What to Write About FIFA 20 If You Are a Student

FIFA 20 Article

If you are assigned to write a video games essay, you can write about FIFA 20. If you are a fan of this game, writing an essay won’t be difficult for you. You can develop a wide range of topics that you can choose from for your paper.

FIFA 20 Became the Best-selling Game of 2019 in the UK

Here, you can write why FIFA 20 became the UK sales leader in 2019. Mention its circulation (1.5 million copies). The second place in sales for 2019 is occupied by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, at 1.19 million copies. The third place in the list is occupied by Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, with 465 thousand copies, and the fourth is occupied by Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, with 438 thousand copies.

FIFA 20 Career Mode – How to get Started

If you choose this topic, write about the opportunity to create a club in accordance with your vision and philosophy, and that you can lead it to victories in major football tournaments in the most realistic career mode to date. Mention that the long-term success of your club depends on a good scout service that will allow you to find both experienced and young players for your team.

Write about the fastest way to strengthen your team in career mode – buying players in the transfer market. Mention in your essay that player training allows you to develop players without compromising your budget. However, the best possible way for a student to write about FIFA 20 is to compose a review. Here is an example of a review.

FIFA 20 Review

Of course, FIFA 20 did not become a breakthrough and did not present something stunning. The obvious pluses are only the excellent Volta mini-football and its history mode – now you can’t, as in the case of Alex Hunter, choose a top club, and your career does not start as fast as if you were Kylian Mbappe or Pele. And the mini-football mode itself is executed with the necessary dynamics and drive.

Briefly about this EA game:

  • Graphics are similar to FIFA 19.
  • Gameplay has had a few small touches, but essentially it is the same.
  • Career mode has the most useless of improvements.
  • Ultimate Team has just one edit, but you will still play it.
  • Volta is not just marketing, but a very decent mode.

FIFA has always been more about attack than about defense. EA even on the official website claims that AI has become much smarter in defense. But that’s a moot point.

After years of waiting, fans of the career mode received good news: EA made their favourite career better. However, they did it not where it was needed. Are you also enraged when in Football Manager players whine about the lack of game practice, the desire to leave, and so on?

If you need to write a short review, you may consider one aspect of the game, like AI, Volta, career mode, etc. In any case, writing about FIFA 20 can be rather interesting for a student, especially if he or she pays in this game. You just need to try to express your thoughts logically and stick to the paper’s structure.

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  1. I’ve been a huge fan of Fifa over the years and bought every addition straight away. But Fifa 20 is by far the worst fifa, between referees blowing on a counter attack, getting sent of or yellow carded for a basic standing tackle is ludicrous. Fifa and ea is loosing a lot of loyal users everyday due to there awful game but they don’t care but they’ll still continue to sell millions worth of the game

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