Czech Team Will be in Future FIFA Titles

EA Sports announced that it has secured a four-year licensing agreement with the Football Association of the Czech Republic that will see the inclusion of the Czech National Team in upcoming EA SPORTS FIFA titles including FIFA 13.

“Having the full national team, in the hugely popular FIFA series, with authentic jerseys and players, is a big win for Czech football fans,” said Miroslav Pelta, President of the Football Association of the Czech Republic. “Seeing the team in the world’s most popular sports videogame in the coming years is something that will definitely build the connection between our team and our fans.”

“We are very excited to bring stars of the Czech National Team into our games,” said Matt Bilbey, Vice President and GM of Football, EA Sports. “For all our fans that support and love Czech football, this will only add to the authentic FIFA experience they enjoy.”

This is the first news about FIFA 13 that officially has announced by Electronic Arts. Whether Czech football league, “Gambrinus liga” is licensed for FIFA 13 game, is not confirmed yet.

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42 thoughts on “Czech Team Will be in Future FIFA Titles

  1. plz add Lebanon national team , Lebanon team of the best 10 teams in Asia, and reached the final of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers

  2. I agree with y’all. Has any one been able to confirm If Ghana is part of the National teams in Fifa 13? Thanx!

  3. You should add Costa Rica to the National Teams, they have a lot a interesting players, such as: Bryan Ruiz, Joel Campbell, Bryan Oviedo, Christian Bolanos, Esteban Alvarado, Celso Borges, John Jairo Ruiz, Alvaro Saborio. It would also be great for EA to get Champions League and Libertadores copyrights!

    And to add the Argentine, and Chilean leagues, as well as some arab and chinese teams to rest of the world, since they have a lot a awesome players there!

    1. Yeah Costa Rica is an awesome team, there are also some other interesting Central American teams like Honduras or Panama. Why not add some of their teams in rest of the world? Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, Olimpia, Deportivo Saprissa.

      BTW you missed Keylor Navas and Marco Urena

  4. Get Wales on the game with the correct player names, not like that joke Euro2012, the only reason i didnt buy it.

  5. Wales are currently 38th in Fifa rankings (above Scotland who are in Fifa 12)
    They have 7 Premier League players and 2 Scottish PL players:
    Bale, Bellamy, Ramsey, Allen, Taylor, Williams, Hennesey, Ledley, Matthews.
    If they’re not in Fifa 13 i will be very surprised and disappointed.

  6. Add please:
    – Ukraine national team.
    – Dinamo Kiev, Shakhtar Donetsk, Metallist Kharkiv
    – Fenerbahce, Besiktash

    Maradona, Pele, Kruif, Ronaldo to Classic XI
    Cristiano Ronaldo, Sanches, Pedro, Higuain to World XI

    And some Ukrainian stadiums (Olimpiskiy, Donbass Arena, Chernomorets)

  7. should add shaktar, dynamo kiev,(basically the ukranian league), Veikkausliiga, ghana, serbia, nigeria,morocco,and japan national football teams. and the league of turkey should be added back . Also other arabian teams than the teams of the saudi arabian league (wich is in fifa 13) where there are good players like Nilmar and Grafite. Ronaldo #9 , Pele, Kruyff, and Maradona should be added to Classic XI , as well as Roberto Carlos and Becham as they retire.

  8. Montenegro PLEASE!!!!! I think they are going to include all the european national teams because of euro 2012

  9. they shld add in players diving having arguments , fights , press conferences and shld add in world cup as its fifa 13

    1. Much more national-teams, and trades are realistic, that you can trade two players for one , thanks Ea !!!

    2. It would be great to see Central American countries such a Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

  10. fifa 13 should have morocco, ghana, ukraine,serbia and montenegro and also dinamo kiev and shakhtar Donestk in the rest of world and the turkey league

  11. Fifa 13 should add practice, more realistic Transfers, also add some more leagues, since Dider might go to Shanghai, the Chinese League should be there, just saying.

  12. Since is fifa 2013 you guys should put the qualification for the world cup 2014 while u play a normal season but make it more interesting instead of a friendly match that u play in player career mode… and should also add the world cup.

  13. Fifa should take 3D photos of all players at Euro 2012, would make international matches on fifa more interesting, plus the international players will have real faces for club football.

    You’ve done it to Germany (twice) now do it for all teams at Euro 2012

    (Game play is amazing, just add FACES !!!!!)

  14. If anyone deserves to be in the FIFA franchise, I think its the Ghanaian national team…Their past two World Cup displays were amazing. (ie. Ghana!)

  15. it would be nice if you could include some African nation clubs and teams just to name a few Sierra Leone,Ghana Nigeria,Egypt it would be nice to just have

    1. yes yes Dylan 🙂 , Lebanon team of the best 10 teams in Asia, and reached the final of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers

  16. I want the welsh team in Fifa 12. They have great players, including Bale, Ramsey and Bellamy and I am welsh so please add them!!

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