FIFA 19 Wishlist

FIFA 19 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 19

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 19 here! Write about the features that you believe could be cool for FIFA 19 game. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 19 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 19 and FUT 19 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. I’m Japanese.
    I hope the Japanese national team, Croatia national team, Korean national team will be able to use in career mode for the new work.

  2. Can you rerelease the Rural Training stadium from FIFA 15. I loved it all, especially the drum sound effects after you score. I also like the kit creator, in Pro Clubs. Thanks.

    1. Alex hunter journey is good but we want a legacy career mode with some addings of storylines , the plain career mose is very boring now a times pls consider after seeing ufc 3 Goat career and wwe 2k series my career thats the only wishlist of mine for fifa games for now
      Thank u

    2. Creation centre must return, then I can create teams and leagues that are not in the game and add them.

  3. please just bring back creation center for career mode. I want to be able to create a team and its players or put players on the team and insert the team into a league and play a career mode with them thats all i want.

  4. I bought fifa 18.. Only to buy pes 18 cuz i was so disappointed with the new fifa.. I buy fifa to play career or pes to play master league.

    Playing the cpu in fifa was horrible and the gameplay was so unrealistic. I didnt enjoy it one bit. And i would like to see new things added to career mode. I am not interested in ultimate team or the journey.. Career mode and thats it.

    Tactics need to be overhauled.. We have had the same options for how long now? PES has well better options and fluidity,

    The options to train players into a different position which happens in real life.. And you can do it in PES.

    when a LW is 86 and u play in in cm or cam or rm he stays 86.. I would lile to see a player overall change according to which position he is in.

    Option to tinker kits at the end of season

    If you play some talented young players the odd one will maybe improve dramatically so he can stay in the team

    Player form in PES really dictates squad selection. in fifa same overall rating each game.. Form only changes if the teams winning or losing.. If im winning everybody is high.. This is un realistic.. Players form should change weekly or by game.. Affecting squad selection and squad rotation to try keep it balanced and for me the manager to try make the correct decision based on player form to pick the strongest team possible to help me continue to win. So i woild like to see actual player form introduced in career mode.

    Career mode was so repetitive and gameplay was not enjoyable and was unrealistic.. Please fix it and add these points mentioned or i will buy PES19

  5. Please add another commentators in liga mx like Enrique ”El Perro” Bermudez and Jorge Pietrasanta also please put liga mx intro the song they have and the little kids saying ”siente tu liga” please put all that it would be cool and awsome.

  6. You guys should make that in myplayer carrer mode that you should start playing as a little kid play in schools and eventually be a pro player in a pro club.Also you should put mexicans 2nd league.

  7. After the announcement that UEFA competitions will be included, I think that you must add some european teams that participate in european competitions (APOEL,Viktoria Plzen,Ludogorets,Bate Borisov)

  8. Que le metan a Nntendo Switch todo el juego completo

    El camino
    El modo de los fichajes que hablas directamente con el DT y el jugador no como ahorita que es por cartas
    Los graficos muy parecidos a los de Xbox One y Play Station 4
    Los DT licenciados
    La hora de escoger los DT diferentes y no como ahora que nomas puedes decir El traje, color de piel,Nombre, Nacionalidad y que tan gordo o flaco esta

    Automatically Translated:
    That they put to Nntendo Switch all the complete game

    The way
    The mode of the signings that you speak directly with the DT and the player not like right now that is by letters
    The graphics are very similar to those of Xbox One and Play Station 4
    The licensed DT
    Time to choose the different DT and not like now you can only say The suit, skin color, Name, Nationality and how fat or skinny

  9. I want fans to sing songs and anthems, to make choreographies and posters. Make the atmosphere better. Please!

  10. The most important thing, CREATION CENTRE should be back.
    Second divisions for Turkey, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia and Belgium.
    Greece Super League, Chinese Super League.
    Fully licensed Brazilian League.
    Game should be more hard. In World Class I shouldn’t beat Bayern München 3-0 or 4-0 with the team which players are mostly 70-75 overall.
    More national teams like Croatia and Iceland.
    In career mode we should upgrade our team’s stadium, edit our staff and see our team’s stats and history more detailed.

  11. we would love fifa 19 to have gold and silver medals when we get to the finals and show us receiving them

    And also when playing career mode we can control the manager,make the manager go to the press conference and see him talk to the media

  12. I would like for fifa to have a online tournament where you can play against other friends online

  13. More realist regen names please. I don’t want to play with a midfield made of a blonde, blue-eyed man named Abdoulaye Diarra, a Brazilian with a gigantic surname and a cunt named Argus Harris who had a hangover so strong last time he went to a Greek island he forgot he was Scottish and thinks he’s Greek.

