FIFA Mobile – Attack Mode Seasons

FIFA Mobile Attack Mode Seasons

A new feature within the Attack Mode called Attack Mode Seasons has been added since Feb 1, 2017 to FIFA Mobile. This feature has turned Attack Mode into a Seasonal challenge mode that rewards players with exclusive rewards.

How does Attack Mode Seasons work in FIFA Mobile?
Each Attack Mode Season offers up special Player Items to chase. The higher you reach, the better exclusive rewards you can get. At the start of each Season, there will be a partial reset of the Attack Mode Leaderboard.

What is a partial reset?
When a new Season begins, you will start with fewer Fans and in a different Division than when you finished the previous Season. Check the chart below to see where you will start a new Season depending on where you finished the previous one:

FIFA Mobile Attack Mode Seasons Chart

What are the Exclusive Rewards?
At the start of a new Season, FIFA Mobile will grant everyone who played Attack Mode with a Reward Pack based on where they finished the previous one. This Pack contains Tokens and potentially some Gold or Better so called “Fan Favorite” Player Items. Use Tokens to unlock Master Elite Player Items, which are exclusive to a particular Season. So, if you earn 130 Tokens in the first Season, you can only redeem them on the Season 1 Master Elites.

Attack Mode Player Items
There are two kinds of Attack Mode Player Items available. Each month, EA will feature four (4) Season Master Elite Players. You unlock these Player Items by using the Tokens you have received in your Reward Pack. On top of that, There is a series of Gold and Elite Fan Favorite Player Items. These are either given to you in your Reward Pack or found in Attack Mode Packs that you can buy.

When Attack Mode Players are on your squad, you will earn bonus Fans (up to a maximum of +20%) per turn in Attack Mode. These will be very important to have if you are looking to reach the 10 million fans required to become a “FIFA Champion” within a given season.

How many Tokens do I get at the end of each Season?
Depending on the division you reach at the end of a Season, you will get a number of Tokens and Player Items. Here is the complete rundown of what each division rewards you:

Rank Rank Up Reward Rank Up Total Season End Tokens Season End Fan Favorite Gold+ Players Total Tokens
Amateur 3 0 0 0 0 0
Amateur 2 2 2 7 0 9
Amateur 3 3 5 10 0 15
Pro 3 3 8 17 0 25
Pro 2 3 11 19 0 30
Pro 1 4 15 20 0 35
World Class 3 5 20 25 1 45
World Class 2 5 25 25 1 50
World Class 1 7 32 28 3 60
Legendary 3 8 40 35 4 75
Legendary 2 9 49 37 4 86
Legendary 1 10 59 41 5 100
FIFA Champion 15 74 56 5 130

Wait one second, I’m already a “FIFA Champion”, don’t I get something now?
Yes! Although February 1, 2017 is targetted as the first Season of Attack Mode, EA is still rewarding everyone who has played up to that point. When the new Season begins, EA will send out rewards to all players based on where they finished the “Pre-Season”. If you reached “FIFA Champion”, then you will get 130 Tokens.

If you are getting close to promotion within Attack Mode, there are still a few days still left to move up a division or two. Get into the mode, win some matches, and get yourself a better reward. Also, if you finish the Pre-Season in the Top 200 of Attack Mode, there is an additional gift lined up for you.

Does my team reset at the start of each new Season?
No, nothing is happening to your current squad. You will still have the same team you had at the end of the Pre-Season when the first Season of Attack Mode begins.

So, we can still complete the Mobile Master Marco Reus Plan?
Yes, you will still be able to complete the Mobile Master Marco Reus Plan. The Tokens required to complete that Plan have not changed, you will still need to reach “FIFA Champion” to earn all 13 Mobile Master Division Tokens.

What is the “Attack Mode Champion” and how do we get him?
EA has an exclusive 99-OVR Player Item available for those players who reach FIFA Champion three (3) times. That plan requires three (3) FIFA Champion Tokens. You will only be able to unlock him by reaching FIFA Champion in three Seasons. Like all the other Attack Mode Player Items available, he gives you a “Fan” and “Reaction” Bonus when placed on your squad.

Will EA warn us about Attack Mode events, such as when rewards are available or remind us that the current season is ending?
Yes they will. There will be in-game notifications to let you know of any pertinent information about Attack Mode Seasons.

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  1. I end my last season as world class 3, then I got 1.. pro 1 token which I used to buy Alex Sandro, in this season I advanced from world class 3 to fifa champion , so will I get world class 1 and legendary 1 token… which I can used to buy ruffier and otamendi or only just fifa champion token?
    Someone please help me, I am really confused

  2. EA sports I have a complaint that I’m not getting any FIFA pre season or season 1 tokens instead when I rank up I get only gold players what to do plz answer my request

  3. Today i just want to world class in hope to have token.. But it just gone in vain only some player nothing i want some pro division 1 token to unlock man u rw…. Horrible no token…of division

  4. Will season 1 ever come back again?..I have 47 tokens of season 1…should I reserve them or get two elite fan fav player?

  5. sorry, you have exceeded the number of active matches allowed. if you are waiting for opponents to play you back ,go play some live events instead…

    why this happening whenever I try to play I just short of 100k and its stop n its sucks…please someone help me to how to fix it.

    1. You can have only 30 active attack mode matches(this includes matches where it’s your opponenet’s turn). You can’t play more than this number at a time.

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