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  1. will it get easier to qualify for fut champs fifa 22 ive tried the last 4 weeks but I can’t get 5 wins if not there’s not much point me playing this year

  2. every time i finish an ultimate team game it takes me to the coins screen then i click advance at this point every time it says lost connection with EA and when i go back on ultimate team i do not get the match coins and even if i win the game it counts as a loss a reply would be good. Thanks for your time

  3. Please add iran football national team and add to rest of word sepahan and zobahan and esteghlal and piroozi and add to classic players XI Ahmadreza Abedzadeh and Ali Daei and Karim Bageri and Khodadad Azizi and add Azadi stadium and fooladshahr stadium in FIFA 13 Tank you

    1. Yes, Im with you. EA you must add iran and its leagues because in Iran we have allot of football fans and Fifa game players!

  4. When my son is playing on FIFA 12 and playing on the ultimate team he has created it freezes in a certain point we have tried other games in the Xbox and they are ok and also been out and purchases another game and it freezes in the same point please help?

  5. hello
    my fifa 12 for xbox 360 every time I play with 5 minutes I get: error in the game. Can not read the disc. clean with a soft cloth or restart console. Well there is no way for this to not happen. I contacted Microsoft and from there they tell me to contact you to send me a new disk. Please I need an answer. thanks

  6. To whom this may concern,

    i have for some time, and currently still am, experiencing some problems with my FIFA ultimate team. After i have played a game via ultimate team, i am logged out of my EA account and connection to your server is lost.
    I have enquired as to a solution to this issue and have been told that it has occured to several others, and it is a fault of the server, not the game or platform. I would be exceedingly thankful if you could contact me regarding possible solutions or even an update as to your stance on this matter.
    As i pre-ordered the ultimate edition of this game, and have done so with previous editions, i would be grateful if you could compensate me for this inconvenience as the situation has not changed since my purchase several months ago.
    Many thanks,
    Yours Faithfully

  7. After 30 seconds of every online game I play a message pops up saying that an error has occurred and I’m no longer sync’d to the game. What is the problem here and how can I stop this happening

  8. Hi well I like playing on ultimate team and i was thinking about if you could use playstation store money to buy coins for ultimate team so if you just think about it more people might go on ultimate team.

  9. I have got fifa 06 on psp and when the options come game I press x and nothing happens.If I press other buttons as well nothing happens,so what shall I do.

  10. Hi – I would like to echo Josh’s comments. Why has the option to determine whether tournament matches are played during the night/day/rain/snow been removed, and we have been left with an autocratic system whereby we are forced to play in the day time? I cannot honestly see a reason for this – any help???


  11. Hello,
    Really enjoying FIFA 12, but am completely dismayed by the seemingly inane idea to remove the option to play any matches in (offline) tournament mode at night. What good has come of this? What is the reason for the change?

    I enjoy creating a tournament with my friends, and playing with various European clubs (a fake ‘champions league’, if you will); yet on the new game we are left having to stretch our imaginations further than is necessary, due to the fact the games occur during the bright sunshine. What is the reason for this? Authenticity is damaged. Will there be an update to correct this?

    Many thanks for listening(!)

  12. Hi,
    First of all great job on improving the series by leaps and bounds every year. My questions are mainly regarding the Pro club modes:
    1. How many dressing rooms are there in FIFA 12? It used to be 3 in FIFA 10, but got reduced to only 1 last year. I understand this was done mainly to stop certain clubs from grinding games, but wouldn’t 2 rooms be a bit more fair for relatively big clubs? Some of us have been clubbing together since 09, and its been tough splitting our club into 2.

    2. Have any changes been made to the VP GK (aka super GK), especially with the suto save feature, a VP GK basically has nothing to do BUT to stand still and automatically save everyting, including point blank saves EVERYTIME, and 1v1 where a shot is placed in the corner where not even a TOP class real life goal keeper can save.

    3. Lastly is there going to be any sort of “bench” option in FiFA clubs? As in a member who enters the room after the game has started, can he join his teammates if the captain subs him in? or at least allow him to watch the game while the rest of his club mates are playing?

    Thank you.

  13. Hi,I’m a big FIFA fan and was wondering why player swaps and/or player plus cash deals have not been put into Career Mode. They have to be one of the most requested things on FIFA forums and would add extra realism to Career Mode. Please can you reply to me on why they haven’t been put in past games and if you will be putting it in FIFA 12 or later instalments. Thanks.

