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Have you already played the FIFA 13? What was missing in the game? Do you have any good ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 14. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 14 wish-list here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 14 be like?

Tell us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 14 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. Hello
    I have lots of idea for FIFA

    1. Please Create:

    All of Italy Serie A Stadiums

    All of Italy Serie B Stadiums

    All of Spain Liga BBVA Stadiums

    All of Spain Liga Adelante Stadiums

    All of Germany 1. Bundesliga Stadiums

    All of Germany 2. Bundesliga Stadiums

    All of England Npower Championship Stadiums

    All of France Ligue 1 Stadiums

    All of France Ligue 2 Stadiums

    All of Holland Erdevise Stadiums

    and Stadiums of Greatest teams of All Leagues

    Boca Juniors , River Plate , Santos , Flamengo
    Corinthians , São Paulo , Grêmio , Club Brugge
    Standard Liège , RSC Anderlecht , FC København , Lecce
    Rosenborg BK , FC Porto , SL Benfica , Sporting CP
    Spartak Moskva , Dinamo Moskva , CSKA Moskva , Rubin Kazan
    Zenit , Makhachkala , Celtic , AIK Fotboll
    FC Basel , Al-Ittihad , Al-Hilal , Al-Shabab
    Al-Ettifaq , Al-Ahli

    2. Please Delete All of unreal Stadiums

    3. Please Create

    1)UEFA Champions League

    2)EURO League

    3)Copa Libertadores

    4)AFC Champions League


    6)Club World Cup

    4. Please Create Leagues of …


    Czech , Ukraine , Croatia , Greece
    Romania , Serbia , Slovak , Slovenia
    Finland , Italy Serie C , Italy Serie D
    Germany 3rd League , Spain 3rd League , England 4rd League
    Holland 2nd League


    Canada , Chile , Paraguay , Peru
    Uruguay , Venezuela


    China , Japan , Iran , Qatar
    UAE , Uzbekistan , Kwait Thailand
    India , South Korea


    South Africa , Eygpt , Tunisia

    5. Please Don’t Delete Any League and real Stadiums from FIFA and don’t replace Existing League with New League

    6. Please Create More National Team …


    Kazakhstan , Slovakia , Ukraine , Croatia , Albania , Armenia
    Belarus , Cyprus , Estonia , Georgia , Serbia , Iceland
    Kyrgyzstan , Montenegro


    Canada , Costa Rica , Honduras


    Iran , Japan , Uzbekistan , Qatar , Iraq
    Saudi Arabia , China , Bahrain , Kuwait , Lebanon
    UAE , Thailand , Jordan , South Korea , Oman
    Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Syria , Yemen
    Tajikistan , Vietnam


    Algeria , Angola , Cameroon , Ghana , Mali
    Morocco , Nigeria , Senegal , South Africa , Togo
    Trinidad and Tobago , Tunisia , Zambia

    7. Offline Multiplayer Career Mode

    8.Please Create

    1)FIFA World Cup

    2)UEFA European Championship

    3)AFC Asian Cup

    4)Africa Cup of Nations


    6)Copa America

    7)FIFA Confederations Cup

    9.Please Create Correct Celebrate Championship for Allure of Game

    10.Fireworks at Stadium

    11.Real Manager with Real Face and Real Style and Real Movements for Greatest Teams like:

    AC Milan , Inter Milan , Juventus , AS Roma
    Lazio , Fiorentina , Udinese , Arsenal Chelsea , Man City , Man UTD , Liverpool
    Newcastle , Tottenham , Barcelona , At.Madrid
    Real Madrid , Sevilla , Valencia , Bayern
    Dortmund , Schalke , Parma

    and Other Greatest Managers.

    12.Presence Stuff in the stadium between fans in important game for Example in the match between Inter Milan and AC Milan, Galliani presence in the stadium.

    13.Prolonging the Ceremony of Before the Game.

    14.Fight between players and denial for them in league

  2. Hi!, I use to play fifa with my best friend on the career mode. We play in the same team and is very exiting when the transfer days are coming, discussing what kind of player we need or what player we are letting go. We share the fifa experience hand to hand, not on the online mode:}

    Explained our experience I will write our wish list:

    1) Best interface software. Actual interface is slow, rigid and week graphics. Our proposal is to design a new platform with the graphics and mobility like an iphone, or a galaxy phone, or a computer system. The actual fifa platform is from 4 years ago.

