FIFA Mobile TOTS (Team of the Season)


Team of the Season (TOTS) event is available in FIFA Mobile for 7 weeks from 29 April until 17 June 2021.

Play FIA Mobile TOTS skill games, complete daily Quests, and play against other players to get in the top of Leaderboard and win exclusive rewards.

Event Details

  • Event Duration: April 29th – June 17th (49 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 4 TOTS Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Weekly Coin Packs that give 12 TOTS Energy for 37,500 coins
  • Daily Claim: 25 TOTS Tokens & 1 TOTS Login Bonus Pack
  • Energy: TOTS Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18

Go ahead and play daily skill game to get TOTS Tickets and League Points. Complete daily Quests for progression along the TOTS Pass. Play daily Matches in the League Passes. Use League Points towards TOTS Starters along the different League Paths. Use TOTS Tokens towards TOTS Reserves. Play VS Attack or Head to Head for extra rewards and Leaderboard position. Use Ultimate Points towards Ultimate Starters and Reserves.


Play daily Skill Games for TOTS Tickets and League Points. Complete the first 3 Skill Games which gives you TOTS Tickets and League Points. League Points are the points related to the current league released that week. For example, during the Premier League week, the Skill Games will give out Premier League Points. During Ultimate week, the Base Reward will be 10 TOTS Tickets.

Open a TOTS Daily Pack every time you log in! Rewards include TOTY Starters and Reserves, TOTW Elites and Masters, as well as Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Base Players, and Special Score Boost (more on this in the League Special chapter).

League Rewards

Every TOTS Major League will have its own chapter. Use your League Points along the path to claim Starters and other rewards.

League Points can only be used towards the corresponding League. For example, Premier League Points can only be used in the TOTS Premier League chapter. Convert your TOTS Tickets to the League Point of your choice.

Ticket Cost Reward Limit
25 TOTS Tickets 25 League Points None
250 TOTS Tickets 250 League Points None
2000 TOTS Tickets 2000 League Points None

Claiming a TOTS Starter will also earn you Ultimate Points, more on that later in the guide.


Use your TOTS Tokens here to earn TOTS Reserves, Coins, and Skill Boosts. After 7 claims, receive a guaranteed Player.

New Reserve Players are released every week, except for Ultimate. Past Reserve sections will remain until the end of TOTS. Milestones below are only tracked when you spend TOTS Tokens on the latest released Reserve sections. If you want the Milestone rewards, you’ll have to use your TOTS Tokens on the newest reserves.


Complete Daily Quests to earn TOTS Pass Shards and progress through the TOTS Pass.

League Special

Battle it out in the weekly League Specials for rewards and top spot on the Leaderboards. Play VSA, H2H, or AI Matches to earn Special Score, which unlocks rewards down the reward path and determines leaderboard placement. There is a new Special Energy and Special Score for each League Special every week.


All the top players from the entire TOTS event are in Ultimate! Use the Ultimate Points you received when claiming a TOTS Starter from any of the previous League chapters. Ultimate will feature 11 UTOTS Starters and 12 UTOTS Reserves:

  • Ultimate Starters are 102 OVR+ starting at 400 Ultimate Points.
  • Ultimate Reserves are 98 OVR+ starting at 150 Ultimate Points.

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37 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile TOTS (Team of the Season)

  1. Is there going to be TOTS event this season too ? I mean due to Covid-19 is there any way they would be delayed or cancelled ? Just asking. I hope they don’t.

  2. Will TOTS and UTOTS starters players will be avalible (tradeable) in the market after June30th? Coz they are untraedable now. Thanks

  3. Bagaimana cara mengembalikan tots puncak yang sudah berbintang ke tots biasa lagi ? Biar pemain tots puncak biasanya biasa saya beli pakai tots poin ?

  4. How long will Süle be available for in TOTS ? Want to know how much time I have to claim this card.

  5. I want to take back the energy tots that i gave for Van Dijk because as it seems i dont have enoght time and tots to unlock him.Please help me!!

    1. If you have spend point to get vanj dik I’m sorry but you can’t get back the energy that you have spend for the player you should saving for lower ovr player like sterling I got 210/260 shard of him and there still 19 days to get him and another community player that I spending shard

  6. What are the chances of getting ederson as an epl reserve player. Is it 1 in 11 or is it less because he is higher rated.

  7. Hi. Which TOTS from the PL TOTS do you think will give the most value (i.e. coins)? Pls let me know…

    1. Hello, do you mean which TOTS activities? If so, winning VS and H2H activities will give you the highest rewards.

      1. No. I meant which TOTS card according to you will give me the most amount of coins once we can sell the PL TOTS cards?

        1. We are not sure, but usually the cards with higher OVR rating and higher demand and price in the market.

  8. I bought a TOTS reserve in store for 0.99$ and he hasn’t appeared in my players list. Need help asap

  9. Hi is it possible to claim Allan? I played VSA H2H and opened 2 packs and also won almost all VSA and H2H. I have 82 Allan Shards and 25 TOTS Energy… I will probably open ONE more pack, but is it still possible to claim Allan??

    1. Yes, Allan is available to claim as Community reward in the Community chapter for 100 Allan Shards. Use your TOTS Energy to earn Allan shards and claim it when you have 100 Allan shards.

  10. hi…i have got a problem…i can not play H2H or VSA match…i have 98 ovarall and 120 chem..when i enter the event, i see activities claimed….bt i didnt play any matches,,,so who can play both??

    1. VSA and H2H matches were not available on the first day of TOTS event. There is no Team OVR limitation for VSA/H2H. It should be playable now, please try again.

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