FIFA Mobile to Celebrate Lunar New Year 2017


FIFA Mobile is celebrating the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rooster from January 24th to February 6th with a special Lunar New Year Festival. Special Live Events, packs and new players are available during this Lunar New Year Festival event.

  • Special Pack Offers – Over the course of Lunar New Year, there will be a series of Pack offers. Open the Free Lunar Player Pack to get an untradeable 85-OVR Elite Lunar New Year Player. Buy the Prosperity Pack which contains various Lunar New Year Items, including the chance of finding one of our other Elite Lunar New Year Players.
  • Elite Lunar New Year Players – There are four Elite Lunar New Year Players to find in Packs, featuring players born in the Year of the Rooster. All Lunar New Year Players can be upgraded when you complete their corresponding Plan. Each plan requires the Base Lunar New Year Item, a number of Fortune Tokens, Crimson Tokens, and Elite Trophies. Check each player’s Plan for the exact number of Tokens and Trophies they need to complete.
  • Lunar Master Elite Player – By completing the Lunar Master Elite Player Plan you can unlock a 97-OVR Romelu Lukaku Item. This plan requires a set number of Fortune and Crimson Tokens.
  • Crismon Master Elite Player – You can also unlock a special 95-OVR Crimson Master Player Item (Mauro Icardi) by collecting 10 specific Crimson Tokens. You will need to the specific Tokens to complete this Plan, which you can find in the different Lunar New Year Packs that we offer.

FIFA Mobile Lunar New Year Festival is available from January 24 to February 6, 2017.


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