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FIFA 08 Wishlist – Your ideas regarding the next FIFA

Write what do you want to see in next version of FIFA game, FIFA 08. Which features should FIFA 08 have? And which ones it should not have? How should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams be in the next version of FIFA? How FIFA 2008 could be more realistic?

What are the bugs in FIFA 07? Which version of FIFA series was the best one in your opinion, and why?

Write us your ideas, suggestions, wish-list and comments for EA Sports FIFA 08 in the form below. We will review and then send your ideas, suggestion and comments on FIFA 08 to EA Sports developers.

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  1. Make the console use their squad develope yung players.and don`t let them ware out their players.Aston villa always ware out Ashley young

  2. Make a way to put the ball thru the players legs
    Add multi player manager moder and on “be a pro”
    The commentators must not be so rude.And they always say the rong things
    When you volley the ball they must volley with the laces and not side footed

  3. hi im from malta..why do you not include in the game maltese teams …..there are the most teams of the world and the maltese clubs never be in the game…..if you can make our teams we will be very pleasly thanks

    regards from malta

  4. you seriously need to make international manager mode at least after 3 years of ok success with whatever club. you should make the computer on all consoles use it’s squad wisely taking into account discipline, energy, quality and using younger players so they can develop.

    tell EA Sports they need to make a cricket game. about time

  5. Hey I know i cant make a difference but i will try got this really great idea, How about creating a be pro season where a user creates his player and for a team of other created players . Each team being controlled by 11 players each, A bit hectic fo the server and probably for the users but if you can get the user of the game to be actually or if not that make them feel like a player themselves to come home from school or work to train or play to represent their club,
    This would be like creating a new game platform. And you can also make the players be transfererable like the players now, And you could make a special entry for the real players who would feel leftout of the online fun, just like how a user would feel leftout in real life, And give the created players some official boots or something close to it. If it’s possible you could give me a job i create some boots for you with a pay that could send me to college to do some animation arts, thats all

  6. the crowd should be a lot more realistic. when the home team scores they should celebrate and jump up.not like in fifa 08 or 09 when they seeme to jump all the time.they should also go BOOOO!! when the rivals play against them and they have the ball. if the home team is etc red the biggest part of the crowd should have the same coulor.


  7. got a view ideas

    – Have stadiums from the premier league and championship in like the stadium of light and st mary’s and have like an intro to see the fans going to the seats so ya can see the badges on the seats or something like Ha’Way the lads
    – be able to decide who should sponser the clubs each like AIG and Umbro or boylesports and addidas on the shirts

  8. 1) Weather Effects
    2) Realistic manager and bench
    3) more detailed fans
    4) SOLID CROSSBAR!!! (sometimes the ball just goes trought it)
    5)more detailed come up on the pitch, exchanging gifts and hand shakes, maybe fans singing and cheering
    6) fans should go wild even on away games(maybe not as at home, but wilder than now)
    8) more turnaments

  9. Manager mode shouldn’t be manager mode. it should be owner mode. u can buy a club and then buy coachs. But u can still oversee all transfers and team lineups. There should be real managers to choose from. Real sponsors,real coachs.And realistic transfers. Also extend be a pro seasons,Add more leagues, Have reserve matchs.

  10. in manager mode you should be able to manage international tems. maybe after several years of being a manager, an international tries to hire you. it should be possible for players’ hairstyles to change after a every few months

  11. Lots of Weather Effects:

    Rain – you should be able to change the power of rain fort e.g. light showers or heavy rain.
    Snow- Light or heavy
    Fog- light or heavy fog
    Sun – change how hot it is
    Rain and Thunder
    You should be able to adjust the weather to the way you want in to be for e.g. rain you can tune it up to the max for heavy rain or tune it down for light showers

  12. Also make it so that in manager mode you are forced to start with teams from league 2 and only after 5-6 seasons can you play as the top teams. The manager mode on FIFA 05 was awsome because of this.

  13. Fifa 08 on next-gen consoles has got alot of basic problems that could of easily have been fixed before the release:
    1) Hardly any stadiums, not even the bernabeu.
    2) Every team that hasnt got their own stadium has the same shitty one.
    3) No rain and no change of seasons.
    4) No wembley for FA cup/League cup.
    5) No european tournaments in first season.
    6) No World cup.

    Cmon EA, sort it out!

  14. At the beginning of every season you should be able to have pre-season frendlies, have interviews with players after match all this and more should be included in fifa 09 make the best football game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. FIFA is cheating us on some of the basics. There needs to be more clubs from around the world. How else are we supposed to do a world club championship? They never put in african club teams and I cannot believe they never put in argentine teams or other asian clubs that regularly go to the world finals. You should be able to do the world club championships. At least a person should be able to create enough teams on their own to play some of these tournaments. The software should have enough memory when creating players/clubs so that when I create more than 16 clubs, simple functions like team management, formations and saves do not get screwed up.

    The national teams are a joke. There are no carribean teams? The list of African teams is pathetic. There should be at least 16 african teams so one can play an african cup of nations tournament. Africa is no longer a continent in which 5 teams dominate. FIFA needs to bring their African team selection into the 21st century. Tell me this, when creating your own tournament, does FIFA still have group winners and runners up in the same group play each other in the next round? That made me so mad. They deliberately have this screwed up so you have to buy their world cup game and the regular fifa game.

