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VS Attack

VS Attack mode is a multiplayer game mode in FIFA Mobile which allows users to play online against each other in a 1.5 minute match by attacking each other goals at the same time.

In a VS Attack match, you attack your opponent's goal which is defended by your opponent's defenders controlled by the CPU, while your opponent does the same thing to your team simultaneously. When one the players scores the other will know about it in real-time.


VS Attack mode added to FIFA Mobile version 6.0, replacing the Attack Mode.

Finding Opponents & Matchmaking

To play VS Attack mode in FIFA Mobile you need to find an opponent who is looking for a match session like you. To do that, you just need to press the PLAY button and then FIFA Mobile will do the opponent finding for you.

The matchmaking system in VS Attack mode is based on the number of fans you currently have. FIFA Mobile will try to find a VS Attack opponent with the number of fans close to yours.


The VS Attack mode has divisions. To move up in the divisional rankings you needed to gain Fans. Fans are earned when you win VS Attack matches. Losing a match reduces the number of fans you have and can demote you to a lower division. Climbing divisions increases your match rewards. Each Tier grants you an additional Fan Bonus. Below is the list of FIFA Mobile VS Attack Divisions:

  • FIFA Champion
  • Legendary I
  • Legendary II
  • Legendary III
  • World Class I
  • World Class II
  • World Class III
  • Pro I
  • Pro II
  • Pro III
  • Amateur I
  • Amateur II
  • Amateur III