FIFA 21 – FUT Events

FUT Events

In FUT Events allows you to collaborate and compete by completing Objectives in-game to unlock rewards as a community. In FUT 21, there are two types of Events as Objectives: Community Events and Team Events.

Community Events

With Community Events, each player who completes Objectives in specified groups will contribute to a global XP pool. As this pool of XP grows, the community will progress towards thresholds that unlock rewards for everyone who has completed at least one objective in the event.

FUT Team Events

Team Events

Team Events will divide the community into different teams to compete head to head for rewards. Joining a Team is easy, when you start the Event you will be given the choice to support one of up to five Teams each with their own set of Objectives and rewards.

Teams can be crafted using any type of theme or competition. Are you team Pelé or Maradona? Premier League or Bundesliga? How about Robots, Dinosaurs or Sea Monsters?

When it comes to choosing your Team don’t worry about which one has the most members, get behind your favourite as the competition isn’t about earning the absolute highest amount of total XP. Competitions are balanced based on which Team’s members are contributing the highest XP on average for the event. So once you’ve chosen your Team, start completing the Objectives to help your chosen side in the leaderboards.

At the end of the competition the winning Team will be rewarded with new customization Items to show off your allegiance, Coins or Packs. The types of rewards available will change with each Event throughout the year. We’ve got some interesting competitions to deliver this year that I’m sure you will enjoy. And if your Team doesn’t win the competition, fear not, there will still be consolation rewards available in-game for the losing Teams.

With these new Events in the game, Objectives will be an even better way for players to connect on and off the pitch and start unlocking rewards together.


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