  14. Hello
    I am Jamal from SAUDI ARABIA and I have played most of FIFA games series and I alwayes prefered them to other football games like PES. I always wanted to see more asian legues in fifa game. like arabian countries and also Iran. I am Arab but I think Iran league is really in a higher place than Arab countries leagues. It is the fact that iran was always a legend. If you put Iran league in Fifa 12 many people buy that. One IMPORTANT reason is that, the most popular team of Asia is Perspolis (or Piroozi) from Iran. and another popular team is Esteghlal with one of the most popular players, Farhad Majidi. and two good and very powerful teams, Sepahan FC and Zob Ahan (the best team in Asia!).
    And now you can imagine in a country of 70,000,000 people, how many people will bye it.
    So we should be honest, Iran league is better For being in fifa 12 than any other leagues which are not.
    Thank You
    Jamal Matar From Riaz, Saudi Arabia

  15. We love your games, the fifa games, however it will be nice if EA were to visit Africa so that we will have our own African leagues and the champions league. this will make your games interesting and worth buying. we have R.S.A Premier league, Angolan legue, Botswana Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morroco, Kenya, Algeria etc.. this will make a good champions league and it will sell like hot cakes.

  16. Hi,
    I have always played FIFA. i started with 2000 and loved them all so much. But I have a question,
    why cant we have updated boots or we could at least have a system where we could use Microsoft points or PlayStation points to buy cleats and boots, because the boots this year and some boots for past FIFA games have been really dull. It could even be a Christmas gift to us. I know there may be copyright issues but you guys should just buy out PES because they suck and aren’t really in good quality except for updating jerseys and boots. To be honest that’s one of the only thing that is missing from the FIFA series.

  17. Hello
    I have a question puzzles me there was a vote to annex (the Saudi league) and (postguru Iranian) and (Eredivisie league) and (the Romanian league) and tied the Saudi league and the Iranian League
    Question Is there a league or not, Saudi Arabia
    I hope that the Saudi league is

  18. Im a korian boy I like korea and Iran becuse the both national are legendry and when they have a match Its very good match and I like zob ahan(IRN) becuse its in 2nd of asia please add IRINN league I like sepahan and esteghlal and perspolis too

  19. I’m only 11 years old. I’m living in Iran, so with all the modifying of your xbox that you have to do, xbox live could lock my xbox completely. And with all the fun stuff you can do on xbox live with fifa is amazing, and I’m missing out on it. PLEASE make all the team and kit making in the game without xbox live. Thanks!

  20. Will we be able to create our own team/kit design/kit color/ boots. Separate from online version?

  21. Hi EA Sports,

    I thought Fifa 11 was brilliant and it’s my favourite game, but I do get bored of picking the same boots for my pro, perhaps you could release an update every month with new boots. Or you could put a game pack on the Fifa store and purchase it with experience points from EA Sports Football Club or something like that. So could you please have some form of boot update on Fifa 12 please?


  22. I THINK FIFA SHOULD HAVE FIRST BETTER CELEBRATIONS FOR WHEN YOU WIN THE TROPHY THEY SHOULD SHOW THE LOSER GET THEIR MEDALS THEN THE WINNERS AND THEN SHOW THE CAPTAIN LIFT IT UP. aLSO IN THE ARENA HAVE CELEBRAION MODE WHere ou can practice on goal celebrations and mabye make your own celebration. Also for a goal celebration idk but maybe have shirt off as one. Also have like an update on the latest soccer shoes,kits etc.. Finally have the commentators in the different languages more then there already is. Lastly have like when you play against a rival team show some fights that might break out and your able to feel the fight to win the game. Also before you start a match and its only you and the goalkeeper the person could be in the training outfit and it shows your teamates and the other team training so its not just you and the goalkeeper thats my opinion. Also when the game is over have the interview about it maybe and have the u 21 national teams and stuff like that. Finally have players look real not just the important players or the best players looking real and the others kinda looking the same and also having dissagreements with the reff aand showing the coaches in the sidlines and realistic fans ooh and maybe have the uefa champions league and the europa league on it tooand when a player gets injured actually show him like being carred off or the medical staff trying to heal him (but these are my opinions and balls from the actuall leagues.. Oh and when you win an award its shows the player winning it

  23. I think that you should include a creation mode so if you make a player or change someones boots you could change the colour and personalise them by putting ur number on them or ur inicials. Or you could include a story mode where u could go from ‘rags to riches’ u could start at the park playin 5 a side games and then get spotted by a few lower league clubs and you could build your career from there and have incidents that result in press confrences eg- car crashes gettin into fights etc. You could change arena mode so that you can do arena mode in carrington or somethin and you could include be a referee mode and more realistic game faces.

  24. what happend to vote between the saudi league and irian league ? the vote ended with a tied between both ! what league did u decided to put ? plzzz choose saudi league :’) !!!

    sign : FIFA Lover 😀

  25. Hi,
    I played fifa all my life. I started will 98 and made my way to 11. But I would love to see the Iran national team in FIFA 12, or the clubs from Iran. Please make an effort to do so. I promise, more people will buy the game

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