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FIFA 18 Feedback

FIFA 18 Feedback, User-Reviews and Comments

Have you played FIFA 18? How did you find it and its gameplay? Any comment or feedback that you want to share with our FIFA community?

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34 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Feedback

  1. Fifa 18 on the switch is the worst thing I have ever played. EA needs to realize that people are not going to like their games if they don’t know to program their games correctly. When I was Playing as Tottenham and I played against New York City it tied 1-1. That is the most unrealistic thing that I have ever seen. EA if you see this well, go back and fix all mistakes and make the game more realistic. That is all I have to say to you about the unrealistic game on the Nintendo Switch.

  2. Hi Darragh here how many times I said it Alex hunter is not responsible to move to another club this is not Agree Alex want to stay manUnited come on cop on Alex is not going anywhere like this I what you to make the official offer to stay in the club into United that he wants thanks

  3. I’ve played a lot of fifa games, and the fifa18 is the worst, in multiplayer we have problems with servers, the players I control, sometimes go wrong, I pres left and they go right, I want to give a short pass they give a long one. FIX THE GAME! There are a lot of players that still play the game. You only know how to take the money from us, but to improve the games or to teep them right you can’t. I play on PS4 right now, I will not take an other PS PLUS to play multiplayer. And what I can see, the fifa games they are made now are bad playing too, so…BYE-BYE fifa, I’m going to play fifa 98, maybe there I will not give a sort pass….

  4. This FIFA 18 has been such a bad game. Other than the fact it helps you improve your game, there is absolutely no need of that. We just want a fun game without being hurt by the producers and AI who created this game.

  5. I think it’s getting worst and worst every year
    It’s not about enjoyment anymore it’s about how difficult to make it every single year. Ridiculous simulations, absolute unreal situations and scores. CBs twice as fasters then CFs, rubbish goalkeepers, rubbish shooting etc etc.
    It’s all about how can create you headaches. A good game shouldn’t be about this. It’s should be to enjoy the game even on the hardest levels. EA taking away this moments evey year and they should understand that to make it realistic it shouldn’t be how the game can screw you up whilst you are playing.
    Since 2010 it’s all about this.

  6. Great game to be honest if you want to torture yourself as a football fan. I’ve been stuck with FIFA for 2 years because I can play them with my Access membership, but sadly after trying 18 I’ll have to free my credit card and buy PES. PSA: If you wish to make a “soccer” game you should watch the sport otherwise you’ll end like FIFA, awesome graphics and a gameplay that doesn’t even deserve a 1/10 qualification.

  7. I play the ultimate team and it really sucks. Sometime when playing against a lower overall rating team I see the opposite players are like rocks. They don’t move and suddenly display all sorts of skill moves. If I play the game to end up frustrated, I wouldn’t have played this at all. The design is insanely bad. The easier teams give goals very easily. I see the ball going inbetween the goalie’s hands!!! Impossible!!! But other times, when the AI has decided to not let me win, even the good corner shots are stopped. Stupid game play… seriously…please have some standards

  8. Is there any reason why the low driven shots is so massively overpowered and seems to kryptonite to the best goal keepers in the world? This is infuriating and wholly unrealistic as this leads to players using this as their main (or only) tactic in games especially in ultimate team where the team of the season score with this every time. Are there any plans to alter this in 19 as this would lead me to decide against buying it if it isn’t made more realistic. There also need to be heavier penalties for playing players out of position as this leads to opponents moving players around as soon as the game begin and manipulation of the chemistry system.

  9. “Be a pro” <– either delete it or improve it
    I like playing career mode with locking on a player, but all the things that can happen inside the game sucks.
    For someone who doesn't familiar with Be a pro, you can only control one player in the game, you can't substitue players you want and cannot control tactic either,

    I have listed some of the problems below, I hope someone is watching this and agree with my findings. (Note: If you are playing normal 11 vs 11 game, you shall not have the problem below)

    – When your team is losing, your manager will switch to full attack mode which I think is okay. But after the team scores and winning the game, the manger won't switch the tactic back to defensive…..
    – Playing against strong teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City is obviously more easier than the weak teams. I don't know if FIFA wants to balance among teams or what, but I feel they kinda make the weak team stronger.
    – Striker is not shooting at open chance, if some of the teammate runs forward near the striker, the striker will choose to pass the ball even he is one on one to the goal keeper.
    – The crossing successful rate of the AI is too low, I seldom see they cross in from the side and not clear by opposite team.
    – During full attack mode, the manager will make one of the defender forward (as a striker), I guess this move is for some cross in tactic, but I don't feel it help at all.

