Celebrate the FUTTIES in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team with special players, SBCs and Objectives. The FUTTIES is expected to be available in FUT from mid of July through end of August 2020, a 6-week celebration. You will have the opportunity to help decide who gets a FUTTIES item. You will get a second chance at some of the top Special Items and SBCs that were released this season.

What are The FUTTIES?

The FUTTIES is a fan-driven event where the FIFA community gets the opportunity to vote for their favorite player across 10 categories. Each winner will get a special pink-colored item with boosted stats in FIFA 20. Learn more about the FUTTIES at

Best of Campaign Content FUT 20

There will be incredible player items FUT events this year, including a few that probably got away from you when they were live. This means, you will have another opportunity to get some of those items again. Here is what FUTTIES will bring to FIFA 20 this year:

  • Re-releases of special items from select campaigns
  • Re-releases of popular SBCs
  • FUTTIES voting and upgrades
  • Engagement reward pack

The different Best Of Campaign Content items will be released at various times throughout the FUTTIES, and every item will be available in packs during the final week of the event.

FUTTIE Players (Nominees & Winners)

The list of nominees and winners will be available here once it’s revealed:

  • TBA in July 2020

FUTTIES Players Voting

During the first 5 weeks of the campaign you will have the opportunity to vote for FUTTIES players from multiple categories. On select days during the campaign, you will find a Player Pick in your account when you log in. The Player Pick will contain 3 FUTTIES nominees, as one match loan items with their base ratings. Nominees include some of the most popular players from the past season. The nominee player you select will count as your vote. The winner will be released through an SBC on Fridays (5pm UTC) as an upgraded FUTTIES Winner item. The nominee items will not automatically upgrade.

Best of SBCs

If you missed out on some of the many exciting SBCs that were released throughout the year, this could be your chance to complete them! A selection of the most popular SBCs will be made available throughout the event. Keep checking in-game to see when they become available.

Best of Packs

Some of the best Special Items from FUT 20 (excluding TOTY) will be re-released during FUTTIES! The players will be added to packs in 3 batches. The first batch will be released on July 3rd, the second batch on July 17th and the third batch, which will include some of the top players from the first two batches, will be released on July 31st.

Weekly Objectives

Make sure you keep an eye on Objectives throughout FUTTIES! Select FUTTIES players will be made available via objectives. These players will help to improve your squad in key positions so that you can complete your Ultimate Team.


How do I vote for FUTTIE Awards?
Complete the Nominee SBC for the player you want to vote for.

Will the items that I get by completing a Nominee SBC have boosted stats?
No, the Nominee reward items will have the same stats but will be a special unique pink item.

Do FUTTIE Nominee items get automatically updated if the player wins?
No, the winner’s item with boosted stats will be available only through a separate FUTTIES Winner SBC.

Will transferred players only be available through Marquee Tranfers SBCs?
No, they will also be available in packs as per usual.

Are players featured in Marquee Transfer SBCs awarded as special items?
No, they are regular player items.

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