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PES 2017

Write your wishlist for the upcoming Konami’s PES 2017 football video-game here at FIFPlay.

Write your creative ideas for the next Pro Evolution Soccer game. Show the PES developers at Konami what you would like to see in PES 2017 and what would satisfy you. We will list all your ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developers at Konami Entertainment.

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  1. PES 2018

    1. Need more licences and would like to see Indian leauges and Chinese leauges with some european stars going there to play for bigger pay days make sense to include them.

    2. Option file for xbox one is the biggest fail for this  needs fixing.

    3. More realistic graphics I want to see animation to be next level I mean i want to see players breathing and panting when they are tired. Also hair and kit to get wet from there sweat and when it is raining the hair should lose volume and should move naturally like in real life.
    4. Sfx need improving more sounds of the real game when a player gets fouled and screams etc better crowd sfx fans chanting.
    5. My biggest problem PES is brilliant but really can improve when playing the AI can be better and smoother when doing skills it feels robotic instead of natural when you do a elastico or a 360 spin like maradona the AI should react to the distance of the opposing player and the timing and the force, speed of the execution of the skill if he mis times it or uses to much force the skill is not fully executed or he can go into another skill or lose control this will add to the realisim.
    6. Dribbling and running can be improved you should be able to hop over tackles and maintain balance with certain skilled players like Messi Hazard who have low centre of gravitity all the dribbling looks same no players run and dribble the same so skill ID like Player ID needs to be introduced this will bring more realisim.
    7.More better training modes for example create your own training like kicking balls in a basketball nets etc will spice up the training mode.
    8.fouling needs improving allow different leauges to have different levels of physhical play like bpl more fouls can be committed where in La liga you cannot get away with fouls that easy.
    9. Music needs more updating I really like this track to be the intro or added to the library : santa esmeralder – dont let me be misuderstood , they are loads of songs that can be added some pop grime dance etc.
    10. Better camera angles
    11. Create your own tournements remix leauges and playonline.
    12. Play online matching the speed level.
    13. Gameplay tempo should exact match the real leauges.
    14. Buy and sell your players from my club online with other players.
    15. Realisim Realisim Realisim

  2. Add Indonesia National Team please…. and if you agree please add Indonesia League but if you don’t agree no problem but just add Indonesia National Team, that’s my wish.

  3. plz make the gameplay more realistic and com play should not be aggressive this much! and i hope you add a tattoos to the players that’s will be cool>> 🙂

  4. European Qualifiers
    Add rules like handball, goal line technology with goal decision system, more cutscene like live press conference, interview in halftime and in full time, award ceremony of medals (in final of competition), celebrations of teams…
    The future of this video game it’s now.

