FIFA Mobile 20 Beta

FIFA Mobile Beta

FIFA Mobile New Season (2019-2020) Beta program is live from 20th August 2019 at 11:00 am Pacific Time. Android users can download the client in through Google Play, and iOS users will download the client from Apple Store.

The space for beta client is limited. EA Sports are giving limited users the access to FIFA Mobile 20 Beta app. Currently, 2,500 users got access to test the beta version and EA will give another 2,500 users to try the beta in the next batch.

FIFA Mobile beta testers will have the chance to experience, test and provide feedback on some of the new features and changes coming by downloading the new FIFA Mobile Beta. Here is a guide for you to learn how to download and install FIFA Mobile Beta Client app.

How to Join FIFA Mobile Beta and Download it

Follow these steps depending on your mobile device platform to join the beta program and download the beta app for FIFA Mobile 20:

  • You need to be a FIFA Mobile user and have it already installed on your device
  • Install the TestFlight app on your mobile device first
  • Then, go to this link on your mobile:
  • If there is any free slots, you will be able to download the FIFA Mobile Beta Client app, otherwise you will see the message saying “This beta is full.”

Try to check the availability regularly when the beta is full. As mentioned above, EA will release free slots during the beta program, so you will have the chance to get it hopefully.

  • You need to be a FIFA Mobile user and have it already installed on your device
  • Got to this link on your device:
  • Tap/click on the button “Become a Beta Tester”
  • If there is a free slot, you’ll receive an update to the FIFA Soccer: Beta Client app if you already have it installed on your device.

Testing and Providing Feedback to EA

After downloading and installing the FIFA Mobile Beta client app, you will be able to play it and provide feedback to EA. Keep this in mind that this Beta is just a small slice of the upcoming season and a number of new things won’t be accessible or visible yet.

To provide feedback on FIF Mobile Beta, go to the FIFA Mobile Beta community forum and write your comments there:

You can also write your feedback and comments on FIFA Mobile Beta here at FIFPlay.

Changes in FIFA Mobile Beta

Here is a list of changes in FIFA Mobile Beta:

  • A Goalkeeper’s height will no longer be his most influencing attribute
  • Every player will have two skill moves. Read more details below:
Tap Skill Move:

Every player will perform their primary skill move with a tap of the sprint button.

Swipe Skill Move:

This skill move will be unique to every player, and is executed by swiping “up” on the sprint button when performing a skill move. At the start of the next season, players will have one of five skill moves:

  • Lane Change Roll
  • Flick Up
  • Heel to Heel
  • Flip Flap
  • Rainbow
Adjustments to Goalkeeper Height

In the next Season, we’ve reduced the impact height plays on a goalkeeper’s ability to save the ball. Tall goalkeepers will still be strong, but shorter goalkeepers will also be viable options for your team.

VS Attack Possessions

We have adjusted many of the VS Attack Possessions and you should see many new ones

  • Long passes often resulted in momentum killing lobs, so we’ve adjusted it to favour hard ground passes to keep the play alive
  • Tapping to Pass will now play passes closer to your tap gesture than it did previously
  • Players will no longer kick the ball wide when shooting on an open goal
  • High-rated players will be more accurate with headers and volleys
  • Volleys and Headers will no longer be impossibly fast
  • Long shot animations have been improved to make shooting more responsive
  • Shot power and trajectories have been adjusted to be more realistic

Defenders will receive more fouls for egregious tackles than before

  • Player selection has been improved when switching while defending
  • One player will always win the ball in a two-player header

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  1. I am a current player of fifa mobile 19 and a tester on fifa 20 beta, is there any benefits for me in the new season or is it just a chance to try the new stuff first?

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