FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Store

FIFA 21 Store

FUT Store is a virtual store where you can purchase packs and FIFA Points from. Your reward packs and player picks are also being stored in the Store.

How to Access the Store

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Store is accessible under FUT Home home screen under Store option.


The packs offered in the Store can be purchased by spending FIFA Coins and FIFA Points. For purchasing FIFA Point, you need to spend real money.

Bronze Packs

Here you can purchase Bronze Packs by spending FIFA Coins.

Silver Packs

Purchasable Silver Packs are available here by spending FIFA Coins and Points.

Gold Packs

Regular and occasional Gold Packs are available here to purchase by spending FIFA Coins and Points.


Promotional packs will appear here occasionally to be purchased by FIFA Coins and Points.

FIFA Points

Here you can browse and purchase FIFA Points. The purchase transaction will be done by your console platform’s online store – Playstation Store or Microsoft Store.

My Packs

Your rewarded Packs and Player Picks will be stored here for redeeming. Pack rewards such as weekly FUT 21 Rivals and FUT Champions rewards will be kept here for you until you redeem them from here.


Do I need to spend Coins/Points to purchase items from the Store?

Yes. To purchase packs you need to spend coins or points except for the packs in MY PACKS storage tab which is designated to keep your reward packs.

Can I refund my purchased items?

No, purchased packs and points from the Store are not refundable.

Will the Store keep my reward packs under My Packs forever?

Your reward packs stored under My Packs will be there as long as FIFA 21 servers are alive, unless they are rewarded or gifted under some time period conditions.

Why the Store is sometimes not available?

FUT Store is available 24/7. Sometimes, due to server maintenance at EA or your connection, it might not be accessible temporarily.

Can I buy items from the Store as a gift for someone else?

Unfortunately purchases as a gift to send to a friend is not available in FUT Store.

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  1. hi.
    I have tried to purchase fifa points but i keep getting ‘there has been an error with the fifa store checkout, please try again later’ message, all day long this has happened. is it down or is there something i need to do?

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