FIFA 18 Kick-off Methods

FIFA 18 Kick-off

FIFA 18 follows the new kick-off rules set in 2016 by FIFA. The traditional kick-off rule says the ball must go forward at kick-off and players have to be in their own half, but in 2016 the rule is being changed to allow the ball to go in any direction at kick-off as long as it moves.

So in FIFA 18, by default the kick-off procedure follows the new rule, but you still can change it back to the old rule.

Kick-off Rules in FIFA 18

  • New Rule (Default)
  • Traditional Rule (Press L2 / LT)
FIFA 18 Old Kick-off

How to Change the Kick-off Rule in FIFA 18

To change the kick-off method back to traditional rule, press L2 / LT on your controller at kick-off. Then, a teammate will join you to receive the ball and you can pass the ball to him using the short pass button (X / A) and start the game.

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