FIFA 20 Cover

FIFA 20 Cover

FIFA 20 cover shots and cover star to be revealed here once confirmation. Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star for FIFA 19. You can now vote for your favourite footballer to be FIFA 20 main cover star.

The FIFA 20 cover vote is available at You can also send us your FIFA 20 cover artworks for sharing with the community here.

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  1. I want Cristiano Ronaldo to be on the front of fifa 20 because he is my favourite player in the whole world and this season he is on fire just like every other season I feel it just has to be him and one thing you should add to fifa 20 is you should be able to pick one player of your chois to be in your fifa 20 ultamate team.

  2. If Son Heung Min doesn’t become the Fifa 20 cover after all these, I can pretty much be hopeless about this anti-yellow people scoiety

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