FIFA 14 Career Mode

Take a club to glory with Career Mode in FIFA 14. Discover hidden talent with the all-new Global Transfer Network and help build a dynasty that wins trophies for years on end.

FIFA 14 Career Mode

Global Transfer Network
The all-new Global Transfer Network completely reinvents scouting for FIFA 14’s Career Mode.

Clubs will start out with between one to four scouts on staff. Larger clubs will start with a number of scouts, while smaller sides may only have one available. All clubs can eventually hire up to six scouts to evaluate talent, and scouts themselves are rated from one to five stars depending on their influence and ability.

When looking for talent, scouts can target up to six traits to help zero in on the right fit for the squad. The search’s specificity and the quality of the scout will determine the wait for results. Typically, scouts will report back with information on players after a few days, up to a week. Scouts can be relocated at any time and will be constantly searching for talent throughout the season.

Career Mode FIFA 14

Putting in a big offer or going after known targets will get the attention of clubs you don’t control. If there is a high level of interest for a particular player, other teams can intercept a potential transfer. Transfer Deadline Day, now includes league-specific breakdowns, allowing players to focus on moves that will directly affect their club.

A new transfer option allows users to “reject all/disallow future offers”, which can prevent other clubs from continuing to approach with offers for players that are not for sale. Non-user controlled clubs will never inquire about a player and will only approach when interested in purchasing someone from your team. Players can also disable the initial transfer window upon their first year in Career Mode, to allow for accurate, real-world squads. Afterwards, regular transfer options become available during the January transfer window.

Updated Interface and Audio
All key details (Central, Squad, Transfers, Office and Season) will be found on the new, redesigned main page and all sub-menus can be accessed with the right analog stick. Within Squad, team formations can be changed without going into the Team Management screen.
FIFA 14 Career Mode video.

Career Mode FIFA 14

When accessing your e-mails, all content is available in a reading pane. Now only the most important e-mails will stop the game flow and older e-mails are archived for easy access. Managers can look back when trying to determine an injured player’s return date or to identify when certain players will be leaving for international duty.

FIFA 13 included commentary which made light of current transfer rumors, player performances and other on-field instances. Commentary in FIFA 14, takes the immersion even further with mentions of recent suspensions, potential player retirements, injury updates, and will discuss previous match results with greater detail.

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  1. I have trouble to sell players in careermode/managermode.
    Any tips on how to get other clubs interested in my players?
    I put them out for sale or loan but no offers appears. I also let them play a match sometimes just to “let the others clubs see them”.
    Any help or tips???

    1. just exchange players with other teams,make a transfer offer and include a player from youre rooster; wen starting career mode lower from linient to the easiest,and aso pumpup (edit) youre players in youre team before starting Career mode so the you can make money on transfers,especially players under23 for the long run,any more questions? send email

  2. Are the ratings on the players so you can see what their currant rating his as that was the only down side to the last fifa 14 and not have to scout players as much as the scouting system was not great and needs to be improved but they need to go back to the other fifas when you could go on the transfers and chose what position and see their current rating is has this helps so when you play several seasons you can see which young players look good.

  3. i think fifa 15 should have the option to apply any national team to manage such as Bangladesh, kenya, malaysia etc.

  4. How can I open a massage in career mode fifa2014 wich button I want to buying players but I dont know how pleas help me ps3

  5. fifa 14 manager career mode potaintial players-
    bakkali-psv,lukaku-che,courtois-che,morata-madrid,jese rodrguez-madrid,neymar-fcb,a.pato-cor,balotelli-acm,shaarawy-acm,ake-che,varane-madrid,hazard-che,jovetic-man city,sterling-l.pool,coutinho-l.pool,delofeu-fcb,tello-fcb,

  6. I did not like career mode I can Bring players Barcelona with ease example Achave and Insta and others I hope to be improving the situation between the two rivals and Assaobt access to the player rivals and I hope to raise the prices of players and rat ‘s ass play with the big play two bases in the first team and thank you I hope in Fifa 15 playstation 4

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