FC Mobile – How to Sell Untradeable Players

How to Sell Untradeable Players in FC Mobile

In EA Sports FC Mobile, player items are classified into categories as tradeable and untradeable. While tradeable players can be readily bought and sold on the in-game market, untradeable players are not traceable and cannot be sold for coins.

Despite the fact that FC Mobile untradeable players cannot be sold, there are some ways to maximize their value and make them usable for your FC Mobile club.

Use Them on Your Team

You can add untradeable players with high OVR to your squad. If they have good gameplay, you can employ them as a starting or substitute player in Division Rivals matchups such as H2H or Manager Mode.

Exchange Them

Some events in EA Sports FC Mobile include Exchanges where particular criteria such as OVR, league, nation, or club are necessary for participation. You can keep your untradeable players and use them for swaps at a later time if they meet the required criteria. This enables you to collect benefits provided by the exchange system.

Use Them To Train Other Players

Another alternative is to train players in your Starting 11 using untradeable players as XP. You can save money by using untradeable players instead of buying players on the market as XP. The better your untradeable players’ OVR, the more XP you can gain.

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