FIFA 22 Quick Sell Recovery Guide

Quick Sell Recovery

Quick Sell recovery feature is available in FIFA 22 Companion app as well as in FUT Web app. This feature will allow you to recover your FUT items that have been previously discarded by the Quick Sell option.

How to Recover a Quick Sold Item in FUT 22

Here is how you can do quick sell recovery in FUT app:

  • login to the FUT Web App or Companion App
  • Select the CLUB from the bottom menu
  • Select the QUICK SELL RECOVERY option
  • Use the calendar icon from the top menu bar to find the day you quick sold the Item you want to get back
  • Select the Player Item you want to recover
  • Select Recover option


You only have 5 restores that can be used to restore quick sold FUT items. The restore quota automatically resets every 31 days (30d, 23h , 59m) when you first started using the FUT Quick Sell Recovery tool.

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9 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Quick Sell Recovery Guide

  1. My little brother accidentally sold Alison GK FUTTIES for zero money, now I c any recover him. Any one now if it’s possible?

  2. How do you tell how long you have left of your 30 days quicksell recovery cool down time? I have none left but not sure if my player is going to have time to be recovered just wondering if there was a way to see how long was left

  3. i let my little sister play on my ultimate team and she sold karin benzema tots, poor player moments, ribery shapeshifter and ginola shapeshifter it doesn’t give me the option to recover them what do i do?

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