Football and Liverpool – What to Expect From Fabio Borini

Fabio Borini

Liverpool is poised to bounce back after a disappointing eighth-place finish in the 2011/12 English Premier League. Former Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers is next in line to restore glory at Anfield, and he’ll have some new weapons at his disposal.

Italian Striker Fabio Borini is, perhaps, the most exciting off-season addition for the Reds, who struggled last season scoring goals. The 21-year-old striker has displayed genius in his young career, netting nine goals in a loan spell with Roma last season. Liverpool fans are eager to learn what they can expect from this prodigious talent.

A Killer Instinct

Borini joins one of England’s most technically gifted clubs with a chance to fill a dire void. While the anticipation of a beautifully built attack is exciting; Liverpool’s progress will be measured in goals.

The Italian’s young career has revealed a singular focus on putting the ball in the back of the net. Despite his relative anonymity in the world of football, the striker has developed a trademark goal celebration that communicates his mindset. Borini often mimics the action of holding a knife flat in his mouth after a scoring, inserting his hand in his mouth to represent the knife.

“In Italy, we say when one person wants something so much it is like he has a knife between his teeth- like a warrior who never gives up,” Borini told the Daily Mirror. Liverpool is desperate for a warrior’s mentality in front of goal, and if Borini’s charade is any indication, he’s ready to go battle.

Technical Skill

While the Reds have fallen on tough times recently, they’re still considered to be a vastly skilled side. Borini’s style fits this mold, combining quick pace with vision and illusiveness. Rodgers previously managed the young Italian with Swansea and believes the striker will integrate himself well with Liverpool.

“Fabio fits the model of what we’re trying to do in building not only for now, but also for the future,” Rodgers told BBC News. Borini had a similarly positive experience playing for Rodgers and will seek to solve a looming doubt. “I hope to bring goals to Liverpool”, Borini said. “I want to bring goals and add value to the team. I want to be a big player here.”

Fervant Tenacity

Borini makes no apologies for his hubris. The striker credits his confidence with driving him toward success. “When I want something, I want it straight away. That’s the way I take it. I am quiet off the pitch. But the pitch is like when you can bring out a side in yourself that’s maybe the opposite.”

Liverpool fans hope Borini will unleash his goal-scoring side as the Reds embark on a new season. This exciting young talent appears poised to break out as a standout striker, and he may be an important piece in the resurrection of Liverpool.


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