FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Festival of FUTball

Festival of Futbal

EA Sports announced FUT 16 Festival of FUTball, celebrating Euro 2016. EA will have number of things happening in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team including brand new special item releases, a fiesta of exciting new tournaments with a variety of rewards, the release of a brand new tournament reward pack, and for the first time, we’ll be celebrating modern classic international heroes.

International Man of the Match Items
With two major international tournaments taking place now, we will be releasing special International Man of the Match (iMOTM) items to the standout player(s) from the previous day of fixtures. Find these items for a limited time.

During the Festival of FUTball, we will be regularly celebrating some of the best modern classic players via one-off hero items that will only be available for a limited time. These hero items feature much-loved and active players with upgraded stats based on their performances in past international tournaments.

Team of the Tournament
Coming back to FUT will be Team of The Tournament! Featuring two unique Team of the Tournaments (TOTT) squad releases celebrating the top players from both summer tournaments.

Tournament Fiesta
Throughout Festival of FUTball, there will be regular and new single-player and multiplayer tournaments in FUT featuring a variety of requirements and rewards. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for details on tournament availability, requirements, and rewards.

Mystery Packs
To top it all off, we are also releasing a brand new pack type, Mystery Packs. Obtained exclusively for certain tournaments wins, open these to receive a mystery reward. To find out when these happen, follow our social channels and stay tuned for more info.


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