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Hadouken! is a 5-member English new rave band formed in 2007, its members are James Smith, Alice Spooner, Daniel “Pilau” Rice, Chris Purcell and Nick Rice.

Thank to EA/Atrwerk, we had a chance to meet the band co-founder, Dan virtually and to have a short chat with him. We asked Dan (Pilau) how did the band form:

Dan: We formed in Leeds in 2007. I met James there who had been interested in songwriting and production for years, when he start working on a bunch of tracks in a new direction, that would eventually be the first Hadouken songs we decided to put the band together. He asked his girlfriend to play keys, I asked my brother to play drums and he in turn asked his mate to play bass so it all came together pretty easily. We’ve since released two albums, Music For An Accelerated Culture and For The Masses and toured UK, Europe, America, Japan and Australia. We’re currently working on our third album which should be out before the summer!

Why did you choose a reference to the Street Fighter game to name your

Dan: We just always liked the game and we thought it would make a fairly unique band name, not much more to it than that really!

We heard you are HUGE FIFA fans, when was the first time you started playing FIFA, how often do you play FIFA weekly?
Dan: To be honest we’ve not been playing long, Fifa 10 was the first one we got into in a big way. We have a PS3 on our bus and we play pretty regularly on there. Our bus driver is really into it too and it all gets very competitive.

How come you have never been in the FIFA Series soundtrack so far?
Dan: We just never got asked! We would love to be on the soundtrack but it’s not happened yet, hopefully on Fifa 12 they’ll find space for one of the tracks off our third album.

Have you ever considered writing a song especially for FIFA or any other video game?
Dan: We’ve never really considered this, we’ve licensed a lot of tracks off our albums for games but never composed something specifically for a game. I think it would be an interesting challenge but if we did it we would probably want to do something completely different to what we normally do, rather than just write a typical Hadouken song for a specific game.

Who are your favorite footballers? Do you support any football club?
Dan: We’re very casual Sprus fans, casual enough not to really have favorite players.

What would be on your wishlist for FIFA 12?
Dan: More vuvuzelas.

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  1. Well usually most of the soundtracks were from Europe or the American region, i hope there’ll be some soundtrack which came from Asia, such as the K-pop musics

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