    Put everything together and charge a bit more. I don’t want to buy two separate softwares! These are fundamental problems that need to be fixed. I will not buy another FIFA game until they fix these problems.

  16. when there is a bad tackle players should kick off and show their emotions. i know this may not be possible as it shows slight violence, especially when kids play but its realistic.

    also i agree with many others, the fans ‘need’ to be more realistic, both appearance-wise and vocal wise. perhaps programme a range of the clubs songs for the fans to sing, and when a player scores they should run up to the fans and hug them.

    definately consider having better youth academys in manager mode, afterall its all about home grown talent!

    lastly, ‘create a player’ should be more detailed enabling you to create a player almost identical to yourself.

    thankyou, please consider these ideas. 🙂

  17. on manager mode you should be able to walk about the stadium until the next match
    like go to your office to play next match or do transfers and go to the pitch and you gotta pay for pitch upgrades or you get less fans and your players dont like the pitch if you dont treat it well and you should get like all your team in a room and pick the starting line up and subs and kick takers and after matches you have to pay your players or do training sessions with your team so its like a free rome type football game it will be much better and diffrent to the others

  18. you guys should put more commentators from mexico like pablo Ramirez & Jesus Bracamontes and other ones so you could choose in the game which ones you want to use

  19. Should have the option once you get high enough prestige to go national management, start of your career managing small clubs and build up to prem etc,
    keepers should be able to get booked, this isn’t an impossible task you guys and dolls will be able to do it!!!!

  20. u guys definetly need to make the crowd realistic, and make them have more passion for the game there watching . you guys need to make them give a good atmospere to every game . for example every time a team scores and the people are fans of the team, they should jump up to celbrate and go crazy, that would make the game more intresting.

  21. we need to show the players warming up, before the game and during the game for the substitutes on the sideline . but also have them wear the real warm up jersey. just like pro evo so we can have everything that they have, but of course fifa shall dominate once again !!!

  22. add Trinidad and other Caribbean countries and why the players from low rank countries so low like kwenye jones from sunderland he is their best player right now and carlos Edwards and have the real starting 11 cause you have some players on bench that start

  23. we need to show the players warming up, before the game and during the game for the substitutes on the sideline . but also have them wear the real warm up jersey. just like pro evo so we can have everything that they have, but of course fifa shall dominate once again !!!

  24. we need to show the players warming up on the sideline just like pro evo so we can have everything that they have but ofcourse fifa shall dominate once again !!!

  25. u guys definetly need to make the crow realistic, and make them have more passion for the game there watching . you guys need to make them give a good atmospere to every game . for example every time a team scores and the people are fans of the team, they should jump up to celbrate and go crazy, that would make the game more intresting.

  26. fifa 09 should have fun things to do! a perfect example is fifa 06 !! it was the best because it had the top ten goals etc and the old gaming thing and the fifa retrospective!! we need more top ten things !! like top te players of all time or something like a video with bloopers or of goals that were great etc not interviews because nobody really watches…

  27. we should be able to have different combinations for uniforms,for example.
    USA .
    combination 1, white jersey, navy shorts, white socks. 2nd combination: all white. 3rd combination: all gray.4th combination: gray jersey, white shorts, gray socks.

    HOLLAND: orange jersey, white shorts, blue socks: 2nd combination: all orange. 3rd combination: blue jersey, blue shorts , white socks.

    Arsenal: combination1: red jersey, white shorts, white socks. 2nd combination: red jersey, white shorts, red socks. etc.


  28. and in the manager mode please please can your manager be offered work by other clubs as well , and depending on how high your prestige is it will determine how good the club is.. and there has to be a thing where it shows if a club is in need of a new coach so that you can click on it and then it tells you whether they are looking for a coach with $a higher standard or if you fit the that you cant just star off manager mode with Barcelona or Chelsea..and so that after one season you cant just decide to go to Real Madrid for fun so please !!!

  29. must do celebration ceremony after winning a cup !! in manager mode other clubs must offer to buy your player without you having to put them for sale , to makr it more realistic. and it mustnt be your decision to just say yes or no for him yo stay or go , it must also depend on the player, like his morale and how much game time he is getting and if the other club is willing to pay alot for him, then he can just say he wants to go even when you said no..

  30. u should be able to actually have the referee in the game coz u never see him in the match same with the lines men and they should put their flag up for offside etc like in pes 2008

    also u should be able to fully customize ur kit like in pro evo 5. fifa customisation of kits isnt all that.

    also there should be a training session for your player in be a pro and manager mode so u can work on ur players stats. for example a headering exercise where u move the anolg stik to get into position and move the right anolog stick for where the ball goes and circle for power. also when u have taken enough free kicks wich go on the goal in training, ur free kick skill should get better.

    also u should be able to play for 45 minutes each way max. not 10 mins.

    also customizing formations is way too difficult. and u cant customize before a match.

    also in be a pro. u should start with a rubbish club and have to work ur way up. a bit like captain ur country.