FIFA 17 Gameplay Features – Set Piece Rewrite

One of the best strikers of a dead ball in the world, James Rodríguez personifies the freedom of FIFA 17‘s Set Piece Rewrite featuring Free Kicks, Penalties, Throw-Ins, and Corners.

From free kicks to penalties to corner kicks, inject personality and experience control from every dead ball situation.

Direct Free Kicks
Customize your run up on free kicks to create more variety in the spin and movement on the ball. You can now deliver worldies like outside of the foot direct free kicks that bend around the opposition.

New Corner Kicks
A new targeting system from corners lets you pick out teammates with greater precision and changes the way your teammates move as you deliver the pass. Switch to a player in the box and have your teammate pick you out for the perfect header.

New Penalty Kicks
Move freely in your run up on the ball, approach from different angles and at different speeds, and put some personality on your penalties to take control from the spot.

User Controlled Throw-Ins
Walk the line to gain a better position on your throw. Fake your throw to keep your defender guessing. And throw it with pace to a teammate.

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