FIFA Mobile Picnic Party


Picnic Party event is available from 1st of April 2020 for 7 days on FIFA Mobile. Play this limited-time event in FIFA Mobile and earn exclusive rewards including Picnic party Players.

  • Duration: 7 Days (1 to 7 Apr)
  • Daily Login: Mystery Gift
  • Energy: 20 Starting Foodie Energy, refreshes 1 per hour

This event has 3 chapters to play and earn rewards:

How To Flambé

Foodie Energy can be spent here to proceed through the Food Fight and win Munchy Masters. Munchy Masters are on hand, while Smorgasbord players change every day.

Munch Mystery

You can acquire Foodie Energy in this chapter and use it to advance through a variety of skill games and match nodes. You can gain Skill Boosts, Foodie Points, Coins, Base Gold Players, and Picnic Party Elite Players by participating in these activities.

When a node is completed, the next node that was previously hidden is revealed. When you finish all of the events, a bonus node appears where you can use any remaining energy. Per event completion, the bonus node awards 50 skill boosts. On the first redemption, a daily reward of a Mystery Gift and a Picnic Party User Logo will be unlocked.

Foodal Fury

You can use your earned Foodie Points to claim Picnic Party Players at this location. Smorgasbord players will rotate everyday, and Munchy Masters will be in this chapter for the duration of the feast. Munchy Masters will set you back 2,000 Foodie Points, while a Smorgasbord player would set you back 600 Foodie Points. If you claim all of the daily Smorgasbord players, your plate will be cleared, and you will have to wait until the next day to claim another smorgasbord.

When redeeming Foodie Points for Smorgasbord Players, keep in mind that a New Player is guaranteed.

Munchy Masters Players
  • ST: Kevin Lasagna (96)
  • CB: José Ignacio Fernández Iglesias (96)
  • CAM: Nikola Vlašić (96)
  • CB: Steve Cook (92)
  • ST: Nolan Roux (89)
  • CDM: Charles Pickel (88)
  • CM: Lewis Cook (91)
  • CB: Jake Clarke-Salter (87)
  • GK: Peter Cherrie (85)
  • RB: Jorge Andújar Moreno (94)
  • ST: Patrick Bürger (87)
  • CAM: George Honeyman (86)
  • CM: Danny Drinkwater (90)
  • RM: Silvester van der Water (89)
  • LW: Issah Abass (88)
  • CB: Simon Deli (93)
  • GK: Jesús Reguillos Moya (88)
  • CM: Carlos Pita González (86)
  • CM: Johannes Eggestein (92)
  • CB: Jacob Pepper (89)
  • CM: Isaac Cofie (87)
  • LM: Jorge Resurrección (94)
  • RB: Brecht Capon (89)
  • CDM: Perry Kitchen (86)

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  1. I’ve earned upto jocker card in picnic party daily gifts but the gifts doesn’t add value to my team what’s up with these gifts if they are such useless

  2. Are the mystery prizes worth anything ? I gir a Turkey, a joker card, and some other things but what are they worth seems pretty stupid and pointless to me if you cant do anything with them

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