FIFA 19 Wishlist

FIFA 19 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 19

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 19 here! Write about the features that you believe could be cool for FIFA 19 game. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 19 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 19 and FUT 19 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. I strongly believe FIFA requires something a bit gimmicky.. For example Nazi Zombies was added to COD as a joke but it really did take off. Something like:

    -Foul football
    -FIFA zombies (play as Suarez and bite your opponents idk, something GIMMICKEY but fun)
    -Football with powerups (a bit like mario strikers)
    -Play as a streaker? Idk, something ridiculous but you get what I mean….

    Furthermore, I think customisation is always appealing so something to improve modes like ultimate team:

    -Make your own badge
    -Customise your ground and kits
    -Better stats eg. retaining the stats of players who you release

  2. I know it sounds silly but maybe you can make it it a bit more authentic by playing the second half of the game at your teams you cant play at the kop end in the second half when playing with liverpool or the shed end when playing with chelsea.

  3. Classic teams..
    Arsenal 2002
    Newcastle 1995-1997
    Man. United 1999
    Chelsea 1997, 2005
    Milan 1988-1990
    Juventos 1995-1998
    Inter 1997-1998
    Real madrid 2003
    Barcelona 2006, 2009
    Bayren munich 1999-2001
    Ajax 1995
    Man. City 2012

    1. OMG this idea is soooo coool. I always wonder how Fifa would be with Classic teams from past. Your examples are awesome, can´t wait for Real Madrid 2003-4 and Barcelona from 2006. And also others as well that would be great additional to game.

  4. В режиме карьеры за тренера хотелось бы , исправить баг если допустим я выиграл Лигу чемпионов и мне показали что дали 18 млн до пусть дают их а не исчезают куда то. как в фифа 2008 был выбор спонсоров , и уберите тренировки это надоедает каждый раз ставить , пусть будут как раньше в календаре расставил и по окончанию сезона они по прогрессу сами прокачивались поставьте характеристики из которых они будут сами прогрессировать. Хочу что бы игроки получали золотой мяч, золотую бутсу и что бы это как то влияло на игрока ( Стоимость или лучше прогрессировал) Займитесь лучше Карьерой тренера а не ultimate team . Надеюсь вы знаете Русский язык , спасибо за внимание !

    Automatically translated:
    In career mode for the coach I would like to fix the bug if I suppose I won the Champions League and I showed that they gave 18 million to let them give them and not disappear somewhere. as in 2008, there was a selection of sponsors, and to remove training it is annoying to put it every time, let it be as earlier in the calendar and after the end of the season, they progress in the pumping themselves, put characteristics of which they will progress themselves. I want the players to get a golden ball, a golden boot, and whatever that has affected the player (Cost or better progressed) Go better than the coaching career, not the ultimate team. Hope you know the Russian language, thanks for your attention!

  5. 1. In player career modes, it would be great if you could approach teams and asked to be signed rather than the same few teams that bid for you each year.

    2. You should be able to customise a manager as apposed to a few presets

  6. In my opinion Fifa 19 could have a stadium editor in manager’s career mode, where we can build new stands an improve the stadium if we are playing with a non licensed arena team. But if we are playing with licensed arena team we could do little things like change the price of the tickets, change the style of the net , the height and the style of the grass.

  7. The Journey needs more Scenarios that are throughout the story, more involved in how it plays out , be able to play after finishing it all decisions become what you decide to do,

    Make the career modes manager/player more like the journey with its involvement

    Add more US stadiums like Gillette Stadium is in Madden shouldn’t be hard to switch it to FIFA as the Patriots play there in Madden and the New England Revolution play there as well, this should be done with the rest of the stadiums that are in the archives that teams play out of especially in the US we will buy fat amounts of video games but more will probably buy it if there teams are actually playing in their stadiums, simple coding here and there and boom done take out the football scene add the soccer scene and your in business

    Creating stadiums and upgrading stadiums, needs to be done, had been done in NHL, and Madden should be done in FIFA as there are so many teams but not as many stadiums people want to play their teams in their stadiums in real life or ones close to it, sometimes playing with a team you’ve played with from the football league 2 and then playing in the premier league sucks as in the beginning you don’t want a huge stadium it’s just not right, but as you progress your 3000 person park bleachers is not a realistic scene like playing PSG at the park is a joke.

