Interview with Bruno Amata – FIFA 08 Data Collection Group Producer

Bruno Amata

The Data Collection group at Electronic Arts handles about 100 managing editors and over 300 trusted reviewers across the world. As a producer of this group, Bruno Amata manages these editors and helps the data to be collected to EA online databases. By this interview, you can know Bruno better:

Nice to have you for interview Bruno, please let us know you better first:

My name is Bruno Amata. I am 35 years old and I am From France where I was born and raised in Paris. I moved to Vancouver (Canada) in 2001 where I live since.

I am currently producer for the Data Collection Group at Electronic Arts Canada. I work at EA Sports in Vancouver as part of the studio that produces all of our Football titles, such as FIFA, UEFA Champions League, Euro & World Cup. I joined Electronic Arts in July 2004. I started as International Tester in LQA (Localization Quality Assurance). I then became Senior tester and assistant Development manager in LQA. I finally got promoted producer in the Data Collection Group in August 2006.

The Data Collection Group is responsible to collect teams and players data for all Football titles. The producer’s role is to manage editors, to support the game teams and to improve data quality and the database. The group has currently 3 producers including myself. The other producers are Michael Mueller-Moehring (originally from Germany) and Andrew collins (originally from the UK).

How many Football editors are there … where are they from?

The Data Collection group handles approx. 100 managing editors and over 300 trusted reviewers across the globe (Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, South America, Australia etc…).

The managing editor’s role is to collect data. They have a contract with EA and receive compensations. The trusted reviewers are volunteers and provide constructive feedback with the data collected. This role doesn’ offer any compensation but it’s a great way to get involved in the database. We often look through the Reviewers when we’re looking to move people up to the Managing Editor role.

Our goal is to ensure all data assigned to the teams and players are accurate and authentic as it is in real life.

Do you play FIFA 08 at home, or at EA with other colleagues?

Bruno Amata: At home, I only play on Xbox 360 and I currently play UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, FIFA 07 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2007. At the office, I play FIFA 08 on PS2 and Xbox 360 but I check our data in-game. We also play in order to provide feedback to the game teams (game play for instance).

You are of course a football fan, what is your favourite club?

Bruno Amata: Football is my passion and I play Football since I was 6. I am a big supporter of Olympique de Marseille (OM) and France National team.

As you can see at FIFPlay, there are many ideas from the fans which ask for new league in FIFA 08 such as A-League, Russian League or Argentinean; will FIFA 08 team database be bigger than FIFA 07’s?

For confidentiality reasons, I cannot tell you which leagues/teams will be in FIFA 08 but I can ensure there will be new additions this year. Each time we want to add a new league in our game, we need to negotiate licenses. Our licensing department and business affairs are responsible to get the licenses secured.

Which key features you would add to FIFA 08 if you were a FIFA 08 producer?

Bruno Amata: As most of Football fans, I would focus on the game play. The passing, shooting and headers would be improved. I probably would change the Free kick, corner kick and penalty system as well. Being able to control the goal keeper would be an option I would also consider. There are many ways to provide ideas and suggestions but the technical difficulties remain the biggest challenge, especially with the Next Generation of consoles!

Which band/music you think should be in EA Trax for FIFA 08?

Bruno Amata: For confidentiality reasons, I cannot tell you which music tracks will be in FIFA 08.

What do you think, who should be on FIFA 08 cover: Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabio Cannavaro, Miroslav Klose or Ronaldinho?

Bruno Amata: As you know, the FIFA cover is different depending on the country where the game is sold. All the players you mentioned above could then be on the next cover. Personnally, I would use Ronaldo for the season he had with MU but this decision is not mine and you can expect some surprises. 🙂


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