New Content Changes in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile Changes

There are a few content changes in FIFA Mobile, changing Retro Stars Players to auctionable, increasing odds of pulling Throwback Tokens, reducing the requirement for Elite Play Trade-In plan and some more amends to make the game more enjoyable.

Here is the list of these changes which applied to the game from 11 July 2017:

  • All future Retro Stars Players will be auctionable
  • Increased odds of pulling Throwback Tokens from all sources
  • Reduced the Throwback Token requirement for all Retro Star Plans
  • VS Attack wins now have a chance to drop Retro Star Throwback and Fame Token
  • Reduced requirement for the Elite Player Trade-In Plan (Trade in 20 Elite Players for 10 Elite Trophies)
  • Bue Star Position Tokens can now be used in the Exchange Plan

FIFA Mobile is available to download for iOS and Android mobile devices.


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