FIFA Mobile – My Legacy

FIFA Mobile My Legacy Event

My Legacy event is available in FIFA Mobile from the launch and it gives you the chance to play with your Legacy Team to earn special rewards and players. You can also use your Now and Later points from the last season here to redeem special rewards.

Play and win matches to earn Legacy Token in this event. Play VS Attack, Head to Head or AI matches to collect Legacy Tokens which are used to on Legacy Reward pulls. Watch ads to earn extra tokens. This event has three chapters.


My Legacy has the following chapters to earn tokens and claim rewards:


In the main chapter you can play matches (VSA, H2H and AI Matches) and watch ads to earn Legacy Tokens. As usual, each match consumes stamina – 1 Stamina per match. To play VS Attack and Head 2 Head matches here, you need to reach Amateur III division in VS Attack first.

Under the main chapter you are also able to redeem your Legacy Tokens to claim rewards. The rewards available are depend on your Legacy Team’s OVR. Each reward can be only claimed once.

Here is the list of rewards you can claim:

  • Skill Boost
  • Training Xp
  • Silver+ Player
  • Gold+ Player
  • Perk Points
  • Gems
  • Coins
  • 80+ Player

To win rewards, complete a series of tough matches and Skill Games in this chapter. Complete all of the matches to gain access to the final match and an exclusive player.

Aside from the rewards like cash, skill boots, and gems, below is a list of prospective players you can claim in this chapter:

  • LB: Davies (81)
  • GK: Forster (83)
Now and Later Trade-In

Here you can spend your “Now And Later” points you earned last season to claim exclusive rewards. You can claim the following rewards here:

  • Coins
  • Skill Boost
  • Gold Player
  • Elite Player
  • Training XP


Here are the players you can get from the My Legacy event:

  • GK: Forster (83)
  • LB: Davies (81)
  • ST: Zardes (80)

My Legacy event is available in FIFA Mobile (2019/2020) permanently and is accessible under Events section.

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8 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile – My Legacy

  1. Can you confirm if main event VSA, H2H and Match will be for duration of season, hence can earn point and convert them to Gold Player, Skill Boost and XP for complete season for 20-21

  2. For everyone asked:
    First, Your Legacy Team is the team that you’ll bring to the next season based on Your Last Active Lineup, please pick right one before reset
    Second, I don’t know why legacy team are locked, it might be an error(EA have very bad quality, right?). Or you haven’t played previous season yet. Try swiping the “upper-half path” to checkout
    Third, Legacy team are viewed in lower-left you screen, I wonder why everyone can’t see it. There is still a tutorial for those dedicated player
    Fourth, If you can’t advanced further in event, just give up. There is literally no way to reset

  3. I was playing the Hazard game and then forced to upgrade. The real Madrid team becomes my legacy team. How can I change my legacy team back to my strongest team lineup?

    I played Zidane game while upgrading. Now the legacy team is real mardid team. I would delete the apps if can’t make my strongest team as legacy team.

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