    Custom teams and relocating (not one or the other just make both possibilities) is another aspect that has been seen in the majority of the games as well that I feel would add a better experience and more people might want to have the game

  8. -The USL and allow us to loan players from an MLS team to their USL affiliate team.
    -MLS specific rules like the SuperDraft, trades, free agency and expansion.

    1. No one would play it that would be boring as hell what are you doing going up or down the field calling a random call nope wouldn’t play it would question why it’s there and who actually decided to work on that edit instead of the hundreds of others that should and could really be done with that time. Hate to be rude but just want to give you the thoughts from everyone else. Once again sorry but no one wants to play that

  9. career mode
    1: you can create your own stadium and use it in carrer mode.
    2: There must be A team and B team. so you can play with their young players.
    3: Something you can use the money you earn as a coach as a freelance house clothes and hair.
    4: You can write new sponsor winners.
    5: Adjust entry price at the stadium.
    6: Get license to use cl and euro league.

    1. Decent ideas, you like my comments like if you add yours and mine there would be a straight up fire game at least one that would be better

  10. Добавте пожалуйста лигу европы и лигу чемпионов

    Automatically Translated:
    Please add the league of Europe and the Champions League

    1. I wish add all great team from asia: japan korea rupublic iran austuralia suadi rbia and other best team from asia. I wish play with fifa whit many asian and african teams



    like who scored most goals from Liga NOS if you are playing in Bundesliga…

    It would be great if you can decide to buy player by comparing stats to other players in different leagues

  12. – Champions League in all modes
    – All lower leagues as many as you can make, or atleast those where votes are 1000 and above.
    – Add atleast 50 new countries and leagues

    – Editable Jerseys (every year new) + (sponsors)
    – When you transfer any player his Jersey will change
    – Player rating growth based on his Potential + Scored Goals, Assists, GK Saves, etc…
    [ like when you get red card in too many matches you will be more agressive player and your reputation with refrees will be worse ] [ or when you score too many longshots you will have higher longshot stat ] [ etc ]
    – Players can be transformed in to all positions
    – Players can train stats like [Sprint Speed, Acceleration…]
    – Create your own Club select randomly generated or created players or draft players from lower leagues
    – Option to Simulate any game in Player carrer mode
    – Create your own League
    – Option to play Carrer mode with A-Team, B-Team or Younger players… All will play their leagues with other players on their level… Then of course if they perform good draft them to A-team or put player from A-Team to B-Team
    – If player is performing well and is old like 36 he can still growth his rating and stats like sprint speed or shooting if he is running a lot and scoring many goals…
    – Stadium building / rebuilding
    – Maybe open world in Player Carrer mode with his house / town..
    [for example: at start you select your player age from 10 years old to 30 and you are starting in your house, playing for your home town club like 6th league and you go to trainings if you are good then they can draft you in to better league depending on your performances. Same with club if you win league with club in Player CM then you are promoted to higher league ] There should be ability to travel around world when you are transfered to another club in different part of world and buy house there, clothes, hair styles (options to change length, colours), make deals with sponsors, photshoot, tv spots and earn money from that…
    – Add fantasy mode something like when you shoot there will be sound effect and flames around ball like in animes…
    – Add Fifa Street mode
    – Easier trick controls on PC Keyboard

    And add 2D mode camera like in first GTA GAMES

  13. In ultimate team you should be able to play real seasons for example premier league seasons offline with your team on chosen difficulty

    Edit player should be improved and available in ultimate team

    Ultimate team squads should allow 25 players instead of 23

    Third kits should be available in ultimate team

    Away and alternate goalkeeper kits should be included

    Your ultimate team should be available in kick-off


  14. 1) Add all managers’ names.
    2)Add managers’ transfers in Career Mode and in Customize mode.
    3)Add ability to create teams and leagues.
    4)Add ability to create boots and balls
    5)Add more avatars for manager
    6)Add real players’ agents.
    7)If player end his career ,he could become a manager or scout.
    8)Add going to the pitch animations
    9)Add doctors that go to te pitch when player got an injury.