    PES 2016 wishlist
    Euro 2016 stadiums:
    -Stade de France 2016 (Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris)
    -Parc des Princes 2016 (Paris)
    -Stade Pierre-Mauroy (Lille)
    -Allianz Riviera (Nice)
    -Stade Vélodrome 2016 (Marseille)
    -Stade Bordeaux-Atlantique (Bordeaux)
    -Stade Geoffroy-Guichard 2016 (Saint-Etienne)
    -Stadium Muinicipal 2016 (Toulouse)
    -Stade Bollaert-Delelis 2016 (Lens)
    -Stade des Lumières (Lyon).
    Barclays PL Stadiums (Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Leicester City, Man. City, Tottenham, West Ham United…)
    *Ligue 1 (Monaco, Lyon, Rennes, Paris…)
    *Serie A (Udinese, Torino…)
    *Eredivisie (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Twente, Eindhoven…)
    *LaLiga Santander (Atlético Madrid, Bilbao…)
    *Bundesliga: 18 stadiums
    *PSL (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nelspruit, Polokwane…)
    *Botola Pro (Casablanca, Fès, Marrakech, Rabat…).
    *Egyptian PL (Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Port Said…).
    *Gabon (All stadiums of AFCON 2017)
    -DR Congo: Stade des Martyrs, Stade TP Mazembe.
    *Chinese SL: All stadiums
    *Indian SL: All stadiums
    *A-League: All stadiums
    *K-League: All stadiums.
    -The Americas:
    *MLS: All stadiums
    *Liga Bancomer MX (Mexico, Monterrey, Guadalajara…)
    *Primera Liga Argentina: All stadiums
    *Brasilieirão: All stadiums.
    *African Cup of Nations: Gabon 2017
    *Champions League (2016-2017 Season)
    *Confederation Cup (2016-2017 season)
    *Super Cup (2016)
    *Absa Premiership (D1 South African) + MTN8 + Telkom Knockout + Nedbank Cup (South African Cup) + Carling Black Label Cup
    *Botola Pro (D1 Moroccan) + Cup + Super Cup
    *Girabola (D1 Angolese)
    *Egyptian Premier League (D1 Egyptian) + Cup + Super Cup
    *Other African Clubs: (all african clubs of CL and CC of 2016 and 2017 editions).
    *CONCACAF Champions League
    *Major League Soccer (USA) + MLS Cup
    *NASL (USA)
    *Liga Bancomer MX (D1 Mexican) + Opening Tournament + Closing Tournament.
    *Other North American Clubs: (all clubs of CL 2015).
    *AFC Cup
    *A-League (D1 Australian)
    *Chinese Super League (D1 Chinese) + Cup + Super Cup
    *K-League Classic (D1 Korean)
    *Indian Super League
    *ALJ League (D1 Saudian) + ALJ Cup + Crown Prince Cup + Super Cup
    *Qatar Stars League (D1 Qatarian)…
    *Premier League (full licence)
    *FL Champhionship (full license)
    *Serie A (full license)
    *Serie B (full license)
    *Eerste Divisie (D2 Dutch, full license)
    *Liga ZON Sagres (D1 Portuguese, full license)
    *D2 Portuguese (few license)
    *Bundesliga (D1 German, full license) + Cup + Super Cup
    *2. Bundesliga (D2 German, full license)
    *Superleague Elladà
    -Europe: TF1, Canal+, beIN Sports, francetelevisions(France), BBC, ITV (UK), rtbf (Belgium), rtve (Spain), RTP (Portugal), Rai (Italy), ZDF (Germany)…
    -Africa: SuperSports (South Africa), beIN Sports…
    -The Americas: ESPN (North America, USA)…
    -Asia: CCTV (China)…
    *12:00 -> 15:45 : Day
    *16:00 -> 18:00 : Dusk
    *18:30 -> 22:30 : Night.
    -Europe: All teams in full licence
    *New teams (all in full licence): DR Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Congo (+ all teams for African Cup of Nations: Gabon 2017 like Zimbabwe, Guinea Bissau, Uganda)
    *Current teams: All in full licence. (AFCON 2017: Gabon, Morocco, Algeria…)
    -The Americas: All teams in full license:
    *North America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Panama.
    *South America: All 10 teams in full licence.
    -Asia: All teams in full licence.

    P.S: Do all some things for this game and i want all in real and in full licence.
    Good luck Konami.

  5. PES17 should please make your player images a bit thinner or slimmer like fifa images, why the fat images and baggy shorts??? the players look like they are floating on the pitch during game play, their should be real time coaches on the side line hugging players most times after a wonderful goal, please go and watch fifa 17 players on the pitch. i am a huge PES fan and have severally compared both PES17 and FIFA17 game plays and stunts and would say im not happy with the way PES17 and its outcome is looking,please endeavor to work on this ASAP before the release date

  6. Fix it: 1. Please let defenders also score like Ramos,terry,pique to make the AI control more realistic. 2. Also add pre-season to the game and even preseason tournaments before the full game comes out. 3. Add player tattoos 4. Add more scene to the master league like pes 13 and 14.

  7. can you please make the cutscenes last abit longer? example: when the players argue with ref, just as you enjoying the visuals it cuts you off, more halftime cutscenes and end of match…..tattoos should be on certain players especially messi, seeing that barcalona is a partner, more boots in edit mode.way to little boots.

    And finally when it rains or at night, there should be more shine on the player faces and arms(wet effect).


    the penalties are horrible, the way the keepers move and dive, not good the way the players take the penalty not good at all, PLEASE WE NEED A NEW PENALTY SHOOTOUT SYSTEM…the current one is not working.

    pes2017 needs to have more teams, especially in a league, if pes can get atleast 2 licensed leagues, the la liga and maybe 1 other, it will be a great start to where pes is heading where licensing is concern….full league licence with all teams, will knock fifa out the ground.

