FIFA Mobile – VS Attack Winning Tips

How to win VS Attack Matches in FIFA Mobile

Similar to FUT Champions and Division Rivals in FIFA Ultimate Team, VS Attack mode is the most popular game in FIFA Mobile. Winning matches in VS Attack mode will help you promote through the division tiers and earn more rewards, with which you can improve your FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team club.

Here are some tips and strategic suggestions for you to win and beat your opponents in this game mode:

Gameplay and Controls

Being familiar with the gameplay and controls in FIFA Mobile will allow you to play better. As a football video game, the controls and general gameplay are simplified in FIFA Mobile, what you need to do to play this game is to engage maximum two fingers on the screen to control the game.

Knowing all the controls in FIFA Mobile helps you win your matches. A guide for FIFA Mobile controls is available at The controls are also partially customisable in FIFA Mobile settings screen. Get familiar with the controls and gameplay so you can dominate matches you’re going to play.

Formation and Team’s Chemistry

Tactics and formations are crucial in terms of your gameplay and playing style. FIFA Mobile is more into attacking rather than defending where you usually need to score more goals to win the game. Try different tactics and formations to find out which one is your favourite and it works better with your playing style. The higher level you reach, the more formations you are going to unlock in FIFA Mobile. So, aim to reach the highest level of the game so you can unlock all the available formations – Check out the list of formations in FIFA Mobile.

Team Chemistry is available in FIFA Mobile version 2018-2019 as a new feature. Like in FIFA Ultimate Team on PC & Console version, the chemistry allows you to involve players with similar background to gain advantages on the pitch, which means if your players have good chemistry to each other they will have a better performance on the pitch and eventually it causes your team to do a better job for you. Chemistry feature is unlocked when you reach Level 14 in FIFA Mobile.

FIFA Mobile My Team
The higher OVR your team has, the higher chance you get to win

Your Team Players

Having good players in your team will result a good team OVR rating. The higher OVR rating you get, the easier you can beat your opponents. Same thing applies to your Team Chemistry at the same time. Try to get higher OVR and team chemistry rating so your team keeps improving.

Buy players with higher OVR rating to empower your team. If you cannot afford buying elite and special players, train your current players to improve their OVR instead. Don’t forget to place your players in their right positions depending on the formation you’re going for. The “Highest OVR” button in “My Team” screen does a good job for you as for placing the best players in your Starting 11.

Having a high OVR team rating will also increase your “Great Chances” in your attacks and it gives more Counter Attack rates to your team in your opponent’s turns.

Shooting and Finishing

Like in real football, shooting and finishing are very important in FIFA Mobile. You can shoot and score goals using the shoot button or just simply swipe your finger towards your opponent’s goal and give the ball a direction to hit the back of the net. Make sure your shot can beat the goalkeeper and make it into the net. Sometimes you need to give more power to your shots (like when you’re shooting from far) and sometimes you need to shoot with a low power applied (usually when you’re close to the goal). Remember you can do chip shots in FIFA Mobile especially when the goalie is off his line.

One of the common and easiest ways to score goals in FIFA Mobile 2018-2019 is to shoot from the edge of the box with 80-90% of shot power, but make sure that no defender is blocking your shots – Such a shots will usually go in.

Set Pieces

Free kicks and corners are great chances to score goals. When taking free kicks near your opponent’s penalty box, make sure you send or curve the ball over your opponent’s defensive wall so it can enter the goal. Learn how to do it by knowing the controls.

Corner kicks are also good scoring opportunities. It is recommended to have tall attackers with higher heading rating in your team in order to score from corners. Tap in spaces that your attackers can move to and use their heads to score when taking corners.

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