FIFA 16 Tips – Basic Defending

Learn how to do basic defending in FIFA 16. Here is a tutorial video made by EA Sports which teaches you the basic defending tips in order to improve your defensive skills in FIFA 16.

Watch the video above and read the points below which are the highlights from the video, plus our FIFA 16 experts additional notes for FIFA 16 defending techniques.

Know the Controls
Before going to the game, get familiarised with FIFA 16 controls. We have the controls guides for you here: Look for the Defending Controls there. We recommend you to download FIFA 16 Manual as well.

Keep Your Team Shape
Your defensive line is very important for your general defensive skills. Try to keep your defenders moves matched and get them working together. Call for a teammate to help you on defending (contain). Sometimes, you need to just move to fill up the gaps or to block your opponents’ other choices instead of just going after the ball and trying to tackle the player who carries the ball. Your other teammates in the defensive line, are partially controlled by AI to assist you on defending, so sometimes you just need to trust them and you go ahead to do the next.

Do not Rush into Tackles
Rushing into the tackles is one the common mistakes that FIFA players do. You don’t need to do that, just relax and tackle when it is a perfect time to do so.

No Need to Sprint All the Time and Everywhere
Pro FIFA 16 players usually use the sprint button when it is needed. Sprinting all the time and everywhere will just help your opponent to do their dribbling better and easier. So, take note that sprinting is usually needed when you’re opponent is running fast ahead of you or in the defensive situations where you are trying to fill a gap quickly.

Learn How to Defend by Any Player
Like in modern real football, you should be able to defend with any of your players. Defending is not just about your defenders trying to stop your opponent in your box. You should be able to get the ball back from your opponent with anyone of your players, no matter where the ball on the pitch is. So, your goal should be just getting the ball back from your opponent with any of your players.

Source: EA Sports

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