A One Stop Football Betting Guide

Football Guide

Undoubtedly having a bet on your favourite footy team is one of the most popular types f sports bets around but if you are unfamiliar with a few of the terms, then finding the perfect bet or combination of bets can prove to be a little tricky, even if football could be termed as the most easily understood sport on the planet (bar the offside rule).

Betting on which teams is going to hit the net the most times is a no-brainer, but there are far more interesting bets that can be placed and below are the most popular, explained in jargon-free language. Firstly, we have the Full Time Result which is pretty self-explanatory. You place a bet on either the home or away team either to win or draw. It must be remembered that this bet does not include extra time or the event of a penalty shootout, it’s only the final score after the second half that counts in this bet.

The Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT) bet you can bet on both the half time score as well as the full-time score – the second part of the bet is the full-time bet and both of your predictions need to be correct in order to win. Double Chance Betting is rather like the Full Time Result bet but you can choose two outcomes, and being able to cover two outcomes of the match, which reduces the chances of you losing the bet, but remember the odds will lower because you are covering two different outcomes, rather than just one.

Many fans use Double Chance betting as it offers them a bet where their team can avoid defeat as instead of backing them to win, they place their stake to win or draw. Combination bets are just that, a combination of whatever types of bet you want to put on meaning that you make up your own bet, and stay in control. Sometimes called an accumulator bet they work but adding a number of bets together creating one big bet.

Combination bets can also cover more than one match and leagues, and if you wanted you could also incorporate multiple sports into your bet – as you can see the opportunities are endless. Outright bets are placed on the result of a whole tournament instead of a single game, and you have probably guessed that the World Cup is one of the most popular bets that span the globe.

The Each Way bet is well known in known within the sport of Horse Racing but the bet is also used in football. In each way bet the stake is doubled and will placed half on a team to win and half on a team to place – the odds will vary from event to event and should be studied beforehand. There is no doubt that may people enjoy a bet on wager on their favourite game and another popular game that attracts a great deal of traffic is online slots.

We all lead busy lives and being able to have a game whenever you want to and at whatever time you choose appeals to many players making online slots one of the most popular games today Many have been optimised for the smaller screen and as we have found here being able to have the choice of the type of bet and how we place those bets is what keeps the gambling industry one of the most successful industries in the world generating billions in revenue and taxes.


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