  14. You know when you win a league title like the PL, you get a golden league badge on your sleeve. I’d like to see that in FIFA 19.

    Or when you win the UCL/UEL for the 6th time or something, it changes from 5 to 6 on your sleeve
    When a team gets promoted from Championship to PL to league badge on their sleeve changes aswell
    Make an U21 competition for career mode

  15. Would be quite good to have transfer values in pro clubs for your own pro depending on how well he does overall as a player (no of goals, assists, successfully passes, tackles etc) Will be able to get some decent banter going then!

    About time pro clubs was given some more thought and time to make the experience feel even better since 100s and thousands of players play this game mode.

  16. -Change of gameplay (greater realism)
    -Improves in the faces of players of selections
    -More color on the lawn (More lighting at night)
    -Better goalkeeper saves
    -New competitive leagues
    -More effects on the shots and that are natural (As the fifa 16)
    -Other stadiums (Warsaw Stadium, maracana, signal iduna, mestalla, turk telekom arena, san paolo, Olympyic Lyon, Luis ll de Monaco, San mames …)
    -Many licenses of selections
    -Ed street football episodes with alex hunter
    -New female selections
    -Add Uefa champions league
    – More animations (gestures characteristic of players, gestures of pain, happiness, anger, sadness)
    -Improve in arbitration
    -new icons (Zidane, Totti, Pirlo, Fillol, Gento, Di Stefano, Cafu, Rivaldo, Romario, Xabi Alonso, Kaka, Valderrama, Figo, Hugo Sanchez, Davids, Khan, Makelele, Beckham, Raul Gonzales, Etoo, Riquelme, Forlan, Seedorf, Van nistelrooy, Baresi, Mane Garrincha, Vieri, Giggs, Gerrard, Best, Lampard …)

  17. Creation Centre please!
    Come back to the creation center please.It would be better if was in it again!

  18. 1. wish fifa could transfare the coins from the previous version.

    2. wish can add street pitch such as the one in Brazil in Hunter .

  19. You could add classic international sides and have people from the relevant countries vote for who should be included

  20. Please EA , Add Camp Nou Stadium in Fifa 19 . other wise barca fans will not play FIFA 19 . And you know how many barca fans are there May be over 50 billion

  21. New faces like( Juanfer Quintero,F. Armani, Davinson sanchez, Benedetto, Laporte, Lukaku, Lucas V, Asenjo, Paulinho, Diego Costa, Oblak, Kiko casilla, Kepa, Luis Suarez, Moutinho, Hair and beard of Messi, Rabiot, Musacchio, Aguero, Kalinic, Sidibe, Bacca, Guedes…
    News Icons (Mane garrincha, Paco gento, Di stefano, Xabi Alonso, Pirlo, totti, Zidane, Valderrama, Fillol, Carlos Alberto, Cafu, Romario, Batistuta, Rivaldo, Higuita, Lucio, Puskas, Cantona, Beckham, Butragueño)….
    News Stadium
    More realismo
    News kit classic teams
    More animations
    News leagues of south americ
    Thanks, good job on fifa 18

  22. Please, please, please a coin toss to decide which end you attack first. Not bought Fifa in years because of this omitted detail.

  23. Hi Fifa my name is Hampus and I have been playing fifa for over 15 years and I have some really good ideas that I would like to share with you. If you like the ideas then contact me.

    The ideas are regarding Fifa ultimate team

    First of all players want to build a club! Today ultimate tream is all about building a team but it´s a club that we want!

    Start ultimate team by picking a spot where your club will be located (any where in the world) you get a shit stadium to begin with. The thing you need to add here is fans and people going to the games.
    In the begining you have no fans at all but the more you play, the higher up the divisions you get and the better players you sign, the more fans you will get. Have a fan count where you see the amount of fans you have increasing, the better and bigger you team gets!
    Also add people going to see the game. ( not the same as how many fans you have in total) The better you get ,also the more people will come and watch your game and the more money you will get per game!
    You can then uppgrade your stadium all the time, the more people who comes and see the game the more you can uppgade the arena and the more money you will get per game! Uppgrading the arena will ofc cost money to do !
    So you then get money based on how many people are watching your games, you can also make money by signing sponser deals! You can sign deals for lets say 50 games and the the sponsor ship will run out and you have to sign a new one. The higher you climb in the divisions, the more fans you have and the better stadium you have, the more people are watching your games, the better sponser deal you can get!
    Also for the stadium, drop personal things in packs, like songs, flags, hot dog stands so you can costumize the stadium and make it personal. Fifa can also sell ”skins” and stuff for the stadium and make money of it!
    These suggestions make it more realistic where you get cash and you get the feeling of build you own club! Not just buying players for a team

