FIFA 18 Feedback

FIFA 18 Feedback

FIFA 18 Feedback, User-Reviews and Comments

Have you played FIFA 18? How did you find it and its gameplay? Any comment or feedback that you want to share with our FIFA community?

Write your FIFA 18 feedback, reviews, and comments here and share them with the FIFA community. Use the form below and submit your FIFA 18 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video in the form if you have any:

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7 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Feedback

  1. Am I would love for coaches to be shown even once throughout the game or even at the start , or substitution and have the commentators speak about them dor atleast 5 seconds

  2. The kit numbers in the ultimate team keep changing when i rotate my squad without me changing the numbers its really annoying.

  3. When your players overall ratings increase/decrease not all of the stats are shown, for example a goalkeepers crucial stats such as gk reflexes aren’t show if increased/decreased.

    Another one is the stat for vision, if I’m using a player mainly for his vision etc this doesn’t get shown if it’s been affected or not.

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