    There are more problems that I cannot list all here. But as you can see from the above, it is not something difficult to do, I feel like EA is designing a watch with thousands of super functions but they forget to make it tell time accurately. You guys know what I mean?

  10. When playing multiplayer in the same team you should be able to see the stats per controller (separate shots / passing accuracy / tackles for red and blue controller)

  11. Should consider adding bench players interaction, scoring a goal at a crucial moment or a final and have the bench jump up and run to the corner with the scoring player, like we see at the world cup or final matches.

  12. Since release Santos Laguna kits on the Liga MX are not right. The puma on the chest is missing.

  13. The game is unplayable in squad battles beyond pro level. Completely absurd in terms of simulation as the gameplay is beyond realism. I get that computers are perfect but I game for fantasy and not to measure myself against impossible AI. This is a broken game. I’ll play the next one but will not spend a dime further as the dice are loaded.

    So few commentaries? it appears this site is a fraud. Perhaps an algorithm will get rid of this comment, perhaps a person will. If the latter is the case then I must mention PES is at ten bucks/euros/pounds etc… and is worth exploring in order to decide which to get next year. They are less cynical than EA.

  14. Fifa 18 Xbox one World Cup update

    In game when making a double substation with France v Uruguay first match in group the name tag for the players and stamina didn’t display in bottom left corner and the store is not accessible

  15. Fifa 19 will be great if Turkish commentator and more stadiums are added.

    Turkish Commentator: Ercan Taner
    Stadium: Ali Sami Yen Türk Telekom Stadium

  16. • I want Mo Salah to be more than 90 rating.
    • I want the Egyptian League and the Egyptian National Team to be in the game

  17. Well…this really is a disgustingly poor attempt at a video game. What the developers sprinkled on their cornflakes before working on this, I do not know. From the badly designed players, down to the game play, it sucks. You’d have thought that after two decades they would’ve perfected it but no…they have created a whopping pile of excrement that leaves you frustrated and seeking retribution.

    Wether you’re the best player in the world, or the worst, you will fall victim to countless recurring blunders. For example, you’re playing as Real Madrid…Bale, Ronaldo, Benzyma, fast players yes? You would think so but at random intervals they will suddenly ‘forget’ how their legs work and act as if running through custard. Then of course the unheard of player from a lower league team hoofs a random ball over the top and another unknown forty year old CDM will instantly gain the legs of Mo Farah and sprint past several of your players to score past your top flight goalkeeper.

    Of course this works in your benefit sometimes but if you notice it happening then the win isn’t quite as satisfying as it should be.

    I assume the developers have made it this way for two reasons, to make it more playable to people who can not make full use of their opposable thumbs and to add drama, i.e. when you’re 3-0 up, it adds excitement when you’re suddenly 3-3.

    Pathetic. Just make a game that plays as it should or you will end up losing a lot of fans. I know a lot of people have transferred to PES in the last few years and with good reason. There is a reason EA has been voted the worst gaming company on multiple occasions and America’s worst company…I mean they were voted worse than BP even after they dumped a load of oil in the ocean….alarm bells should be ringing.

    I digress, I could go on and on for hours about the buffoonery on show in this game. Just FFS sort it out EA…every time I play this game I get the urge to slowly torture every last person who had an input in it’s creation.

    1. … indeed. May I further this? The game is manic beyond the professional level. It is not meant for humans. It is a fraud in terms of ‘simulation’. I play thee games to escape reality, not make it worse. Cheers.

  18. please improve fifa 18 on xbox 360 because it looks like fifa 17 and it doesn’t have journey…… please improve it….

  19. its sucks you are making it closer to PES the GOAL NET its like unreal and the control is closer to pes and very easy please Fix that and make 2019 like fifa 2017 with a little update on graphics somthing like that pleaseeeeee

  20. 1- I would like to add Arab commentators such as Essam Al-Shawal, Ruwaf Khalif and Mohammad Abdo because they give a good flavor to comment on those who prefer Arabic

    2- make Choise to put Arabic teams .. not all teams but super teams ( I didn’t find vote for teams just league )

    3- make some fun for happiness in goals like jumping and different way for festivals with goals

