FIFA 22 Commentators – The Complete List in All Languages

Commentators of FIFA 22

Here is the complete list of all confirmed commentators of FIFA 22 in available languages. There are some new commentators in the game including female commentator, Alex Scott and former English footballer, Stewart Robson.

These commentators are available in almost all FIFA 22 game modes such as Career Mode and FUT. The list below will be updated once more informations are confirmed.

Name Language Game Modes Remarks
Alan Smith English All
Derek Rae English All
Lee Dixon English UEFA Champions League
Alex Scott English All
Stewart Robson English All
Alan McInally English All In-game score updates
Nira Juanra Spanish All
Frank Buschmann German All
Wolff-Christoph Fuss German All
Esther Sedlaczek German Career & UEFA Champions League
Lele Adani Italian All
Pierluigi Pardo Italian All

Commentary voices are controller by AI in FIFA games. FIFA 96 was the first FIFA franchise to include real-time commentary in the game.

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  1. You people you should update your Commentors ,,,they only know Ronaldo and Messi plus the old players In the game,,,

    1. I’m not sure about 22, but on this year’s FIFA 23 they do have Arabic commentary, it’s going to be Bilal Bechtawi

  2. Why cant you make Arabic standard as commentary in europe? Every year we ask EA to include it and they never listen!

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