    So the chemestry system in Fifa right now is not that good. You buy a card and put it on a player, not realistic or even fun.
    Instead along with build your stadium you build traing facilities! In the begining its all very basic but you can pay and uppgrade your gym, trainng pitch, rehabcenter, trainer for defending, attacking, running, passing and so on. So in the begning you can only put on a litle extra skill son the players but as you uppgrade the facilities and the trainer you can add more skill sto the players! There will be a maxium of how much yuo can add upp like in todays chemestry cards where the maxium is 15+ in one skill like max speed. But my when you have uppgraded all the facilities and trainers you can add 15+ on every skill you want BUT you can only add a maxium of skills like +30 in total on one player and maxium 15+ in one certain skill! The beter rehab center the faster they recover from injories. This way makes it way more realitic and fun compaired to putting chemestry cards on your players!

    Live form:
    Like you play quick play, players have a live form on how good they are. Add this also to ultimate team but base it on how well the player is playing, if he/she is winning games the players will be in form and this will give a small improvment on the players.

    Making your own player!
    This one is something that everyone would want to do! Make your own player and play him in ultimate team! You get a starting amount of point that you can put on skills. To get more skills the player have to achive goals. Like for an attacking player in the begning you get 1 point to spend on skills after scoring your first 10 goals. You can then use these points to uppgrade any skill you want on the player. There are different achivment goals for different postions! Also it gets harder to earn if you reach a certain rating on your player now you might have to score 10 goals but in divisions 2, to get 1 point to spend on skills! There will also be a maximum like 88 in total rating you can reach so the player dosent get too good. You can earn money on ”skins” for the player that either can be found in packs or boungt on fifa site.

    All these small things that makes it more like you are building your own club rather then just trading players! You will ofc trade players to! But who would like to see there fan count go upp alot for signing a big star! Or play home matches on your own arena! And add skils and getting money in a way more realistic way.

    Also Make the macthes on minute shorter!

    I have more suggestions, but these are some of them! If you like them then contact me on my mail, [email protected]

    Player Career Mode
    1. Free Roam
    • Around the training ground
    • Around the stadium
    • Around your house
    • More character customisation
    2. Cutscenes/Press conferences
    • Receive question from journalists before and after match
    • Consequences from what you say
    3. Social Media
    • Can post on social media and have choice of selecting between safe, balance and controversial
    • Have Fanbase
    4. My player
    • Having a contract lenght
    • Can hire a player agent and can negotiate about wage, lenght, clause, etc
    • Can spend your wage for cars, houses, tattos, new haircut, and boots
    • Sponsorships
    • Express desire to transfer to a certain club
    • Get more than one offer at one time
    • Ability to captain both your club and country
    • Start at the age 16
    • Change, add new position, and can have more than 4 position
    • Fans reaction if you join another club from your old team and new team
    • More news report about your player when you injury, top score, good/bad performance
    • Can make request for become captain, starting eleven or subs or not play for rest
    5. Gameplay
    • Fix rating system
    • More intelligence for AI player
    • Fix referee system
    6. Transfer
    • More realistic transfer

  25. trade mode in fut 19 and weekly or daily free gold packs and in manegar career mode desighn your jersey every season and player career subs mode

  26. 1. Add all stadiums of FIFA World Cup 2018
    2. Add classic teams of
    1) Barcelona
    2) Real Madrid
    3) Juventus
    4) Chelsea
    5) Liverpool
    6) Manchester United
    7) Arsenal
    8) Paris Saint Germain
    9) AS Monaco
    10) Bayern Munich
    11) Borussia Dortmund
    3. New graphic changes
    4. New goal celebrations
    5. New updated faces
    6. New broadcasting of
    1) Calcio A
    2) Calcio B
    3) German Bundesliga
    4) German Bundesliga 2
    5) 3 Liga
    6) Ligue 1 Conforama
    7) Dominos Ligue 2
    8) EFL Championship
    9) EFL League One
    EFL League Two
    7. Referee mode
    8. New rest of world teams like
    1) Dinamo Kyiv
    2) Dinamo Tbilisi
    3) Qarabag FK
    4) BATE Borisov
    5) Crvena Zvezda
    6) FC Kairat

  27. What EA should really bring back is Creation Centre like on FIFA 13, therefore we can download leagues and players that dont make it into FIFA 19. Share this if you can, please and thank you.

  28. -please no cheats at ultimate team!!!
    -A FIFA player should rather earn some more coins in Ultimate Team’s matches!!!
    -FIFA points at ultimate team should be cheaper at the PlayStation store!!!

