How to Create & Edit a Player in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs FIFA 22

Learn how to create a player (Virtual Pro) in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs and edit your player. Here we go through the steps of player creation in Pro Clubs and will show you how to edit your player later after you created it.

Once you fire up the Pro Clubs mode, you will be asked to create a player by selecting a player character. This step cannot be skipped as without a player you cannot play this game mode.

Pro Clubs can be accessed under PLAY > PRO CLUBS option from FIFA 22 main screen.

Select a Player - PRO CLUBS

Create a Player

In FIFA 22 main screen, Select PLAY > PRO CLUBS option and run this game mode. Once you start this mode you will be required to select a player as above image. Go ahead and select your preferred character. You can choose male or female characters. Do not worry about the player appearance, style, or even its gender now, because all of these features can be changed later.

After you selected your player, you will be redirected to the player editor screen. There you will be able to edit almost of the information regarding your player’s appearance and personal information. This editor will allow you to edit and enter the following info:


Personal information regarding your avatar (Virtual Pro):

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Known As – Name appears on your kit
  • Commentary Name – Can be selected from commentary name database in FIFA 22
  • Team
  • Kit Number – Preferred kit number
  • Nationality / Region – Country name
  • Birth Year
  • Birth Month
  • Birth Day

Data regarding your player:

  • Body – Physical appearance and information of your player. This includes your player’s weight and height which affects their attributes (Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Jumping, Reactions, Sprint Speed, Stamina, Strength) and the effect will be shown in real-time as you change – For example, more weight increases the strength but decreases Acceleration.
  • Position – Preferred Position, Position Role, Playing Style & Preferred Role
  • Gender – Male or Female
Edit Head and Face - Pro Clubs

Here you can edit your player’s head type, appearance and features, including:

  • Face – Face types & shapes
  • Tone & Complexion – Head and face skin tones
  • Eyes – Eyes types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Brows – Eyebrows types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Nose – Nose types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Mouth – Mouth types incl. mouth size, position & protrusion
  • Cheeks & Jaws – Cheeks & Jaws position & fullness
  • Chin – Chin size, protrusion & fullness
  • Ears – Ears size, earlobe, protrusion, helix & pitch
  • Hair – Hair colour & types (short, medium, long & accessorized)
  • Facial Hair – Facial hair types & colour (moustache, beard & etc.)

Customize your player’s kit & accessories including:

  • Boots & Accessories – Boots, Socks & Ankle Tapes.
  • Gloves & Wrists – Gloves, Left Wrist & Right Wrist.
  • Kit Fit – Waist Fit (Tucked In / Untucked), Kit Sleeves (Short, Long, Undershirt or Turtleneck Undershirt), Jersey Fit (Normal or Tight).

Your player’s animation for:

  • Goal Celebration
  • Set Piece Style
  • Running Style

Once you completed the above options, click Advance (press Options/Menu) to finish your player creation. Then you will be redirecting to Pro Clubs main screen where you can already play the game.

Pro Clubs - Edit My Pro

Edit your Player

In order to edit and modify your player’s information and appearance, press Triangle/Y button at the main MY PRO screen. You’ll be taken to the player editor screen, which is identical to the create a player screen.

Pro Clubs - Play Styles
Play Styles

You can also change and modify the Play Style assigned to your player. In MY PRO, navigate to tab option which has your player’s details on it. Select a play style from the the list. There you have the following options to touch on:

  • Attributes – You can see your unlocked and attributes here and allocate skill points to gain Archetypes.
  • Profile – You can change your Play Style name, your position, height, weight and preferred foot here.
  • Archetypes – You’ll be able to allocate skill points to gain Archetypes using this option.
  • Perks – You can assign Perks tour your Perk Slots – See more details on FIFA 22 Perks.
Pro Clubs - Player Summary

To see a summery and insight of your player, press Triangle/Y in the Play Style section.

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  1. Can some on PLEASE tell me how many Created player have EA allowed in FIFA 22 ?

    Also are all the body types exact the same – ex short stocky- muscular- lean or are all the body types the same as in previous versions ( sad 2022 and EA is still can’t get this right)

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