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Unity - Buju Banton

Song Unity
Artist Buju Banton
Album Upside Down 2020
Genre Reggae
Country Jamaica
Language English
Soundtrack FIFA 21
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Unity - Buju Banton Lyrics

Track 20 On
Upside Down
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Buju Banton
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Come everybody
(U-n-i, U-N-I-T-Y)

What we talkin' bout? (Unity)
(Unity) We suffer to long, oh
(Unity) For every black man

Yes, we're go a change, oh
(Unity) Caribbean people
(Unity) Brazilian people
(Unity) Oh, one and all
(Unity) We suffer too long, oh

That time is at hand
Look how long we've been
Fighting each other, carrying bags on hands
Yet we knew all along
That the only way forward is unification
That time is now at hand

Where nations and nations must acknowledge that creation
Oh, mighty people, sunburn face
Among all other nation, rise and take your place

What you talkin' bout? (Unity)
You think that I'm mad (Unity)
Where can I find it? (Unity)
I'm looking hard (Unity)
Oh, oh, oh (Unity)
For all of my people (Unity)
Oh, African man (Unity)
You suffer so long, oh (Unity)
Whoa, oh, oh (Unity)

We did not die inna di diaspora
A greater fate awaits, yeah
Come let's get dis movement 'ya together
Tomorrow may be too late, yes, I know
Among us, there are traitors and spies
But no one can stop us if we're truly unified
I know, among us, there are wolves among the flocks
But no one can stop us and to conquer they cannot, 'cause

What am I calling?
(Unity) For every black man
(Unity) Hear what I bawl
(Unity) Don't think that I'm crazy
(Unity) Some say that I'm mad
(Unity) Where can I find it?
(Unity) Oh

Far too long we've been
Fighting each other, carrying bags on hands
Yet we knew all along
That the only way, the only, what am I, what am I talking?
What am I talking?

(Unity) For every black man
(Unity) We suffer so long, oh
(Unity) At home and abroad
What am I talking?
(Unity) You think that I'm mad
(Unity) Oh, oh, oh
(Unity) African people
(Unity) Caribbean too
Come everybody