FIFA Mobile – National Heroes

FIFA Mobile National Heroes

National Heroes program is available in FIFA Mobile from 30 June to 15 July 2021. Play matches and skill games in this event to earn exclusive rewards including National Hero Players.

  • Event Duration: 15 Days – 30 June to 15 July 2021
  • Coin Packs: 7 weekly Coin Pack giving 15 National Energy for 40K coins
  • Daily Claim: 1 Avalanche Shard
  • Energy: National Energy refreshing 1 per hour with a max of 30
  • Ads: 1 Ad daily giving 15 National Energy

Earn National Points by participating in skill games and matches in the Adventure Paths. In the Matchday chapter, play VSA or H2H for National Score and Leaderboard position. Use your National Points to help you get on the Reward Path. Use your Mosaic Tokens to complete the Mosaic and the Milestone Path.

Adventure Path

You can choose from three different skill game and match pathways. For each node, you’ll require 15 National Energy; if you lose, you’ll get it back. As you progress along the course, you will gain more National Points. The following is a list of what you can earn through this site.

Type Cost Win Reward Loss Reward
All Matches and Skill Games 15 National Energy Cost 15-585 National Points or Choice Point 15 National Energy Cost

You will gain a Choice Point towards a 90 OVR and 94 OVR Player in Match 9 (Parts 1 and 2). The last match in Part 3 will award you with a Choice Point for a 100 OVR player.


In this chapter, you can create teams based on specific countries and compete for Leaderboard dominance. There are four commercials every day that give you five National Tickets, and four weekly coin packs that give you ten National Tickets for 20K coins. Keep in mind that National Tickets are only refreshed once every hour, with a maximum of 18.

Type Cost Win Reward Draw Reward Loss Reward
VSA 5 National Tickets 25 National Score 10 National Score 5 National Score
H2H 10 National Tickets 50 National Score 20 National Score 10 National Score
AI Match 5 National Tickets 10 National Score 5 National Score

For a National Score boost, use Featured National Heroes Players and Icons in your Active Lineup.

There will be six featured countries, which will rotate every three days. Include any player from those specified nations to earn a National Score boost. The chart below shows the whole bonus amounts.

The following is the schedule for the rotation of these 6 Featured Nations (7pm UTC):

  • Group 1 – June 30 to July 3
  • Group 2 – July 3 to July 6
  • Group 3 – July 6 to July 9
  • Group 4 – July 9 to July 12

During the FIFA Mobile National Heroes event, there are two sorts of leaderboards:

  • 3 Day Leaderboard (these will align with the Featured Nation groups above)
  • 15 Day Global Leaderboard
Squad Bonus National Score per Match* Bonus Limit per Match
Featured Nation National Heroes Player 15 National Score 3
Featured Nation Player** 10 National Score 6
Base/Event/Prime Icon 25 National Score 2
National Score Boost 40 National Score 1

*Amounts are doubled for H2H.
**Includes past program and base players.

You can get both the 15 and 10 Score Bonuses by using a National Heroes Player from a Featured Nation. This implies that if you have three Featured National Heroes players in your Matchday lineup, you just need three more Featured National Heroes players from any programme to reach the maximum of six Bonuses.

Boost Cost Boost Duration Bonus Limit per Match
National Score Boost 200 FIFA Points or 500 Gems 4 hours 1

Get a 4-hour bonus by purchasing a National Score Boost. These can be obtained through the use of Gems, FIFA Points, or the completion of Matchday Quests.

Matchday Quests
Time Objective Reward
Daily Score 5 Goals anywhere in FIFA Mobile 1 National Score Boost
3 Days Win 3 Matches anywhere in FIFA Mobile* 1 National Score Boost
3 Days Win 5 Matches anywhere in FIFA Mobile* 2 National Score Boosts

*H2H, VS Attack, and AI games all count towards these quests.

Master and Legendary Rewards

Use your National Points to earn awards and Choice Points on the Master or Legendary Paths. Apply your Choice Points to the National Heroes Players who are now available. This means that Master Choice Points can only be used on Master Players and Legendary Choice Points can only be used on Legendary Players.

Milestones Reward
Use 6,000 National Points National Heroes 85 OVR ST Tomáš Pekhart
Use 10,000 National Points 500 Mosaic Tokens
Use 15,000 National Points National Heroes 88 OVR CM Sebastian Larsson
Use 37,500 National Points Event Icon 99 OVR LM Robert Pirès
Use 50,000 National Points Prime Icon 105 OVR ST Marco van Basten


You may use your Mosaic Tokens to get more National Heroes Players, Skill Boosts, Coins, and Training XP here, and you’ll get a guaranteed Player after 8 pulls. You can advance down the Milestone Path by using your Mosaic Tokens. Earn Coins, Training XP, Skill Boosts, National Points, Players, and common, epic, and legendary shards as you progress through the game.

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