FIFA 21 New Gameplay Features

Here are the latest information on the new features of FIFA 21 video-game. EA has explained all the new gameplay features of FIFA 21 in their official gameplay trailer above. Below is the list of these features:

  • Agile Dribbling
  • Creative Runs
  • Positioning Awareness
  • Natural Collision System
  • Fundamentals of Football

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6 thoughts on “FIFA 21 New Gameplay Features

  1. cameras definately need to turn to managers more in the game when scoring , celebrating , trophy presentations & to be included in the team picture and managers should be customisable & can be transfered to other teams

  2. ik heb wel een paar idee├źn Bijvoorbeeld het contract in career mode en de blessure behandeling en ik zou graag zien dat er meer realisme is in het spel kwam en dat je ook dat je buiten het veld een leven moet opbouwen en een jeugdopleiding als speler moet volgen en je kan aangeven hoe je je voelt of je te vreden bent of niet en als speler interviews kan geven

  3. I would like to have Create a club career mode in fifa 21 as be more better and for when you start fifa 21 fut you get 100k to get a good team.
    Another one that would be is include scottish comentary as always have martin tyler and alan smith so want scottish comentary back
    Another one is include simply the best for rangers fc when coming onto the pitch and have chants when the rangers fc players score
    Another soundtrack that would be better is Kickstarts by example as ryhmes in fifa like volta and others
    hope you put them in or otherwise fifa 21 will be s***e

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