  8. Do something with the trophies golden boot, do a trophy room give a thropy for each league

  9. kudos to pes 17….But still its not only about the gameplay. it need advance approach improvements. 1.Add player tattoos. 2.keepers still not sharp on rebound.fix it. 3.Add youth team to the team. 4.Add vanish spray for ref and new football rules on 4th sub extra-time. 5.Introduce ref names for every match. 6.Users should be able to set/edit transfer asking/demanding price. 7.Add more cut-scene to the balloon d’or day like Best coach and world best xi 8.Transfer negotiations must be realistic about players price tag e.g neymar for 80mil,Griezmann for 6omil and players should demand wages and so on. pls we love PES 17

  10. The player alll to fast and the fastest is the golie pls make all slower and more realistic run type neymar Runs like a.sanches and messi like a robot bring a new schoot System and make more pre game settings 12 a.m etc

  11. Pls make a new dribb. System or the drib System from pes 13 or fifa 16 because the player have not dynamic at dribbling and the runnig System the player are to fast and runn lik
    e a robot pls make they all fix before demo pls Konami

  12. Pls make the nets from camp nou more realistic and the goal bigger
    the grass and the wheater more dynamic
    make pls more pre game settings etc at 19:00 pm radowm
    And the game camera because the player are too small the nets like fifa bigger pls

  13. We want the edit for stadiums back and the stadium creator and if don’t have money for new licenses just give us more fake leagues and teams to for us to edit
    It is ridiculous that you have ucl and eul license and not license for the teams which play on it

  14. Please just add the 3 big Turkish teams. Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas. The whole licensed Turkish league would be great but if not, just those teams would be fine! Galatasaray were in PES 2016 however FB and BJK were not. Think of how many more copies of PES 2017 would be sold if Fenerbahce and Besiktas were included! All the fans from both sides would be buying it!

  15. pls konami make deals with la liga teams pls we want to see la liga in winning eleven make new mods one example a tournement mode and crate you are own tournement


    Fifa will be history!

    For exibition match to be made addition mode, like CLASH OF TITANS or DRAFT or some other better name but idea is-

    2 TEAMS – 2 managers open all players in pool for DRAFT
    rolling dice or random choose first manager to pick first choise, after second manager choose his first pick / cannot be selected same player twice, continue to select up to full squat selected.
    Hopw will be much more intested , tacticks and manager skills will be more
    required, game will get new better dimension and will be much much more fun and gameplay.
    master league team vs master league team takes to many time to achive team as per our wish, this shortcut will be excellent.


    regards from CROATIA

  17. I want in online (my club vs lobbies) we can play 4 vs 4 or more . I want beach football in the game and
    I want official license to FIFA Confederation Cup and FIFA World Cup and FIFA Olympic Tourments .
    I want women’s teams ( league teams too ) and official licensed Fifa Women’s World Cup Tourments
    I want to more stadiums and more refeeres . In past , we selected refeere as we want , I want select referee feature . I want more leagues , more balls and I want to
    vary fans.

  18. I want to Turkish League and German Bundesliga , also licensed premire leagues teams , correct kits . Work for referees’ wrong decisions and also I want to More cinematic in Master League and Become A Legend.

    If it is possible we can play game as a referee and In UEFA Champions League , the Players going to match to child and have six referees

    In Cups , the comptetions are have wrong logo and no licenses .

  19. I hope konami make all real faces of my team l’olympique lyonnais and add her new stadium “Parc olympique Lyonnais”..I hope so..and thanks


  21. For Data Pack PES 2017, we hope Konami not only update the transfer players,add new ball,add new clubs, but update the licensed national teams squad.

  22. 1. Managers shouldn’t be confined to one particular attire/outfit they should be able to wear different clothes like track suits, regular suits even in master league mode and some famous managers should have faces.

    2. Master League and especially Become a Legend mode should have off the pitch activities like player(s) training scene, dressing room scene from the arrival of the player(s) team talk etc also improve the player award scenes and scence unveiling of newly transfered player(s) maybe throw some extra like player crib, party , cars and stuff so salaries can actually be useful to gamers and don’t footballers have Tattoos any more that should be fixed too

  23. Hope Konami make all national teams players have real names and face. Add more stadiums for PC version such as Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu. Add more licensed team (clubs and national teams).