FIFA 18 Feedback

FIFA 18 Feedback

FIFA 18 Feedback, User-Reviews and Comments

Have you played FIFA 18? How did you find it and its gameplay? Any comment or feedback that you want to share with our FIFA community?

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  1. I primarily play Pro Clubs, believe it’s the true future of e-soccer. It can be by far the best experience; but it can also be by far the worst experience. Here are some things that I think bring the game down:

    – Very harsh rating system. The system ca be hugely unfair. I’m good at corners and am often the player who takes them. I also like to play RB. When that happens, and the ball quickly comes out and the opposition break the other way, even if I sprint top speed back I lose points That is frustrating and BS. 18 penalizes positioning too much – it gives you no leeway to stretch your position without taking a rating hit. IT also doesn’t really recognize when a player controls the play in the midfield. You can dictate the play and get almost no credit.

    – There really needs to be some sort of separation between both adults and children and newbs and experienced players. The combination of the harsh rating system and being subjected to either inexperienced players and/or players who intentionally mess up the game, my rating doesn’t reflect how good I am. As a top-tier player, I cannot stand playing with those who don’t understand how to really play or just want to destroy the match. This IMHO would be the biggest advance you could make with Pro Clubs, needs to change.

    – Further on the topic of players who intentionally mess up games, there needs to be a way for the players to collectively kick out a player if they’re intentionally destroying the game. E.g. – if they’re rating falls below 3.0 or thereabouts, the other players in the game (on the offending player’s team) would then have the ability to kick the player out. Make it majority rules. Let the idiot player start over and not consider not being an a-hole or immature juvenile. Way too many games are ruined like that, you need to make it better.

    – Regarding the club teams that you can join to play league and tourney matches, you currently give players the option to notify others on the team who are online that they want to play. The huge problem with this is that you don’t get the notice until after your drop-in game is done. This makes that feature much less useful because you wait a bit, no one shows and you leave. You need to have that notice viewable during drop-ins.

    – Further with club teams, you need a match scheduling feature that locks in a time that everyone on the team can see and try to commit to. Treat it like an actual intramural league that has set schedules. This will add consistency to rosters and help avoid horrible drop-ins.

    These would be MASSIVE improvements and make Pro Clubs more consistently fun. Because of these problems this game can just flat out piss you off. And that’s not why I spend my money. If PES can offer these things you will lose my business – after many years as a customer.

  2. One thing that would make Fifa more enjoyable are different commentators. I know some gamers that really want other voices commentating like Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, etc. It would make it more real with these great pundits involved in the game. Also maybe having an ‘In-Game Analysis’ commentator like we have right now in Sky Sports games, would really improve Fifa for the future.

  3. While the authentic feeling is great in some occasions, very important improvements could still be made:

    – Goal scoring celebrations situations & reactions are often awkward, please fix this
    – The crowd could often just make more noise. When a decisive goal in a tight game is scored it should really explode the atmosphere
    – Licenses for major leagues and stadiums for those teams really should be involved
    – When the player wins a championship, the celebrations etc. are a bit lame. Once again, more noise!

    To sum up, I believe that for many players the authentic experience, the feeling of really being there on the pitch, is a really important matter.

  4. Am I would love for coaches to be shown even once throughout the game or even at the start , or substitution and have the commentators speak about them dor atleast 5 seconds

  5. The kit numbers in the ultimate team keep changing when i rotate my squad without me changing the numbers its really annoying.

  6. When your players overall ratings increase/decrease not all of the stats are shown, for example a goalkeepers crucial stats such as gk reflexes aren’t show if increased/decreased.

    Another one is the stat for vision, if I’m using a player mainly for his vision etc this doesn’t get shown if it’s been affected or not.

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