FIFA 19 Wishlist

FIFA 19 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 19

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 19 here! Write about the features that you believe could be cool for FIFA 19 game. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 19 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 19 and FUT 19 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. Career Mode

    1) The transfers between teams are often unrealistic, for example in the first season, Man City loaned out John Stones to Watford, and didn’t replace him. Then Man Utd loaned out Rashford to Everton, and replaced him with..Mario Manduzkic. Most of the transfers aren’t too bad tbf, but some of them are just a bit off, especially as the seasons go on, certain teams end up with like 5 left backs and 5 goalkeepers.
    2) Players ratings should go up in accordance to how they are playing, rather than just going up automatically. Example, I’ve been playing as Huddersfield, Steve Mounie is 76 initially, and in two seasons he’s gone up to 80. Yet hes only scored about 4-5 goals per season, surely that doesn’t warrant such an increase.
    3) I noticed that every team i play in the 1st season fields a slightly weakened team, which is annoying at times. Obviously injuries/rotation happens irl, but its like every game you play you just know your gonna be up against a less than full strength team. More annoying is when the better players are all on the bench.
    4) For the made up/re-gen players, I would like if you left their faces blank, rather than having their cartoon faces in my team sheet. I refuse to sign any of them because it just looks comical. Also, be more original with their surnames, and give them names that actually suit their nationality/appearance etc.
    5) The option to turn off national team offers.
    6) More free agents, its just the same limited bunch EVERY year. A few random Bolivians, Indians, Bulgarian, Egyptians etc. Get more players in, especially as you have a big list of free agents in the ‘customise’ section outside of career mode.


    1) More leagues/teams. Surely the top divisions of Greece, Ukraine, Croatia, China, Romania, Czech. Or at least add more teams to ‘rest of world’, instead of adding all these unlicensed Brazilian teams, add the top teams from many European leagues. The English 5th tier would be a good addition, would be great for career mode, especially as there are many ex-football league clubs in there.
    2) More national teams also.
    3) All stadiums from efl championship, and more from around Europe.

  2. 1)Uefa Champions League and Europa League
    2)more real face in south america , italy , france, germany and spain
    3) better graphics ( better stadiums insade and outside pitch )
    4) improve yhe gameplay ( more realistic: play intelligent beacase in FIFA you can win a game just doing skllis)

  3. I think you can add a part to stablish a club!!!
    I mean give an opportunity to us to have our own club…
    You can add a part for make (draw) a logo for club too, and a part for make a kit for our club…
    About the players, we can also make them.

    Another idea :
    Add the ((New Camp)) stadiom too…

  4. Hello
    1/ make a web site that have all the teams and we can make our update as we want ant import all teams and leagues that can help us to update hole league or by teams

    2 / get the ch league linces and the eu league

    3/ add possibilty to add at least 5 more ligue with full linces or replace them by visiting a web site that i told you about
    And add tha Qualified of all national teams

    4/ add some accsessories for players and teams that will be nice

    5/ add the caf ch league all linced .

    6/ add the new kind of league in tourment and possbilete of change logo for turment and the cup .. make the poosseble of play like libyan league 4 grops 8 teams each two qualfqated for league with 8 teams

    7/ add more fire for the derbys like

    – Real madrid vs atlatico madrid
    – Real madrid vs barcelona
    – barcelona vs espanyol
    – man utd vs man city
    – Liverpool vs ma utd
    And the others derbys …

    8- Ballon d’Or
    9- Uefa Best Player
    10- team of the week’ team of the year in each league
    11- fifa best team of the year

  5. The excellent journey to continue and feature the Russia World Cup , the Champions league a race for World player of year and options to play as Danny williams in prem and Kym Hunter in English womens league .More in game scenarios player rivalaries , comebacks , red cards ,injuries etc and substitute appearances.

    Fifa five a side teams and five a side pitches and stadiums .

  6. I want a
    1. new penalty shootout system
    2. real player faces
    3. FIFA Street mode
    4. real coach faces
    5. Camp Nou and other new stadiums

  7. 1)Uefa Champions League and Europa League like PES
    3)Bigger Greek Player Stats
    4)*ALL* National Teams (Croatia,Bosnia,Esthonia,Cyprus etc.)
    5)Player Edit


  9. To have cpu vs cpu in tournament mode especially sincentre a lot of us are disabled and cannot use the controller to play the matches

  10. German Regionalliga (4th Division)
    Including :
    Regionalliga Nord
    Regionalliga Nordost
    Regionalliga West
    Regionalliga Südwest
    Regionalliga Bayern

  11. More real faces… (Asensio, Oblak, Casemiro, etc.)
    Updated faces. (Messi’s face, Isco’s face and a lots of players’)
    More National Teams
    Champions League and Europe League license

  12. I want….

    1. all Bundesliga stadiums
    2. better atmosphere (goal songs, pyrotech, streakers, player escort children, ghost games,…)
    3. better graphics (better gamefaces and fans, …)
    4. all coaches of the Bundesliga
    5. FIFA street
    6. the UEFA Championsleague and europe-leauge license
    7. that you can create your own coach in careermode (not the templetes)
    8. Greek football league
    9. Chinese football league
    10. better careermode (better simulation, more interactions with the fans, better press conferences, more statistics, more realistic transfers, you should be able to buy a new stadium (only if you have an invented stadium))
    11. More nationalteams (Croatia, Costa-Rica, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bosnia, Senegal, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Serbia, Japan, Ghana,…)
    12. more female nationalteams (Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland,…)
    13. the Ernst-Happel-Stadium (I am from Austria)
    14. the ukrainian league

  13. I want a new broadcasting for
    1. EFL Championship
    2. Calcio A
    3. Ligue 1
    4. Bundesliga
    5. 2nd Bundesliga
    6. German 3rd Division League
    7. Liga Bancomer MX
    8. Brazilian Seria A
    9. Russian League
    10. Eredivisie

  14. 1- Kit creator (for offline also) needs to come back. I mean come on!! So frustrating. (PES way in front on that..) it’s easy FIFA (all I ask is the ability to create 4th kits for all clubs) ..come on!!

    2- Confetti looks great but should be optional for all stadiums in normal games or tournament mode. (simple option available for all games)

    3- The ability to watch CPU vs CPU in tournament mode (just in case you didn’t reach the cup final but want to watch it in all its glory, what ever stadium, match length, time of day or weather, post match celebrations on field.. However you want to watch it!)

    4- Tattoos for created players (by using the PS camera to scan Your Own ink onto your created player or players or even custom tattoos)

    5- Added cut-scenes for cup final matches and different commentary comments to add more realism and emotion to atmosphere of the big game (like confetti) ..mabey zoom in on the actual cup (on sidelines) with the clubs colours streamers decked out on it when the match is almost decided. (players receiving medals at post match)

    It’s time FIFA. Let’s do it ay??

  15. Please have injuries more reaoistic with drs on the sidelines, and fix goalkeepers kits clashing against opponent kits and last one have celebration cup ceremony THANKS

    1. goals don’t carry over to the next season no player bio info how many goals he scored at his current club which club he played at before like in fm would be good in fifa 19

  16. Vote to kick people out who are deliberately doing things to interrupt the game flow and fun in Pro drop in game pick up game

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