  29. Add more stadiums like Vodafone Park , Celtic Park , San Mames etc.
    In career mode other teams should transfer more players and manager transfer for other teams ofc.
    Add more commentator . Like Turkish , Czech , Greek , Chinese
    CSL League , Ukraine Premier League , Tff 1. League ,Ligat ha’al and more leagues for career mode
    Bein sports scoreboard
    All player faces that playing in UCL and UEL (PLEASE ! )

    1. ایران بااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااید باشه

  30. Design kits
    Design training arena
    Design a player in the journey
    world cup mode
    Spin the wheel game for packs
    Black market for players
    Don’t over rate players
    Classic kits for national teams
    1934 world cup kits. And let us sponsor in manager mode.

    Thank you.

  31. Kit design,
    Stadium design
    Wear on pitch to affect run of ball.
    On rare occasions for referee/assistant to get decision wrong.
    Ability to applaud your opponent if they have played well.
    Take away stupid coloured balls. Red/Black/Green etc etc
    Remove restriction on catalogue.
    That will do for starters.

  32. i love making tournament with my friend. but the outo-adjusting fixture is bothering us a lot. Please, rearrange the fixtures in special tournament mode. It’s playing 1 match every 3 days. This is badly affecting the player’s condition.

  33. – Improve the referee calls. There have been countless times where the game physics create a horrible looking collision where nothing is called. If this is going to happen, refs need to be able to make the calls appropriately.

    – Make throw-ins a little more challenging to make the game seem more realistic. Defenders just stand there and don’t move with cutting offensive players.

    – I’m a HUGE Borussia Dortmund fan and like to see a couple things changed/added. Some games, the yellow on their kits just look sad; there is no bright pop to them like there is in real life (this also goes for all yellow kits in the game). Also, PLEASE add their international home kits.

    – GET MORE/BETTER FACE SCANS!!!!! There are so many pathetic looking player faces on this game. Some examples are Christian Pulisic, Ederson, Ousmane Dembele, Jorginho, and Mahmoud Dahoud. Just look at them, they look nothing like those players.

  34. Make Champions league and Europa league playable in kick of mode .

    or in individual mode – ability to play one player vs one player offline .

    I mean make them separately ( not icluded inside Career mode) .

    Return FIFA Street in Separately Mode . ( or a Full game inside FIFA 19 ) .

    Do your best .

  35. more scoreboard, more extra time scoreboard 😀 (for example bundesliga scoreboard)

    kits, glove, boots designer. maybe stadium designer. more more more league.

    or if career mode is not fuckin, then we buy kits,boots, leagues and stadiums etc.

  36. Ability to play with Icons in kick off mode .

    make two or three teams with Icons , then ability to play with them on kick off mode . ( make them with
    23 players at least per team with correct formations – squads and players’s position ) also make beautiful kits
    for them .

    Add Champions league – Europe League – AFC Champions league – CAF champions league – Club World Cup and
    fully licensed Seria A .

    Add old teams with correct formations – kits – squads and real palyers’s position .

    Edit Addidas team and MLS team ( make them with correct players’s position and better kits for them ).

    Classic Champion league teams : Real Madirid – Barcelona – Inter Milan – AC Milan – Roma – Juventus –

    Valencia – Manchester United – Chelsea – Arsenal – Liverpool – Porto – Monaco – PSG – Lyon and

    Bayern Munchen ( all with correct formations – squads- players’s position and kits ). ( period from 98 – 2006) .

    Add Classic World Cup Naional teams : France – England – Netherlands – Germany – Argentina – Italy -Brazil –

    Croatia – Portugal – Spain – Saudi Arabia – Tunisia and Morroco ( period from 94 – 2006 ) ( also with correct

    fomations – kits – squads and players’s position .

    Skan more players from diffrent teams .

    Edit on penalties – free ficks – corner kicks ( make them better and little bit easy to score ( specially corners
    and free kicks .

    Remove that yellow guide in corners – free kicks and remove that arrow in penalties .

    Improvments in gool keepers and defenders ( make them with realestic also add some new animations ) .

    Improvments in Adaptive Intellegence ( specially goal keepers ) .

    No bugs – No Glitches ( make the game realistic) .

    Do your best and make the game creative .

    Thank you .

  37. First hello EA GAMES FIFA 19 I’m waiting for that the things I eg Vodafone eg in stadiums from Turkey wanted to park – Sukru Saracoglu – stadium Turk Telekom Arena, and would also like mohammed Salah front cover goodbye to discuss Greetings from Turkey FIFA 19

  38. Please add emotions such as laughing ,anger ,sadness,cry and…for players and managers
    And also goal recorder that you can record your best goals
    And my last expectation is AFC champions league and iranian commentators such as: Adel ferdosipour,Sarhang alifar, mohammad reza ahmadi and….
    I would be so happy if you add this contents to fifa.