FIFA 19 Wishlist

FIFA 19 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 19

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 19 here! Write about the features that you believe could be cool for FIFA 19 game. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 19 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 19 and FUT 19 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. Add more stadiums like Vodafone Park , Celtic Park , San Mames etc.
    In career mode other teams should transfer more players and manager transfer for other teams ofc.
    Add more commentator . Like Turkish , Czech , Greek , Chinese
    CSL League , Ukraine Premier League , Tff 1. League ,Ligat ha’al and more leagues for career mode
    Bein sports scoreboard
    All player faces that playing in UCL and UEL (PLEASE ! )

  2. Design kits
    Design training arena
    Design a player in the journey
    world cup mode
    Spin the wheel game for packs
    Black market for players
    Don’t over rate players
    Classic kits for national teams
    1934 world cup kits. And let us sponsor in manager mode.

    Thank you.

  3. Kit design,
    Stadium design
    Wear on pitch to affect run of ball.
    On rare occasions for referee/assistant to get decision wrong.
    Ability to applaud your opponent if they have played well.
    Take away stupid coloured balls. Red/Black/Green etc etc
    Remove restriction on catalogue.
    That will do for starters.

  4. i love making tournament with my friend. but the outo-adjusting fixture is bothering us a lot. Please, rearrange the fixtures in special tournament mode. It’s playing 1 match every 3 days. This is badly affecting the player’s condition.

  5. – Improve the referee calls. There have been countless times where the game physics create a horrible looking collision where nothing is called. If this is going to happen, refs need to be able to make the calls appropriately.

    – Make throw-ins a little more challenging to make the game seem more realistic. Defenders just stand there and don’t move with cutting offensive players.

    – I’m a HUGE Borussia Dortmund fan and like to see a couple things changed/added. Some games, the yellow on their kits just look sad; there is no bright pop to them like there is in real life (this also goes for all yellow kits in the game). Also, PLEASE add their international home kits.

    – GET MORE/BETTER FACE SCANS!!!!! There are so many pathetic looking player faces on this game. Some examples are Christian Pulisic, Ederson, Ousmane Dembele, Jorginho, and Mahmoud Dahoud. Just look at them, they look nothing like those players.

  6. Make Champions league and Europa league playable in kick of mode .

    or in individual mode – ability to play one player vs one player offline .

    I mean make them separately ( not icluded inside Career mode) .

    Return FIFA Street in Separately Mode . ( or a Full game inside FIFA 19 ) .

    Do your best .

  7. more scoreboard, more extra time scoreboard 😀 (for example bundesliga scoreboard)

    kits, glove, boots designer. maybe stadium designer. more more more league.

    or if career mode is not fuckin, then we buy kits,boots, leagues and stadiums etc.

  8. Ability to play with Icons in kick off mode .

    make two or three teams with Icons , then ability to play with them on kick off mode . ( make them with
    23 players at least per team with correct formations – squads and players’s position ) also make beautiful kits
    for them .

    Add Champions league – Europe League – AFC Champions league – CAF champions league – Club World Cup and
    fully licensed Seria A .

    Add old teams with correct formations – kits – squads and real palyers’s position .

    Edit Addidas team and MLS team ( make them with correct players’s position and better kits for them ).

    Classic Champion league teams : Real Madirid – Barcelona – Inter Milan – AC Milan – Roma – Juventus –

    Valencia – Manchester United – Chelsea – Arsenal – Liverpool – Porto – Monaco – PSG – Lyon and

    Bayern Munchen ( all with correct formations – squads- players’s position and kits ). ( period from 98 – 2006) .

    Add Classic World Cup Naional teams : France – England – Netherlands – Germany – Argentina – Italy -Brazil –

    Croatia – Portugal – Spain – Saudi Arabia – Tunisia and Morroco ( period from 94 – 2006 ) ( also with correct

    fomations – kits – squads and players’s position .

    Skan more players from diffrent teams .

    Edit on penalties – free ficks – corner kicks ( make them better and little bit easy to score ( specially corners
    and free kicks .

    Remove that yellow guide in corners – free kicks and remove that arrow in penalties .

    Improvments in gool keepers and defenders ( make them with realestic also add some new animations ) .

    Improvments in Adaptive Intellegence ( specially goal keepers ) .

    No bugs – No Glitches ( make the game realistic) .

    Do your best and make the game creative .

    Thank you .

  9. First hello EA GAMES FIFA 19 I’m waiting for that the things I eg Vodafone eg in stadiums from Turkey wanted to park – Sukru Saracoglu – stadium Turk Telekom Arena, and would also like mohammed Salah front cover goodbye to discuss Greetings from Turkey FIFA 19

  10. Please add emotions such as laughing ,anger ,sadness,cry and…for players and managers
    And also goal recorder that you can record your best goals
    And my last expectation is AFC champions league and iranian commentators such as: Adel ferdosipour,Sarhang alifar, mohammad reza ahmadi and….
    I would be so happy if you add this contents to fifa.

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