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Those warm autumn days are considered the very pinnacle of college life by many. During game days, the entire campus just stops and everyone diverts their attention to the home stadium.

Before the game, students meet hours in advance just to get a chance to see their favorite team crush through opposing defensive lines. Therefore, the best football colleges aren’t considered the best just because of the program, they are considered the best because of the tradition and the fans.

Whether you’re looking for scholarships or to choose a university to devote your life to, there are a lot of institutions to choose from. To help you make the best choice and get an ideal feel of college football, we’ve ranked the top football colleges in the US.

Some have earned their place on the list because of tradition, while others have a culture-changing legendary coach. Whichever school you choose, you won’t find a lack of college football culture.

1. Ohio State University

Home to the Buckeyes, Ohio State University has one of the best sports programs in the entire country. The main campus is located in Columbus, Ohio and the team plays regular games in the Big Ten Conference.

Players who graduate from the university or leave early for the draft are known for the great fitness training. However, the sheer success of the college is due to the one and only Urban Meyer. The legendary coach is a big part of Ohio State’s football heritage and is a true symbol of longevity.

2. University of Alabama

Nowhere in the US will you find fans as fanatical as the Crimson Tide devotees. Part of the SEC conference, the team hosts games at their giant stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The coach of the team is Nick Saban, who is looking to build on the record 62 post-season bowl appearances of the team, in their 127-year history.

In total, the school produced 64 All-American players and two Heisman trophy winners, Derrick Henry and Mark Ingram. The stadium can fit more than 101.000 people, which makes opposing teams tremble.

American Football

3. University of Oklahoma

Every autumn, students around UO are looking for dissertation writers for hire just so they could be free to watch their beloved Sooners play home games. The team plays in the Big 12 conference, where local rivalries against Oklahoma State and other teams cause the entire state to stop.

Oklahoma is a football state, without a single doubt and there is so much we can learn from their wonderful culture. The team has 7 national and 45 conference titles.

4. University of Texas

Coached by the ever-tactical Charlie Strong, the Texas Longhorns compete in the Big 12 Conference, with frequent meetings with the Oklahoma Sooners. Every home game is treated like their last and the Longhorns are proud of their unconditionally loyal fans.

The school also has some of the best traveling fan sections, being noticeable in other stadiums. Their fiercest rivalry is with their neighbors, Texas A&M and during those derbies – the entire state of Texas becomes a warzone. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

5. Louisiana State University

Housed deep in the marshes of Louisiana, Tiger Stadium has always been one of the most unpleasant and inhospitable environments for all the opponents of the LSU Tigers. LSU can boast the fact that they have more than 40 former players currently playing in the NFL, with the most famous being Odell Beckham Jr.

The Tigers are known for their fiercely loyal fans and a strong defense that became embodied in the team culture many decades ago owing to their fitness regime and high-level sports culture. LSU has rivalries with Auburn, Arkansas and the Ole Miss Rebels.

6.University of Florida

Did you know that Gatorade was named after the UF’s football team – the Florida Gators? That’s right, the Gators are one of the most famous and most beloved football teams in the entire country.

What makes the team special is the fact that they switch between three different uniforms, each donning a combination of blue and orange. If you want to live and breathe football, Florida is the place to be.

7. University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee is one of the football colleges you just have to consider when you’re looking for the very best school. With the Volunteers’ multi-decade run of success, it’s safe to say that the fans have gotten a little spoiled. How can they not be when they create such an atmosphere, that players have no choice but to play their hearts out.

With 13 conference championships and six national titles, the Volunteers are always amongst the top and we hope the team will win one more in the near future. If anyone can do it, it’s Butch Jones.

8. University of Auburn

The Crimson Tide aren’t the only big players in the state of Alabama. Their cross-state rivals, the Auburn Tigers boast one of the most successful records in the last 25 years. Before that, they have been struggling for a long period of time, but have recently got their act together. A team that fielded names like Bo Jackson and Cam Newton is no joke.

It’s important to mention that the Heisman Trophy was named after John Heisman, the legendary coach who spent four years with the Tigers. On game days, the entire state of Alabama becomes navy blue and burnt orange.

9. Clemson University

Currently coached by the always fun Dabo Swinney, the Clemson Tigers (what’s with these teams and big cats) play in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Ever since their formative years, they have accumulated more than 700 wins.

That number alone puts them in the upper echelon of the football world and besides other legendary institutions. With more than 200 former players going through the NFL, the Tigers are no joke.

10. University of Washington

And last, but not least, one of the only members of this list that’s not from the South. Located in Seattle, Washington, the Huskies have been one of the most successful teams in the last few decades. They also posted a 27-year-long streak of winning seasons, which is a record.

Also, there is something about the Huskies and quarterback. A whopping 17 of the last 20 Huskies’ quarterbacks have gone on to play in the NFL. Chris Petersen knows what he’s doing.

Concluding thoughts

The beauty of college football isn’t just in seeing your team win the National Championship every year. It’s about the devotion that fans display and the determination the school has in terms of approaching every tournament. These top football colleges live and breathe football, so you will find yourself right at home. Most of these teams have produced hundreds of NFL players and Hall-of-Famers during their long history.

Whether you pick the Buckeyes, the Fighting Irish or some other team, you will realize why do these students adore football so much. It’s a way of life and these ten schools are about the best way to get to know this strange way of living. Immerse yourself in the culture and you won’t be disappointed!

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