    2) Will be great that the exersice practice before the games you can play it with your partner. In the actual mode only one player can play it.

    3) The Fifa agreement is to expand the fair play culture, but in the real life the players are flexible with that concept. In an important goal the player took hisshirt off, jump on the grades with his fans and get crazy with his accomplish. In the derby games, when the oppossite player do a corner the local fans get crazy and scream e insult the player, and etc…

    4) You cant send the observers to africa and recruit the new Drogba or the new Eto.

    5) A training mode for your team, to exercise in the week before an important game.

    6) Add a league for the Youth school, so yo can test your youth talents and decide what player will play with the first team.

    If Fifa 15 has interets to delevop this old fashion mode game, we are glad to help you in ideas.


  3. Make an online mode that each player controls only one player, ex: one player controlls the goalkeeper, other 3 the defence etc…

  4. yeah, fifa 14 was good, but the celebrations for scoring a last minute winner in a cup final or any game for that matter…..terrible…..c`mon fifa ramp up the celebrations, and i do hope you have HEARTS and HIBERNIAN in the rest of the world league teams, after all , you did it for rangers

  5. Fifa must not make a sound of a crowd if someone did not set a crowd amd must show a dressing room must choose real graphics says:

    Fifa must have real graphics and in career they must have international friendly and show dressing room and must have and must show a player when he is in crisisi and make the technology that is in brazil and one man must have a one team to make and must hire more people and real comentry and replys in a the game if you are injurde and before you start to play you must train and real score board and when you are in career your players must go some times and for the international team or substitute graphic or reply graphic it must be real give players the real speed,technique, and must start creating now to win best game of the year and listine to the to the other comments

  6. Fifa 15,
    how about more country like Ghana,Japan,Senegal, and many more.
    how about the English Conference to win promotion in to league 2 that would be great, how about a selection of managers as well.
    before a game how about a view of the stadiums as in real life.
    in career how about starting in your own Sunday league and working through to become a professional.

  7. hello fifa staff you deserve congrats because year by year you improve and this is important despite the fact that im not a fan of AEK FC im glad that you include this history club in your game furthermore i would like to see more leauges in your game from every country i would like to not get in process and make compares between clubs and leagues just think about it more leagues more clubs more money more fans

  8. you can put the names of theAND STAGES OF Sevilla FC, ​​Málaga CF, Real Betis and FC Barcelona stages of League BBVA

  9. Start adding leagues, lots of leagues. This is all people have been asking for during the last couple if years. You will do more for the players if you add domestic leagues and stadiums, rather than improving gameplay or graphics. How many times do you have to hear it? Yes licensing is hard, along with other legalities involved (competition, politics, contracts), but fifa will start getting a bad reputation for not delivering what people want. They’ve have not budged on African leagues, ukraine, Hungary, Greek (wow how long have they been dying to get in?), Latin American leagues, and smaller leagues throughout Europe. Adding one or two leagues a year isn’t satisfying those who’ve been waiting years for certain teams to come out. The beautiful game is the most popular sport in the world, your game should reflect that. You make enough sales and owe it to the fans of this game to have a comprehensive league list. Am I asking too much? Maybe…. But players won’t wait forever to hav e their favorite league added, and may go to PES so they can play some actual UEFA Champions league soccer.

  10. all players have real boots likes nike and puma and adidas not some players have ea sports boots because not real and very very very bad boots please remove ea sports boots

  11. Is the Turkish Super League going to be added to Fifa 2014 ? Last year, Galatasaray went up to quarter final in Champions League and Fenerbahçe went up to semi final in Europe League. Both teams are members of Turkish Super League and how come you don’t include Turkish Super League. What is the difference between Pes and Fifa then?

  12. real faces and styles and boots for Iranian players likes masoud and dejagah and Gucci and Daniel davari and William atashkadeh and omid nazari and sardar azmoun and steven beitashour and behrang safari and more thank you ea sports and fifa

  13. I hope u can put each year a sample of arab league , like in fifa 13 Saudi pro league. now how about the Uae league in fifa 15 or Egyptian league in fifa 16 or qatar league .

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