    1. + FIFA Club World Cup.
      AFC CL
      AFC Nations cup.
      African cup of nations .
      Copa Libertadores,Sudamericana…
      Add Ukraine,Croatia,Nigeria,Algeria,Costa-Rica,Slovakia,Japan and Uzbekistan national teams

  15. Career Mode:

    1: Be able to train most(if not all) attributes like you can in ‘The Journey’ e.g. Composure, Sprint Speed, Accerleration, Balance, Weak Foot etc

    2: Be able to train players In different postions.

    3: Custom Skill Games option.
    Would be awesome when it came to training players, you could mix and mash different skill games and merge it into one, so that other areas of a players game could get trained.

    3: Improved News feed stories

    4: Bring back Visual Sim!
    It was in previous FIFA titles a while back where you could pause the simulated game at any moment and jump in and play the rest.

    5: Sponsers and Kit Editor ability

    6: More cutscene animations:
    Fan walkouts if their teams not doing so well.
    Fans running onto the pitch if their team teams clinched Promotion or something similar.

    7: Ability to watch highlights of other games playing live while playing be it at Half Time or Full Time.

    Would be cool especially if your team is in a battle for winning the league or trying to avoid relegation.

    Player Career Mode:

    1: More customisable hairstyles

    2: Ability to get sponsored.
    Their could even be a little cutscene to add to that as well.

    3: Ability to recieve multiple transfer/loan offers.

    It’s a bit frustrating sometimes getting the same team over and over agin isn’t it.

    4: Ability to force a move away from the club.

    Say the manager is insistent on let letting you go, an option should be there to force a move away.

    5: Ability to choose where you want to go/play

    It’s a My Player after all: It is all about you and your career. This makes sense.

    6: Have a say in negotiations.

    Choose the wages you want, the contract length, release clause etc.

    7: Customise boots.

    Why can EA let use the EA boots that they’ve had sitting there in the boot catalogue and let us customise them.

    General Customisation option:

    I would like it if you could pick Skill moves out of the ‘skill moves list’ and choose those that you want to use.

    It can be a little frustrating when you do a the skill move you want to do, and it sometimes does another one. It’d be cool if you could lock on to skill moves that you want to use.

    There are just some of the main things I’d like 🙂 Would love to hear feedback 🙂

  16. if EA could give players who have been playing online for a long time E.g. 5 years and up better rewards that would be great to show some appriciation

    1. So true. Kit editor should be added even on career modes whether you’re a player or a manager. Your kit should change every season and when you’re a manager you must be able to decide what sponsors you want to endorse and what sponsors you want to stop endorsing and every season your kit must undergo a change that you have full control of.
      Also when creating a player, when choosing the haircuts, you should be able to choose a template of a haircut then customise it into your own custom haircut and add it to the list of cuts. Say if a nice cut looks good on a player but you want it shorter, then you should be able to change the hair size of the same style of haircut so that it’ll look the same but only shorter. Also if a haircut would look better if you shaved the sides a bit more then you should be able to select a portion of the hair to shave or trim so that your custom haircut looks ideal.

  17. Johan Cryuff. Ian Wright. Paul Gascoinge ect…
    Make more dream teams, world XI has gotten poor and whats the point in all these legends and icons if you can’t use them in classic XI?? every major football country should get it’s own all time best XI, as should the continents with a mixture of legends and current players. You’ve got MLS all stars but no other league dream teams which is ridiculous, for just being a football game and the price it is at now and to not have all of that is absolutely disgraceful.
    And then there’s the ridiculous probability with the packs, if you’re going to pull shit like that at least give people good cards.. There should be an elite pack where you get a legend or an over 90 rating player guaranteed for say £50, but make it a one time purchase or something so at least everyone has equal footing?

  18. It Would be cool if you did champions leauge theme song. And if you could play more womens team And do a manager mode with them. And rebuild the stadium And have the aviva stadium

  19. In Career Mode as you take a club from the lower tiers, to the top of Europe the opportunity to expand or rebuild the stadium. It’s not quite right playing a Champions League Semi Final in front of 4000 people.

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