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Transfer Market

The transfer market in FIFA Ultimate Team is a virtual auction-based market in which FIFA users can trade (buy & sell) their tradeable items such as player cards, club items, consumables and etc. FIFA Coins are being used for the transactions at the transfer market.

Buy & Sell

To sell items in the Transfer Market, the selling items need to be listed on the market with a Start Price (Minimum bid price), a Buy Now Price (A price for immediate buy and maximum bid price) and a Transfer Duration (The duration for your item to be available for bidding). Before listing an item on the transfer market, your item can be compared with exactly the same items or the similar ones on the market to see their market prices.

To buy items from the transfer market, the targetted items need to either be bided with the bid price or with the buy now price for immediate buy. Once the bidding duration of an item is due, the highest bid price will win the auction.