How to Prepare for Team of the Year in FC 24

Prepare for EA Sports FC 24 TOTY

EA Sports FC 24 Team of the Year (TOTY) event is almost approaching. TOTY is essentially a recap of the best players in FC Ultimate Team from the previous year. During this event, EA publishes new player cards honouring the world’s best performers.

These cards are extremely desirable, and players must prepare diligently in order to have the best chance of collecting them. In this essay, we will go over how to get ready for the EA FC 24 TOTY.

Study the TOTY Trends

Staying ahead of the game is one of the keys to success in FC 24. Begin by reviewing previous TOTY events to see who made the cut and what techniques worked best. This will provide you with significant information into this year’s prospective picks and allow you to prepare your squad accordingly.

Save Packs for the Grand Moment

Engage in FC 24 campaigns such as Thunderstruck and Radioactive and play matches to accumulate those precious packs, resisting the urge to open them prematurely. These packs can house the potential to unveil TOTY players, providing you with a golden opportunity to bolster your squad with the best of the best. Don’t forget that patience is a virtue, and the thrill of opening saved packs during the TOTY event adds an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience. So, embark on the journey of pack-saving now, and let the anticipation build for the momentous TOTY unveiling.

Hoard SBC Fodder for TOTY

As the TOTY event looms large, seasoned FC 24 players know that assembling a formidable squad isn’t just about star players – it’s also about having a robust collection of SBC fodder. In the days leading up to TOTY, consider strategically stockpiling players with an overall rating of 80 or above. These players may not be the headliners, but they play a pivotal role in completing SBCs during the TOTY event. By patiently accumulating this high-rated fodder, you’re setting the stage for success, ensuring you have the necessary pieces to unlock those coveted TOTY rewards. So, every time you pull a player with a decent rating, think of it as a building block toward your TOTY triumph. When the TOTY SBCs drop, prepare to unleash the might of your well curated SBC fodders and watch your squad soar to unprecedented heights.

Coin Harvest for TOTY Glory

Begin your journey to TOTY greatness by adopting a strategic approach to earning coins. Maximize your in-game time by playing matches, engaging in campaigns, and participating in events to accumulate those precious coins. Consider optimizing your gameplay strategy to enhance coin rewards, ensuring a steady influx of resources for the impending TOTY extravaganza. With a robust FC coin reserve, you’ll have the flexibility to either splurge on packs during the event, increasing your chances of bagging TOTY players, or strategically invest in key players and SBC fodders to dominate the TOTY Squad Building Challenges. The road to TOTY glory is paved with coins.

Keep an Eye Out for Updates

Prior to significant events, game makers frequently provide updates and fixes. Keep an eye on official channels for updates and announcements. To avoid losing out on any TOTY-related information, make sure your game is up to date.

Make a Timetable

With limited-time challenges and events, TOTY events can be time-consuming. Plan your gaming sessions accordingly so that you can participate in TOTY-related activities without jeopardising your real-life duties.

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