  21. I think Thurs is the worst one yet. Ask you have to do is control the ball for the first half and you are guaranteed to win unless your next game means promotion, then they make you wait until your last grand to win. Send that would be a guarantee. Outs predictable and all the fun is gone

    1. Exactly to my pint… I wss ahead 3 to 0 but I only had Pearson 38% but the other guy just passes it back and forth… Then at half time I noticed my players sluggish… I was sure he could not come back as bad as he was, but I also know this game hours by stats only… I tied instead out won andI had him blocked but miraculously he scores the times without effort from long range etc… Will not buy again without trying. Used to be fun, but they tres year it gets worse

  22. It is extremely annoying that when a jerk decides to just quit an online vs game when down by few goals, my screen will just keep loading n loading. When I decide to quit the game n relogin becos its taking too long, my points are shared equally or no points at all.

    How can this be happening to a franchise game of so many years? Pls fix this or add a penalty to the quiters like pro clubs does…a suggestion is preventing the quiters to not being able to play for like say 10mins or so….or maybe drop division if consecutively quit like 3-5 times

  23. I primarily play Pro Clubs, believe it’s the true future of e-soccer. It can be by far the best experience; but it can also be by far the worst experience. Here are some things that I think bring the game down:

    – Very harsh rating system. The system ca be hugely unfair. I’m good at corners and am often the player who takes them. I also like to play RB. When that happens, and the ball quickly comes out and the opposition break the other way, even if I sprint top speed back I lose points That is frustrating and BS. 18 penalizes positioning too much – it gives you no leeway to stretch your position without taking a rating hit. IT also doesn’t really recognize when a player controls the play in the midfield. You can dictate the play and get almost no credit.

    – There really needs to be some sort of separation between both adults and children and newbs and experienced players. The combination of the harsh rating system and being subjected to either inexperienced players and/or players who intentionally mess up the game, my rating doesn’t reflect how good I am. As a top-tier player, I cannot stand playing with those who don’t understand how to really play or just want to destroy the match. This IMHO would be the biggest advance you could make with Pro Clubs, needs to change.

    – Further on the topic of players who intentionally mess up games, there needs to be a way for the players to collectively kick out a player if they’re intentionally destroying the game. E.g. – if they’re rating falls below 3.0 or thereabouts, the other players in the game (on the offending player’s team) would then have the ability to kick the player out. Make it majority rules. Let the idiot player start over and not consider not being an a-hole or immature juvenile. Way too many games are ruined like that, you need to make it better.

    – Regarding the club teams that you can join to play league and tourney matches, you currently give players the option to notify others on the team who are online that they want to play. The huge problem with this is that you don’t get the notice until after your drop-in game is done. This makes that feature much less useful because you wait a bit, no one shows and you leave. You need to have that notice viewable during drop-ins.

    – Further with club teams, you need a match scheduling feature that locks in a time that everyone on the team can see and try to commit to. Treat it like an actual intramural league that has set schedules. This will add consistency to rosters and help avoid horrible drop-ins.

    These would be MASSIVE improvements and make Pro Clubs more consistently fun. Because of these problems this game can just flat out piss you off. And that’s not why I spend my money. If PES can offer these things you will lose my business – after many years as a customer.

  24. One thing that would make Fifa more enjoyable are different commentators. I know some gamers that really want other voices commentating like Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, etc. It would make it more real with these great pundits involved in the game. Also maybe having an ‘In-Game Analysis’ commentator like we have right now in Sky Sports games, would really improve Fifa for the future.

  25. While the authentic feeling is great in some occasions, very important improvements could still be made:

    – Goal scoring celebrations situations & reactions are often awkward, please fix this
    – The crowd could often just make more noise. When a decisive goal in a tight game is scored it should really explode the atmosphere
    – Licenses for major leagues and stadiums for those teams really should be involved
    – When the player wins a championship, the celebrations etc. are a bit lame. Once again, more noise!

    To sum up, I believe that for many players the authentic experience, the feeling of really being there on the pitch, is a really important matter.

  26. Am I would love for coaches to be shown even once throughout the game or even at the start , or substitution and have the commentators speak about them dor atleast 5 seconds

  27. The kit numbers in the ultimate team keep changing when i rotate my squad without me changing the numbers its really annoying.

  28. When your players overall ratings increase/decrease not all of the stats are shown, for example a goalkeepers crucial stats such as gk reflexes aren’t show if increased/decreased.

    Another one is the stat for vision, if I’m using a player mainly for his vision etc this doesn’t get shown if it’s been affected or not.

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