Euro 2016

UEFA Euro 2016 Logo

UEFA EURO 2016 Logo unveiled in Paris
The UEFA EURO 2016 logo was launched in Paris, drawing together the Henri Delaunay Cup and the national colours of hosts France around the theme ‘Celebrating the art of football’.

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  1. También aparte de poner de todas las ligas quedó que pongan todas las divisiones de España y la copa internacional de equipos y selecciones y todas las selecciones del mundo

  2. -All Licensed Teams
    -More Cutscenes/Animations like in 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP.
    -Be a Pro EURO 2016: I just want the Old Style of Be a Pro back in Euro 2008 and FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 (2014 WC Be a Pro was horrible).
    -Better Crowd Graphics and Animations.
    – All Licensed Coaches for All Nations or for All Nations that do Participate in the Finals.
    -More Celebrations that would be more realistic in a Finals Match for Euro Cup. (Like Kissing the Badge, Pointing to the Badge, Subs Players bolting to the on-field player that just scored for his nation).
    – The Nation that wins the Cup animation like it was in 2010 FIFA World Cup. How could you change the whole Custcene/Animation in 2014 WC. It looked so bad. I pretty much prefer that you have the same custcenes like you did in 2010 WC. That was awesome, going to the coach and hugging him just after you won the match.That’s what made the game feel alive.

    I know I’m comparing to 2010 WC a lot but that game was one of the best FIFA Games I have ever played and I still play it.I hate 2014 WC its literally the worst WC Game ever made by EA.

  3. Goal Line Technology should also be in the game to settle controversial disallowed/allowed goals!

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