOTS campaigns: Team of the Season, TOTS Pass, and TOTS Reserves. These Campaigns are not only accessible through Live Events, but EA have also included buttons in the Chapters to aid navigation.


Begin by visiting the TOTS Campaign via Live Events. Collect your Daily Claim Rewards and compete in VS Attack and other Skill Games and Matches. League Points, TOTS Tickets, and Reserves Tokens are some of the most valuable awards. With the release of new Leagues, this Chapter and its rewards vary monthly.

The VSA Matches feature unique OVR and Lineup requirements, which are related to TOTS and Leagues. You should check your Division in H2H and VSA since two AI Matches in Division Rivals deliver awards based on your current division.

League Rewards

To find the Reward Paths for the various Leagues, go to the League Rewards Chapter. Convert your TOTS Tickets to League Points and use them in the League Rewards Chapter’s Reward Path. Keep your TOTS Tickets until your desired League becomes available.

Use your League Points to obtain Resources, TOTS Tickets, Ultimate Exchange Tokens, and TOTS Starter Players from your chosen League in the Reward Path. The Milestones are progressed dependent on how many Points you have spent in each League. TOTS Tickets, an Enhanced Base Icon, and a Prime Icon are among the rewards.

Ultimate TOTS

Ultimate TOTS has some of the highest OVR players in the game right now. You can earn Ultimate Exchange Tokens by claiming players from the League Starters Reward Path. For Ultimate Points, combine these Ultimate Exchange Tokens with a League Starter.

Trade League Reserve Players for Ultimate Points in the Ultimate League Reserve Exchange. Ultimate Points are used to claim Ultimate TOTS Players, although there will be a separate Guide with more information closer to the debut of Ultimate TOTS.

TOTS Reserves

Reserves Tokens can be used in the League* Reserves Offer, which can be found in the League* Reserves Chapters. Claim the League* Reserves Offer for 200 Reserves Tokens and get Coins, Players, or TOTS Reserve Players, as well as progress towards the Milestones.

League Points, TOTS Tickets, Skill Boosts, and 89-95 OVR TOTS Reserve Players from that League are all part of the Milestone Reward Path.

Spend up to 4,400 Reserves Tokens in each Reserve chapter to get 3,000 TOTS Tickets from the Milestone to utilise in your preferred League Reward Path.

League Pass

The League Passes can be accessed via the Live Events or the Chapter links. Complete the Daily TOTS Quests and claim the TOTS Pass Credits to advance on all active League Passes. Earn League Points, Reserves Tokens, TOTS Tickets, 89-95 OVR Reserves Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, and Rank Items as you progress through the League* Pass.

Star Pass

A major event like TOTS warrants a large Star Pass. League Points, TOTS Tickets, Reserves Tokens, TOTS Emote, two new Stadiums, Logos, Training Transfer Items, Gems, 86+ OVR Global TOTS Players, TOTS Kit, Skill Boosts, Coins, Rankup Items, and Enhanced Event Icons are among the 125 tiers of outstanding rewards available during TOTS.

A 95 and 98 OVR Event Icon is included in the Premium Star Pass.


To earn League Points, Reserves Tokens, and progress toward all active League Passes, complete Daily TOTS Quests. Weekly Quests are a little more difficult to complete, but they come with higher rewards. To get League Points, TOTS Tickets, Reserves Tokens, and 89+ OVR League Reserve Players, complete them all!

Keep track of your Daily and Weekly Quests to make sure you finish them on time, and don’t forget to do the Intro to TOTS Quests.

Daily Login

Log in every day to get Daily Login Rewards. Additional TOTS Tickets and Reserves Tokens are available. Daily Login Rewards are accessible after 19:00 UTC Reset Time.


EA will have a range of Exchanges accessible during TOTS. Trade in 89+ League TOTS Players for League Points in League Specific Exchanges. After the League is unlocked, the League Exchanges will only be available for one week.

To trade in Gold+ and Elite+ Players for TOTS Tickets and Reserves Tokens, go to the Exchange for TOTS Tickets Exchanges and Reserves Tokens Exchanges, which commence every week on Monday.

Keep an eye on the Exchange for special Player Exchanges that will become available throughout the event, including untradable 94 OVR TOTS Reserves. Also, starting with the Eredivisie, check the Exchanges every Monday for new Global League Reserves and Starters.

Challenge Mode

Mode of Challenge
Challenge Mode is accessed via Live Events. Earn League* Points by playing matches on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Conditions provide the requirements for these Matches. Every Challenge Mode will comprise 5 more challenging matches.

Pro Tip: Challenge Mode can earn you up to 1075 League Points! For a given League, that’s up to 3225 League Points.

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  1. Is there going to be TOTS event this season too ? I mean due to Covid-19 is there any way they would be delayed or cancelled ? Just asking. I hope they don’t.

  2. Will TOTS and UTOTS starters players will be avalible (tradeable) in the market after June30th? Coz they are untraedable now. Thanks

  3. Bagaimana cara mengembalikan tots puncak yang sudah berbintang ke tots biasa lagi ? Biar pemain tots puncak biasanya biasa saya beli pakai tots poin ?

  4. How long will Süle be available for in TOTS ? Want to know how much time I have to claim this card.

  5. I want to take back the energy tots that i gave for Van Dijk because as it seems i dont have enoght time and tots to unlock him.Please help me!!

    1. If you have spend point to get vanj dik I’m sorry but you can’t get back the energy that you have spend for the player you should saving for lower ovr player like sterling I got 210/260 shard of him and there still 19 days to get him and another community player that I spending shard

  6. What are the chances of getting ederson as an epl reserve player. Is it 1 in 11 or is it less because he is higher rated.

  7. Hi. Which TOTS from the PL TOTS do you think will give the most value (i.e. coins)? Pls let me know…

    1. Hello, do you mean which TOTS activities? If so, winning VS and H2H activities will give you the highest rewards.

      1. No. I meant which TOTS card according to you will give me the most amount of coins once we can sell the PL TOTS cards?

        1. We are not sure, but usually the cards with higher OVR rating and higher demand and price in the market.

  8. I bought a TOTS reserve in store for 0.99$ and he hasn’t appeared in my players list. Need help asap

  9. Hi is it possible to claim Allan? I played VSA H2H and opened 2 packs and also won almost all VSA and H2H. I have 82 Allan Shards and 25 TOTS Energy… I will probably open ONE more pack, but is it still possible to claim Allan??

    1. Yes, Allan is available to claim as Community reward in the Community chapter for 100 Allan Shards. Use your TOTS Energy to earn Allan shards and claim it when you have 100 Allan shards.

  10. hi…i have got a problem…i can not play H2H or VSA match…i have 98 ovarall and 120 chem..when i enter the event, i see activities claimed….bt i didnt play any matches,,,so who can play both??

    1. VSA and H2H matches were not available on the first day of TOTS event. There is no Team OVR limitation for VSA/H2H. It should be playable now, please try again.

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