Four Tips for Career Mode on FIFA 20

FIFA 20 Career Mode

Career mode is the ultimate challenge for any avid FIFA fan. If you are new to playing career mode or you just want some advice on how to be even more successful, here are four tips which should help you to perform better.

1. Choose a Team with Low Expectations

The temptation at the start of career mode is to choose on the biggest clubs in Europe and although this gives you a bigger transfer budget and better squad of players, the expectation from the board will be strong so they will expect you to finish high in the table at the end of the campaign. For example, Manchester City who are odds-on at 8/11 in the football betting to win the Premier League this season, will also expect you to deliver silverware in your opening season on career mode. By choosing one of the smaller ranked teams though, the expectations aren’t quite as high so you don’t need to get results straight away. This will give you longer to build a squad and there will be patience if you struggle for results early into the season. If you meet the majority of your objectives, you should be safe in the hotseat.

2. Take Part in Pre-Season Tournaments

Pre-season tournaments are very popular in the world of football today. For example, the Emirates Cup, which was won by Lyon earlier this summer, is one of the most established annual competitions which many of the top sides in Europe like to take part in. In career mode on FIFA, these are a great chance to generate some prize money ahead of the season beginning. Some of these competitions involve group stages and then a knockout stage and the prize money you earn depends on how far you progress. There are likely to be a number of offers on the table for your club to join, therefore, choose the one which gives you the best chance of winning it.

3. Take Advantage of the Global Transfer Network

This is a brilliant add-on which helps you scout new players. If your transfer budget is big, then you will obviously go out and sign household names around Europe, just like Barcelona did in the summer with the transfer of Antoine Griezmann, however, for those with smaller budgets, you have to make sure you get the most from your money so this will help identify players who have potential and uncover some gems which may have an immediate impact on your starting XI. It is also important to have as many scouts as you can in your backroom team. You should look to spread these scouts around the world so you cover a wider area. Signing players under 21 is often the best tactic here as their stats are likely to improve fast.

4. Focus on Training

An area a lot of people neglect in career is training. This is an opportunity to boost some of the statistics of your players. Focus on their weaknesses and try to improve them in these areas which a specific training plan. After six months on an intense training plan, those players may then be good enough to step into your starting XI.

Good luck with your career mode; hopefully you go on to have a lot of success with your chosen club.


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