FIFA 19 – How to Master Your Midfield

Tips for Your Midfield

Controlling the midfield is a key to a successful gameplay in FIFA 19. As midfielders are generally positioned between your defenders and strikers, they play a big role on the field.

Your defensive midfielders can help your defenders while attacking ones can participate in attacks and score goals. The number of midfielders in your team and their assigned roles depends on your team’s formation.

In this post, we are going to review a few methods for mastering your midfield and improving your FIFA 19 gameplay skills to beat your opponents.

Improve your Passing and Shooting

Before jumping into the tactical part of this tutorial, make sure that you are familiar with all passing and shooting controls in FIFA 19. When playing in midfield in FIFA 19, you need to be good at dribbling, passing and shooting. You also need to have a good skill at defending and attacking. So, go through all the controls and master it. Skill games are a good way to learn these skills and their controls.

FIFA 19 Best Midfield Players

Your Best Midfielders

Pick your best midfielders for your starting 11 and your bench as well. Don’t forget that you might need to change your tactic and formation during the game and to substitute your midfielders.

If you’re playing FUT, go for the best midfielders in FIFA 19. Look for midfielders with highest key attributes including, passing, shooting, pace and defending.

Collect the best CM, CDM, CAM, RM and LM and put them in your team starting lineup and subs. Apply relevant Chemistry Styles to your midfielders to improve their performance on the pitch.

Formations and Tactics

Knowing the formations in FIFA 19 will help you decide which formations are perfect for you to master your midfield. Formations such as 3-1-4-2, 4-1-3-2, 4-4-1-1, 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 are mainly focused on the midfield.

Depending on your game strategies and tactics, you need to choose the best formation. The formations that are engaging more CDM players are more defensive than the ones have more CAMs. Keep this in mind that you can retouch your formations and tactics during a game, so it will be suggested to replace your midfielders if needed – For example substituting a CAM with a CDM when switching to a defending tactic.


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