FIFA 22 Shooting & Finishing Guide (Tips & Tutorial)

FIFA 22 Finishing & Shooting Guide

Learn how to perform shooting the get familiar with all shooting and finishing techniques and controls at FIFA 22 video-game.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to shooting in EA Sports FIFA 22, including how to take shots and score goals in both online and offline matches.

How to Take Shots at FIFA 22

To take a shot in FIFA 22, hit the shoot button (◯ on PlayStation / B on Xbox) and use the left stick to determine your shooting direction (L). This is called the basic shooting skill in FIFA 22.

For advanced shooting in FIFA 22, you need to get familiar with all shooting techniques and controls, which you can find it here.

Shooting Techniques and Controls

There are five key types of shooting in FIFA 22:

  • Normal Shot
  • Timed Finishing (Time Your Shot)
  • Chip Shot
  • Finesse Shot
  • Flair Shot
  • Low Shot
  • Driven Shot

These shooting methods have different types which we’re going through each of them here:


Action PlayStation Buttons Xbox Buttons
Shoot / Volley / Header B
Time Your Shot ◯ + ◯ [Timed] B + B [Timed]
Low Shot / Downward Header Shot L1 + R1 + ◯ LB + RB + B
Driven Shot R1 + ◯ then L1 RB + B then LB
Chip Shot L1 + ◯ LB + B
Flair Shot L2 + ◯ LT + B
Finesse Shot R1 + ◯ RB + B
Fake Shot (Cancel) ◯ then X + direction B then A + direction
Free Kick: Curled Shot B
Free Kick: Driven Shot L1 + ◯ LB + B
Penalty: Finesse Shot R1 + ◯ RB + B
Penalty: Chip Shot L1 + ◯ LB + B

Normal Shot

A normal shot is performed by pressing just the shoot button. A typical shot can be taken from far or near the goal and it’s quite accurate to reach the goal when it’s well targeted.

Time Your Shot (Timed Finishing)

Timed Finishing, a new shooting mechanic that lets you time your shot and this will help you to shoot more accurately and score from tight angles that would not be possible to score from using classic shooting style. You’ll need to hit the shot button twice to accomplish this. The key is the amount of time between each tap, which is why it’s named “Timed Finishing.”

The key in performing this technique to pace your shots and score goals is exactly timing your second tap. It’s possible that tapping it too soon or too late will make your shot worse. With the FIFA Trainer turned on, you will see a coloured bar over your player’s head with sliders. Your second tap should be right when the sliders hit the green zone in the middle. If you successfully unlock a Timed Finish, you will see a short message above the bar that says, “Great Timing!”.

Timed Finishing can be applied to any open-play attack, including headers, volleys, finesse shots, and even bicycle kicks.

Low Driven Shot

A low shot is a typical shot with a low power that is fired on the ground to reach the target. A low shot is slightly slower than a high shot, but it has a better chance of hitting the back of the net. This shot is usually useful on one-on-one situations with the goalie where you need to slowly roll the ball into the goal.

Chip Shot

Chip shot is a form of short kick that lifts the ball high in the air in order to pass the keeper or defenders and land in to the goal.

Finesse Shot

A finesse shot is a subtle and refined shot that emphasises precision over strength. Finesse shots are curled and executed using the inside of the foot in order to putt the ball into an unreachable part of the goal.

Flair Shot

Flair shot is a fancy and powerful shot which has less accuracy but got more power to defeat the goalkeeper.

Driven Shot

A ground shot taken from a free kick which rolls on the field in order to go below the defence wall when the defenders are jumping up or go around them to hit the goal.

Shooting Speed, Strength and Reaction

Holding the shot buttons controls the speed and strength of your shots. The longer you hold the button, the more strength you are going to put on the ball. The quicker you press the shot button, the shorter reaction your player will take to kick the ball. The more power you give to the ball, the higher your ball flies in the air.

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