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Team of the Week

Team of the Week (TOTW) is a squad in FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Mobile, which is collected by EA and is formed by the best players from around the world who were in-form and have performed very well in their past week's international and/or club competitions. Team of the Week players, known as In-Form players (IF) will get an upgraded player card with increased stats and OVR rating based on their real life performance. EA reveals the latest Team of the Week lineup every Wednesday at 3pm UK time and the team will be available in FIFA Ultimate Team from 6pm on the same day until the next Wednesday at 5.59pm.

There are usually 52 Team of the Week squads during one year. This means, a FIFA game instalment will get maximum 52 TOTW squads.


Each week, EA collects the best players from international and club competition around the world and put them together in a Team known as Team of the Week. TOTW players are players who have shown a high performance in the matches they have played during the prior week to TOTW selection which happens every Wednesday.


The latest Team of the Week squad is available in FUT from 6pm (UK time) on the Wednesday it has been revealed until its next Wednesday 5.5pm. The latest TOTW players are also available during this time in the packs. You also might find them to trade in the FUT Transfer Market.


Usually, a Team of the Week squad contains 23 In-form players. Eleven players in its Starting 11, seven players as Subs and five as Reserves. This number might vary and sometimes there could be some additional players to a TOTW squad.

  • Starting 11 (Exactly 11 players)
  • Subs (Usually 7 players)
  • Reservers (Usually 5 players)
  • Additional Players

Challenge Against TOTW

The Team of the Week is available to play against each and every week in FIFA Ultimate Team as Active Challenge. TOTW items are available by chance when opening Packs in FUT and FIFA Mobile.


Team of the Week was first announced in FIFA 10 Ultimate Team back in 2009.